🧪 Early Information on Updated Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]

Gazelle is sure to be interesting

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I think of this very differently

My question is: IF I get lucky enough, which 5* do I NOT want to have?

Hence if you use this approach it quickly becomes obvious that Avalon tops the list because there is no Kong or Sargasso to dream of getting…

However yes 4* are important too so I figured the debuffs make Teltoc important. The rest sorts itself out


different strokes for different folks. For me, I just want a chance, however small, at a top tier hero. That’s why I will pull at pirates, for the tiny chance for Finley.

But it’s interesting to see different perspectives, nonetheless.


Cause it’s not good :frowning:

And some 20 characters just in case

I was going to pull in guardians despite never getting any of them before in over 18 mos though I wasn’t spending a ton either. I am leaning towards Atlantis instead and as much as I’d love panther, jackal or falcon, I don’t want owl or kong though the new ones seem interesting.
Atlantis 5s would be great or Wilbur as the last 4 that I don’t have.

Plus Vela would be a nice hotm.

does that means they die? “take 100% damage”

From below it looks like the 100% damage is just like slash damage from gazelle to the entire team. Now whether or not this is intended and will be the final form i can not say but I would assume it is.

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I was being sarcastic. Sometimes that doesn’t translate well through text.

It doesn’t mean the drawing isn’t awesome, though. :+1:


I mean, you can still go heavy purple against Chameleon as long as there’s no yellow defense (monsters or jackal/owl).

I haven’t seen the leaked graphic from beta, so maybe there’s always yellow when Chameleon is there… will know tomorrow!

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If chameleon’s boss skill is the same as the hero card, wouldn’t the color-change be cleansable?

In that case, you can be safe with mono purple by firing Rigard


That’s true, as long as he’s charged.

You just have to be a little careful on Stages 10 and 15 that you don’t hurt yourself too much hitting Jackal or Owl with yellow tiles before cleansing.

Bringing Mana Potions can help that — and of course so can Antidotes.

Those are good strategies for completion, though not ideal for a more competitive run.

Cross link for reference:

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Cool, I was thinking to go mono purple with rigard, sabina, proteus, ursena and kageburado.

Somehow, I feel confident :laughing:

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True. I got Chameleon confused with Gazelle on color. I never pay a lot of attention to the five-stars anyway, as I know I will probably never get them! Thanks for pointing this out. Feeling some better now, but Guardians will always be my worst event until and unless I pull a decent non-yellow mana controller (i.e. Proteus). Looks like I may be rolling with Little John on this one.

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Oooh. Or Gill-Ra or costumed Tyrum (both of whom I happen to have!) on rare tier. Great thought; thanks for sharing.

Completion is always my first goal; but with a little luck, I feel like you could make a competitive run with mono purple.

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As last tested in Beta:

(I’m making threads for the heroes shortly too.)


Yeah what is the Synergy With guardian gazelle and Margaret when she is buffed cause she has an innate ability to resist buff removal?

Someone in Beta tested that, and Gazelle removes Margaret’s buff.

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I wonder if that is supposed to happen did anyone from staff comment on that, This goes back to people potentially flagging bugs that don’t exist. Seems odd The only reason why I could think for it to work is cuzz the dance of spirits is a buff that removes other buffs not an ailment or pure clense

Removing isn’t dispelling, it’s a different thing — so I’m not surprised that it would work that way. But it wasn’t officially confirmed that it’s intended behavior.

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Hey peeps! Does anyone have an updated rewards chart for Guardians? The ones I have appear to be outdated.

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