🧪 Early Information on Updated Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]

Does anyone in beta know if the Elemental Magic change from Chameleon is a status effect? Given that it has a turn duration, I am suspecting it is, but just wondering. Can it be dispelled?


20 undispellables


I don’t like Chameleon. The special mechanic is way to complex for this relatively simple game. I also don’t see many times where it would be useful.

Let’s say you stack green against a blue tank with red flanks. Kill the tank and then change the flanks to green. I guess it’s a 100% damage increase with tiles for these 3 turns, but you’d need the right board for it.

Then I could be used against elemental defense debuffs. For example enemy Falcon fires & then you change red->green, making the debuff useless (unless the enemy also has blue, changing to red)

You could use it with Mok-Arr as enemy: Change all their purple to yellow and he’ll damage himself.
Or with Mok-Arr in your team. Change their purple to yellow so he can hit them. Then again, why would you bring Mok-Arr against a purple team?

I wouldn’t want to train a 5* just for that. Yeah the atk and crit is strong, but you’d have to consider the elemental change that comes with it and you can’t change your team during the match. So :woman_shrugging: I really don’t know. I just don’t like him. Wouldn’t want to play against him either because of his chaos factor

Gazelle is also wayyyy too complicated. Specials shouldn’t need a page for description and explanation. And if it’s the way it sounds like it can backfire immensely if Gazelle dies.

Bat also seems rather useless. You’d never want the extra damage in events (less points if your team is dead). Bat can save you in raids, but I’d rather not rely on that. Attack stat is also rather low, though it’s the best so far out of the challenge event 3*s.
Question though: The +60% damage only applies to the main target and the “minor damage to nearby” will stay unchanged, right?

I don’t think I’ll make pulls for teltoc in the future. Falcon/Jakal/Panther are still nice, but I really don’t need or want the rest


It shows as a status effect. Weirdly, it uses Ranvir’s status effect icon, which I’m reporting as a bug.

After trying several times, I managed to get into a situation where I had changed the enemies, and then intentionally set off Zim on their team, and the color change cleared.

I repeated that experiment and intentionally set off Vivica on the enemy team, and the color change cleared.


I think people are overreacting about removing status effects. Chameleon is maybe not much obvious, but may be like all enemies are born again with new elements. I think mostly because of Element Links. Now, Gazelle completely makes sense, it removes everything, because while they are dancing, they can only be dancing. That’s just it.
If Muggy revives an ally (which is more likely to survive to suffer the debuff than himself) with Alice’s undispellable debuff, it comes back wiithout the attack debuff. It’s not really something new.
There’s Ameonna that can only be a Ghost and nothing else when her special is active.

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Such complex hero special skills seen to be asking for a lot of unforseen bugs cropping up in certain situations when mixed with other skills. Or also some unforseen combos with other heroes that make some OP. I know they have to come up with reasons to keep pulling for new heroes but some of these new specials seem to be too much.

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Beta Update

Beta testing for Guardians of Teltoc has now closed.


Can someone explain gazelle and who is the dancer???

Do any of the new guardians have the element defense down like panther jackal and falcon?

Are they worth pursuing if you have panther jackal and falcon?

Every ally but Guardian Gazelle becomes a Dancer.

I found her quite impressive on Offense, and she has excellent potential for Titans as well, although she effectively supersedes Ranvir/Miki/Tarlak, so her usefulness on Titans will depend on a particular player’s bench.

None of the new Guardians add additional Elemental Defense Debuff capabilities, but Guardian Chameleon can in theory be used to change an enemy/Titan to a color you’re stacked against. Because there’s now a turn duration to that change, I find that premise less useful than when it was originally an indefinite change, though.

For a player with Panther, Jackal, and Falcon, I wouldn’t recommend Summoning on Guardians, unless that player had a gigantic budget. The odds of getting a desired new Hero are extremely low, especially if you don’t want a duplicate of Panther/Jackal/Falcon, or to get Guardians Owl or Kong.


While the defense bonus kicks in at the start of the battle,
the “healing” bonus happens eventually or maybe not at all.
The other family bonuses also apply from the begining of the
Would it be possible to have theTeltoc family bonus as
“health” rather than “healing”?
If 4-13% seems too much, then it could be adjusted to lower,
but at least “health” would be tangible from the start

Guardians is no longer in Beta, and they haven’t made any changes to any of the Family Bonuses at all so far. So I’m skeptical that they’re likely to change them before release.

The Guardians have relatively poor synergy, though, so I’m not sure how often people will use several of them together anyway.

Maybe Gazelle, Owl, and Jackal together, in theory? Or Falcon and Kong?

I don’t find myself using Jackal and Falcon together typically, which are the only ones I have.

Are there Guardians you use or plan to use together?

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I tried last month to get two Jackals to work in tandem and I managed to get one Jackal, two Falcons and one…Owl.
The Owl has slim chances to fire. Extra health might help with that, extra healing…probably not

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So maybe Owl and Jackal together. The family bonuses for 2 heroes are pretty modest, so it wouldn’t be a huge increase either way.

It’s sort of interesting that none of the new Event Families have HP bonuses.

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A 4% health increase would bring Owl to a health level similar to Boss Wolf/Horghall/Queen of Hearts

Considering how often you get a 3 star from im summon im fine with this, the game is already hard unless you dump money so i can accept the new and improved 3 star heroes

I get that, but since these are event only heroes you’ll have to dump money into the game to get them as well. I guess if new heroes are getting stronger, might as well be across the board. Just feel like it’s going to create short term profit the developers, but in the long has the potential to make the game worse for long time players, which could cause more people to quit playing.

I struggle to see anyone trying to collect and use five from this family to take advantage of the full family bonus.

Reading these specials hurt my head a bit tbh. Anyone have experience with Gazelle on defense? I’m thinking she would only be usable on wings. Otherwise I could have snipers ready to fire, dump tiles into her, and then fire off snipers

I attacked Guardian Gazelle on Defense a few times, and wouldn’t particularly recommend her for that usage.

She’s quite impressive on Offense, though.


Yep. She seems godly on offense. It’s like Tarlak + Graz in one package. Would she stack with Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir? Those Titans stand no chance in that scenario

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