🧪 Early Information on Updated Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]


But at the time Ameonna had not been released.

I think of the status as a stain and

Dispel- water will remove stain
Remove- detergent is needed
Form- that is not a stain… that is a hole in the fabric.


This is rumored to be a form change like minions and Ghost form.

Just like minions, damage will remove +temp HP.

I do not remember what is supposed to remove -max HP. I do not know how you would test it since no Season 1 or 2 boss revives mobs.

That might be it then if it prevents beneficial status effects (unlike others like Grazul, Aeron, etc, who will only stop debuffs).

If that’s the case, not so interesting (still good on offense, though).

Can anyone in beta clarify?

Correct, all Dancers become immune to all status effects, regardless of whether they’re buffs or ailments.

All existing status effects, even undispellable ones, are also removed initially.

So there’s no way to combine buffs with Dance of Spirits.

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Why does she seem pretty useless to me?

I found her incredible when the attack buff was +100%. It was like God Mode on Offense.

I’m more unsure with the +66%, it’s still a very powerful effect, but it’s not a massive attack buff for Titans, so it feels like a little less versatility in order to balance out use on Offense. I think Dance of Spirits has also undergone more rebalancing changes in Beta than anything else I’ve seen, which sort of makes it hard to even keep all of the versions straight.

I think the last version ended up making her quite decent for Offense and Titans, but not as show stopping as she was when they tested +100% attack.


Actually i misread the entire dance of spirits deal, was thinkin heores would become zombie types that couldn’t use their normal skills & what not

If it’s just buffs then yea could be interesting

Definitely bad for titans tho

Defense would be interesting but problematic since if you snipe the caster then it nerfs the whole team to 0 mana on top of 100% damage

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I can’t see her as being overly useful vs. Titans… especially if you already have someone like Miki etc… to buff you… Benefit with Miki and the others is that you can still apply other status affects other than the dancing…


Thanks for the confirmation.

A nice offense hero then, but won’t use it for titans… I could’ve used a yellow +attack for titans… Oh, well…


I’m good on gloves for the moment, but a good reminder. I almost always think in terms of the elemental mats, since I’ve only once come close to being short on non-elementals.

I’ve been short of gloves since day 1. 10 compasses, no gloves and 12 heroes who could use them :gloves:

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Ouch! My compasses do usually outpace my gloves, but as zephyr noted above, the challenge event rewards have done a better job balancing gloves lately. The one time I almost ran out, MV came through for me!

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After one year and level 56 have received 40 gloves and 54 compasses. Have 4 gloves in inventory. 2 reserved for recent 5* acquisitions. 2 more will be needed soon to keep the feeders in 2 colors from being shipped to off color projects.

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Thank you for the Mat update @zephyr1

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There’s a family bonus for guardians
Think one is health is there another?
Kinda need a quick answer and can’t be botherd to look it up!
Thanks :joy::hotdog::beer:


It’s defense…healing and defense.


3* mat woes do fade eventually


How that 100% damage calculated?

What are the Guardian event dates?

SG has not announced yet, but I believe January 8.


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