🧪 Early Information on Updated Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]

How that 100% damage calculated?

What are the Guardian event dates?

SG has not announced yet, but I believe January 8.


Does anyone know the best colours to use this event,is the reflect yellow?

Yes, Holy is reflected. Dark and Fire are the best elements for this event.

All minions are Holy and Nature element in every stage.


Correct, guardian teltoc is reflect yellow… and mobs are yellow and green.
Here is last event, but will be changed to 15 stage and new bosses.


Was there anything said about the schedule of the event? I’m guessing it’s January 15th but it might also be a week earlier.

Second Tuesday is 8th January…
I think v26 with path of Valor might be released right before that 6 or 7th…

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Here’s the calendar, it starts on the eighth.


It is unofficial calendar, anything can change, though unlikely.

Warm cape and hidden blade for both epic and legendary completion rewards… Is that right?

Something to consider when facing off against Guardian Chameleon both in raids and in the upcoming event tournament.

Say for example you run a mono or red heavy team. That means you want red Tiles right?

If Chameleon is on the defence team also hoard GREEN TILES… if Chameleon fires, your heroes become green element. When they’re green, your red tiles do NOTHING anymore… Instead the green ones are King

So, Chameleon on defence actually offers an advantage to the attacking team rather than the defence of sorts… You can, with a mono or heavy stack team, essentially double the number of tile colours you can make use of.



I double checked my screenshots from Beta, and yes, that’s what it was.

Legendary also had an Orb in addition, as noted in the top post.


[quote=“zephyr1, post:1, topic:132077”]
Changes the element of all enemies to the element they are strong against for 3 turns.

Good Morning Guvnor!
Thank you for all the infos and the backgrounds but I have one question.
Ok, it‘s Saturday morning, brain is in sleeping-mode and perhaps I‘m do not understand it exactly; but if the Karma-Chameleon changes the element of all my heroes in the opposite one it is a little bit dangerous to go with mono?
Dark will change in holy and holy reflects. I understand your thoughts and what do you mean.
That is just a thought if the boss or one of them is the Chameleon.
Hm…sorry if I am wrong or don‘t think till the end and struggling near of the finish.

And I‘m still too stupid for quoting…:triumph::weary:

Question… what happens when i play against the Chameleon hero… will my Joon turn into a green Joon? Or even in Alby?

What use is Chameleon against titans? I start with the opposite colours…

For the Antilope hero… I may not fire it when having low health? So useless in defence where it will be fired? Or are the benefits better than the very big con? I can imagine having full roster the boost will be enormous.

BTW… boost for dancer will that have effect on special? And if you have open heart on troops will that effect special?

Will one of them be a game changer?

Ok thanks. Strange to offer the same rewards though.

Sorry for disturbing but I have found a strange info at an other site about the Guardians. Namely the whole list of level 1-15.

So just don’t take dark heroes :wink:

I was experimenting with mono red and so keep green tiles on the board too


He’s probably not much use tbh. The attack buff would be good but… Only way it’s work is if you planned it from the stwrt. So take the weak colour against the titan (e.g. green heroes to a red titan). Then mana Chameleon at the start and keep him firing all titan long.

Yeah but she’s also got the heal over time so… Depends haha. Also 100% damage is quite small, it’s the mana loss which is the kicker.

Yes, boost base attack stat. So any heroes who have a special which is “deals XYZ % damage”

Not sure what you mean here sorry.

I think both are useful But wouldn’t say either are game changers

A stolen version of the infographic that Mariamne prepped during Beta has been passed around. It’s likely that.

Either Mariamne or I will be posting the original of it when Guardians starts, as it contains Beta images.