🧪 Early Information on Updated Costume Event (The Masquerade) [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

I can’t remember what it was like for Costume Chamber when it was first released. Only recall that it featured Vivica with Costume 1.

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i feel this upgraded event is only targeting 100k players, or 10k players to complete the event. the 2nd stage RTP 3000 immediately deny a number of new players, and from 10th Stage the RTP is 5000+. not friendly to majority.

it is also a little weir that not every stages can win key as per original event, however, 15 stages comparing 6 stages from original event for wining same amount of keys make sense of downgrading the event. looked no good.

the loots is not attractive, the 2nd stage winning 2 nos. antidotes looked very poor, the Battle Item 2 can won a better loots with very low RTP.

I hope the designer can stand at the majority player views, we don’t mind the task is hard to be completed but all will fed up to those impossible to be completed unless you XXX. (to be censored but defenitely not F words)


That’s way more work than SG would be willing to do. A much simpler solution would be this:

Make it as easy to obtain 10 keys with the new series of levels as it was before the proposed downgrade. Then add more levels beyond that point where players can earn a few more keys for beating some new, harder levels. Levels beyond the 10-key mark can be as hard as SG wants them to be. Then nobody loses anything, and there is something extra added for those who are up to the challenge.


The effort is not worth the reward. Keys will be for sale I’m betting.

They are already on Sale…

And in April Staff has extended the event duration to 3 days from 2 days so that more offers can come…


I am not in beta, so could not test.
But there are lots of events you could complete with far lower team power.
TP says nothing, you need a well balanced team. In events you can compensate with a few items.
I think with a few mana pots, timestops and a decent 4/1 team it should be possible to win with a TP4500 team.
Lets stay cool and play it before ranting. My only concern is the loot. And I do not talk about the loot to stages but the loot to WE ratio. If they distribute the loot over more stages but decrease the WE per stage accordingly its great. If not I will complain… after the event.

Boycotts are silly, especially for f2p. The metric SG is looking at, is the number of pulls and gem/key offers bought.
They do not care if a handful of f2p forfeit their meager free pulls by boycotting the event.
Give your best, try to win as many stages as possible, getting as many keys as possible and hope for some lucky summons. Thats the best a f2p can do.

Happy gaming


The keys are always for sale during the event…
If they launch the new costume chamber I would expect they do a „ share the key“ deal. Get 10 keys plus 200 gems for you and 1 key for every alliance mate for 2.99€ . The sales
would rocketing in the sky.

Happy gaming


More so if they stop the keys giveaway in wanted chests and MV. And with this limiting keys from loot I am afraid they will do it.

Just an update on difficulty.

Maybe for completing the final few stages for this new event a challenge event approach is better.

I have tried to beat the last level with Fire mono (with 4356 TP), and I have charged all of my heroes before the boss level, and fire all of them at the bosses.
By doing this the boss level was much easier even on this 5500 TP stage, and it does not required that much battle items to win, and most of my team survived…


I have started observing frequency of key drops from MV since the Secondary S1 costumes were launched into beta. So far still appears normal. For me.

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I have had about 20 since I came back 3 or 4 weeks ago.
Most from Mystic Vision, I do believe.

I already have about 25, and I had 0 when the previous event is ended.

Agree about the pull % point…but one costume pull gives access to multiple hero specials …. is a Very Good thing

  • Between them, the Season-1 heroes costumes, now cover a wide variety of things like = DD, EDD, Boosted health, attack buff / debuff, mindless attack (remember Alfrike :sweat_smile::roll_eyes::rofl:……etc
    The best part is….All of the above with better stats via the triple costume bonus. Though mana is only double, but that is a whopping +10% :man_shrugging:t2: = better than any troop out there….

  • SG just gifted 5 levels to the troops in our roster….to all those who pull the hero.

Brilliant stuff.


Wait, is there a plan to remove keys from chests?

Don’t know about it, but what point would have making getting keys from Masquerade loot so much harder if everyone can get 3 times more keys outside the event and for free? People will just stop playing the event and summon only using chest/MV keys.

I do NOT know about such plans.


I don’t plan to boycott, but yess it will force me to use plenty of battle items. But with more resources, naturally I expect better rewards. By giving us the same reward is just greedy and ignorant

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A recommended team power of 5000+ from level 10 and up will be very difficult for a lot of people to complete without lots and weapons and gems so I would expect a lot of griping if this isn’t lowered a bit in beta, especially since there is no increase in the total amount of keys available as loot. This is a big jump from the old version which will leave a lot of folks behind since the old level 6 topped out at 4500 team power with all keys earned. If they are going to increase it this drastically they need to drastically increase the number of keys, too. 1* trainer heroes and axes and antidotes is hardly an incentive for the kind of resources many will need to advance through the levels. Too little reward here. I predict a big drop-off of participants if this premieres this way.

Um… it is true that you can almost always bring less than recommended TP and squeak through with either heroes who are strong for their TP, fortunate synergies, and/or burning enough resources.

But not arbitrarily less. Doing a 4800 TP Omega recommendation is pretty rough with a 4400 team, especially if they aren’t top-shelf or luckily-aligned heroes.

I don’t think anyone is saying that you have to bring 5600 TP to beat the 5600 level, but a lot of players are going to have trouble fielding a 5000 team…

…and with Omega, if you’re putting in Big Effort, it’s because you know you will actually get Big Glow Balls (for many players, about the only time we will).

With this event, if you pull out all the stops and take multiple tries and burn items and spend 20 minutes per battle (or gods forbid, spend gems to continue), you’re looking at an overwhelming chance that it will all be for part of a Dawa.


Yes, but how many people have Franz? I don’t. I’m not worried because I have Proteus, but then again, even though he is a 4* S2 hero, not everyone has him.

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