🧪 Early Information on updated Legends Portal [Part of The Beta Beat V42]

If they change offers then yes, but until now it was the same offer for the first 3 days and offer for 30 pulls on the last day.

Well…the same offer but now new contents ( costumes) are gradually being included to kindle some attentions…

Yes, but there were only 5 packs of 300 gems and 100 coins to buy for the first 3 days so I don’t think it will bring many more benefits to SG. So let’s see if they will change it

Still no new secret heroes? If they really want people to pull for TOL, there needs to be more secret heroes. I don’t think adding in costumes would be enough

Well…when it comes to getting gems for pulling, I am sure spenders accumulate gems from various sources including previous offers…and even the game shop…but my point is the more pulls the portal is able to generate within the period, the more revenue it’s able to accrue for SG. And I am sure they have their statistics and data, so they should know how best to apply it.

BETA version 2021.Costume

NOTE Beta odds, live server may vary

Loot box Unit Pricing for Costume + Featured Past HotM
$ 5,158+ USD ( 413,674+ gems )


0.01 / 3
0.003333333333333 odds
1,379+ summons
$ 5,158+ USD


For non featured Costume + specific past HotM

This applies to any specific past HotM ( example Hel, Alberich, etc. )


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i feel a bit dirty for accepting this, but it looks like the flood of costumes for non-S1 will not stop. Oh well.

thanks for continuing to keep us informed!


I think it is possible for every 5*, and even 4* now to eventually get a costume. :face_with_monocle:

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A “flood” would be releasing tokens/ placeholders for all past HotM

Game balance

But all of this is a missed opportunity to rebalance Free 2 Play, Pay 2 Play and Pay 2 Win



From another discussion:


They are coming

My number 1 objection is still how they are handling it limited availability costumes ( see notes )

Personally I think costumes were a huge missed opportunity to rebalance Free 2 Play, Pay 2 Play and Pay 2 Win


Cluck for notes



After you get Stronghold 13+, the game is less about balance and more about profits so it is deliberately super grindy



Sad but true right. If only they could spice things up a bit with the event itself it wouldnt be such a drag nowadays. With those low odds im not even tempted the try and pull with gems on this portal. The costumes are a nice gimmick but that’s all. I rather try my luck at the new events like Circus and the new upcoming Alliance quest.

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There is one reason why I do not pull (with gems) from this portal.

You have 98.1% chance to pull a Season 1 hero from this portal.
This is far the worst compared to any other portals.

I know as per non-season 1 five star this portal has the best chances (1.9 + 1.3 + 0.1), but
I miss some Season 2,3,4, and event 3-4 star heroes.

So from those portals I have much higher chance to get something new, what I want.


Will there be only the 3 costumed heroes highlighted? or are 5 heroes featured? considering two without a costume.

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Only the 3 Heroes mentioned in OP with costumes are Featured.


This is the absolute WORST summon portal…
The entire point behind it is a chance to get past HotM, but then odds are so terrible. With no 3* or 4* heroes to aim for, there should be a considerably higher chance of rolling a HotM, especially when you factor into account that when you do roll the very rare 0.9% you have approaching 40 heroes in that of which you will get something random and that number goes up 2 every portal. If you want someone specific the odds are not in your favor.
The last portal event I blew way too many gems trying to get Aegir as he was featured… I got 2 Evelyns and my 2nd Myztero… I won’t disclose how much money I blew on trying to get Aegir but it was hundreds of dollars. Not a single HotM from the 0.9% pool.
Either bring the odds up to something reasonable as you don’t have good odds at getting something you want, or maybe have several “groups” with odds, for example maybe something like a group by year of release or 6 month groupings.
Just my thoughts on the matter.


Pull rate should have been a solid 5% by now. Who cares if someone manages to pull miki, half of these are obsolete hotms by now.
They just want to justify that crap pull rates with the new costumes. But the costumes are barely even variants of the old one. Oh gravemaker can now deal very fast AOE, very threatening. Seshat is now a weaker kage, really impressive :unamused:


As someone with both Alby and Seshat, I’m not happy that they are releasing costumes for both of them. I’m not happy that Vanda is getting a costume too, a hero that was only released last year. Same will apply for Francine and Frank.

However, I feel somewhat better that costumes for seasonal event heroes aren’t super OP (so far anyway). It is unfortunate that they’re continuing to release costumes for non S1 heroes but it will never stop, unless the game ends.

Also, I have never spent gems on this portal. I don’t see myself changing that.


With less then 1 million active players nowadays the devs need to maximise their revenue with the temptation of more costumes through leg ends challenge event. As a F2P player this new version won’t tempt me to spend money on 3 star S1 heroes I can get through daily coins


Are there less than 1 million active players nowadays? What are the official figures?

Based on tournaments figure a month ago, it was 1.25 millions, down 300 thousands from previous year but still above 1 million.


I was ranked as 374,544 in raid tournament last week got top 50% loot my calculations aren’t 100% accurate but best guess. Lot of people not bothering to hit mythical Titan our alliance is ranked around 7400 but we finished as 4498 alliance, Devs are offering a lot of emblems and aethers atm and people are buying them. But the pull ratio seems to have gone down on 5 star heroes. Then you you get the current Morlovia costume heroes who all need a buff, I have 8 EHT but will save them for Christmas seasonal event rather have MN or Santa than what’s on offer now. Question is are Devs fixated on getting as much as they can from the remaining active players and letting it crash and burn or trying to improve the game for newbies to join. I think the clock is ticking and season 4 will be the last???


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