🧪 Early Information on Updated Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]

Question… what happens when i play against the Chameleon hero… will my Joon turn into a green Joon? Or even in Alby?

What use is Chameleon against titans? I start with the opposite colours…

For the Antilope hero… I may not fire it when having low health? So useless in defence where it will be fired? Or are the benefits better than the very big con? I can imagine having full roster the boost will be enormous.

BTW… boost for dancer will that have effect on special? And if you have open heart on troops will that effect special?

Will one of them be a game changer?

Ok thanks. Strange to offer the same rewards though.

Sorry for disturbing but I have found a strange info at an other site about the Guardians. Namely the whole list of level 1-15.

So just don’t take dark heroes :wink:

I was experimenting with mono red and so keep green tiles on the board too


He’s probably not much use tbh. The attack buff would be good but… Only way it’s work is if you planned it from the stwrt. So take the weak colour against the titan (e.g. green heroes to a red titan). Then mana Chameleon at the start and keep him firing all titan long.

Yeah but she’s also got the heal over time so… Depends haha. Also 100% damage is quite small, it’s the mana loss which is the kicker.

Yes, boost base attack stat. So any heroes who have a special which is “deals XYZ % damage”

Not sure what you mean here sorry.

I think both are useful But wouldn’t say either are game changers

A stolen version of the infographic that Mariamne prepped during Beta has been passed around. It’s likely that.

Either Mariamne or I will be posting the original of it when Guardians starts, as it contains Beta images.


Thanks for your answer and the infos. @zephyr1

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I already create for all event in my spreadsheets:


wonder why not 5 compasses & 5 gloves but 5 warm capes & 5 sturdy shields.

because compasses and gloves needed only 1 for each 4* tier 4 and 5* tier 3.
and cape, sturdy shield, needed 4x each, and also need 4x for 5* tier 4.

Gloves: 4x
Compass: 4x
Cape: 5x
Sturdy Shield: 5x
Orb: 4x
Trap Tools: 4x
Hidden Blade: 4x

Well, only Shield and Cape are 5x…
I think because we need more Nature and Ice hero as ofense. :man_shrugging:
Notes: We do not count the reward from seasonal quests.

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The only way that I see Chameleon to be useful in titans is to maybe be a good way to balance crap boards when you go 4-1. If the tiles on the board are of the weak color against the titans, Chameleon could be a “way” to lessen the losses, by changing the titan color and take advantage of the bad board.

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Looking forward to see some strange effects of chameleon. Hopefully there won’t be many issues with elemental links and/or debuffing and/or tile damage calculation.

His dispel is a nice addition, but I rarely had problems with undispellable buffs.

The holy ultimate cleanse seems to be much more handy, e.g. against Onatel, anti heal and some threatening DoTs.


Sorry to bump this thread but can I get some opinions on usability of guardian gazelle… I want her but I Also what to know more…

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Buffing hyper-cleanser with self HoT. Maybe a non hitting holy tank or better flank. As announced he’ll give a huge attack and defense buff, but deal damage to the own team, if he’ll die when being activated.

Imo primarily a titan buffer to replace those missing guys Wu and Ranvir on your holy titan teams.

Guardian Chameleon seems like he would be really good on offense and events paired with Tarlak. The way it looks you would get 154% attack buff + 36% crit assuming they stack.

For example, you stack 5 GREEN against BLUE titan. After Chameleon casts, the titan becomes RED. Now, green tiles become weak and all other titles do 1 damage only. The fact is NEVER use his SS on titan unless you go rainbow

But as I think someone posted earlier you would take the titan color charge chamekeon then the titan flips and you have right color.

I’d use a 3-2 maybe against chameleon as boss so you hit then when he fires your other color now has strong tiles. There’s a good post from @Guvnor about how to fight him as boss. Take red against him but hpard green so when he fires you now have correct tiles to attack.
Post 137 I think. Should make things interesting in boss battles

Yeah, you are right! miss that. Maybe only use him if you not have strong heroes of one color to attack and fill his mana from the start, lets see after his out.

If you charge him with mana , green stack against green titans wil be amazing , tarlak , eve , cameleon vs green titans with cameleon active wil be very strong , and i find a better stack eve , tarlak , cameleon + 2 green vs green titans , that falcon ,wilbur and another 3 reds

I don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but I view Guardian Chameleon as a control hero like Cheshire Cat.

It looks like he’ll do well in raids and war as control and support. As shown in my terrible drawing, if you were to get a decent board while color stacking(in this case blue), you can take out the tank, and then use Chameleon(who’s special is average speed) to change the enemies’ elements. In this case, the blue next to the dead red tank will have a red element thereby taking increased damage from your stacked blue tiles.

His supporting skills also makes him exceptionally strong, though if he were to miss any part of his skill, he would feel a bit incomplete for a 5*.

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