🧪 Early Information on updated Legends Portal [Part of The Beta Beat V42]

Yes they are, and I am expecting at least 3 more events, and maybe some of them will arrive before Season 5 :slight_smile:

Assume new challenge event alternative for Grimforest & Wonderland?

I have saved over 500 challenge coins (through monthly event + PoV) for the new heroes. Hope they don’t disappoint and we’ll see. :sunglasses:

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I started the same time as you and I’ve been caught up on map levels since S4 began, just depends how much time you put in the game.

I’m glad new stuff comes fast since I’m often stuck farming S1 because I’ve done everything including the avatar missions.


Yes, and maybe 1 new Alliance Quest for the “Wolf family”

Wow, then you using flasks a lot.
I have started playing, when only Season 2 was around, and when the old challange event had 10 stages only, and I still miss several Season 3 and of course Season 4 avatar missings.

I started around the same time as you but I have completed Avatar missions with the exception of the new one that just appear. I never buy world energy or its flask.

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Thanks for the insight. I was thinking along those lines as well. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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No not really, just during Atlantis farming for the most part or to finish a quest on time. I just play a lot, and I actually didn’t have enough to do I’ve developed two additional accounts that I play less actively on. My main account is 71, so also lots of WE there. My alts are 45 and 44. I also have a Puzzle Combat account.

But yeah started last week of Feb 2020, have about 250 heros, lead my alliance, and I’m pretty active.

Been playing for nearly 4 years now got all the Avatars, but most of the good 5 stars from S2/3/4 elude me.

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