🧪 Early Information on Updated Fables of Grimforest Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]

Remember they come from both teams. So theoretically you could take 8 from each side. Offense and defense are counted separately even if they have the same effect.

Total defense effects + total offense effects = total x 15%

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So wilbur only denfse down and up for both teams is 10 x 15% - additional 150% damage to the 180% base correct?

Is the spirit link removal on top of that?

Even so… Attack/def + and -. So 8. Blind. 10 till now. Dot 12. You see, I count both sides already. What else?

Wilbur only would be worth 60%

Defense down and link for the defense (2)
Defense up and link for the offense (2)

4 x 15% = 60%

Significant nerfs to Snow White … Slow speed, lower starting damage and lower damage cap.

But she got a notable buff: she hits all enemies now.

I did bring up before that she’d be a good ally to Kiril for having the damage increase with dispelling any status effect from both sides though :stuck_out_tongue: And now hitting all enemies, she’s got that synergy working even better.

Even with slow speed, I can still see something like Kiril -> Frida -> Athena/Isarnia -> Richard -> Snow White being very deadly to the entire enemy team.

Puss In Boots getting Average speed, probably deserved as he seemed underwhelming before. Those mice minions look more like meatshields than anything though, having a chance to miss is just bad despite the decent attack stat they have. I’d prefer to replace them with other more useful minions myself… and getting average speed now makes that much more likely, as he’s not gonna fire last.

He’s a decent support hero now at least, thanks to getting average speed, that attack boost is more relevant as it’s more likely he’ll fire it when there’s tiles to use. I like his synergy with other summoners and Druids too. Particularly Red Hood and Zimkitha in a red stack, that sounds really nice.

YEEEEAH we get a version of Gretel in 3* form!!! :smiley: That’s awesome, she’s going to be a staple on 3* tournaments for me. I’m gonna save all challenge coins I get just to get her lol.

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Deals 200%180% damage to the targetall enemies, and additional 20%15% damage per removed status effect, up to 520%420% damage in total.

Isn’t the 15% on a removed status effect for every single enemy. If not doesn’t make a lot of sense - is a very rare situation ( can’t think immediately even ) where you will have 8 different status effects per team

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It’s my understanding that it is unique buffs per side. Not per enemy. Dealing 420% to everyone on a team SHOULD be a rare case. You’d kill a whole team.

Maybe you are right - but she is slow with not an enourmous def and health so wondering how often will fire at all

It’s per enemy, and ally.

She removes all dispellable status effects and ailments from everyone on both sides, and then does damage.


I actually would love a super hero in the game wich special skill to be slow, but able to kill a 4700 TP. HofY. Hero of the year, which can be summoned only at 31 December, with 0,1% chances.


I stand corrected. Then it will be much easier to get her to cap. Cast Wilbur before she fires and you hit each hero on the other team for 420% damage doesn’t seem to make sense though.

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Snow White seems to be that hero tbh :slight_smile: I missed completely that she hits all enemies now.

So yeah, definitely makes sense that her special got nerfed to slow and that her damage got nerfed too. Can’t have her dealing Joon levels of damage to all buffed up enemies at average speed, that’d be insane.

Granted, there needs to be a fair amount of status effects active in the turn you use her special, to deal that much damage to all enemies. Without any status effects active, she will hit like a small child


So you’re saying the way it is working right now is, let’s use Wilbur again, 10 buffs on the other team instead of 2, and 10 buffs on offense instead of 2.

My example was 60% more damage from Wilbur for a total of 240% to each enemy.

What you’re saying is Wilbur adds 20 x 15%, or 300% for a cap of 420% to each enemy?

From just one hero casting a special first? I don’t know how I feel about that…


Yes, exactly. She has great synergy with Wilbur, at the expense of dispelling all of his effects.

An interesting Challenge Event team for Legendary could be made with them together.


lol who cares if his effects are dispelled…



Yeah guys, this is what I asked in the first post… Lethal!

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But is it an overall nerf to Snow White or a buff?

I saw the changes and immediately thought it implied a huge buff because she went from hitting a single target to a full AoE. Sure, slow and less damage per buff but now she can absolutely smash the entire enemy team. Perhaps I am mistaken but she is now terrifying to face when your team is wounded whereas before she would have taken out one hero. Would love to hear

She is slow and not the most robust so in that same category of game changing, fragile heroes like Azlar and Isarnia (maybe others but those two come to mind as I write this).


I hate to be that guy… but if this is her final iteration, I’ve found my straw so to speak…

Yeah, pretty much. Very questionable whether she’s appropriately balanced.


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