🧪 Early Information on Updated Costume Event (The Masquerade) [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

I agree on this idea.

Let’s see who’s gonna drop a 1000$ to get this 1 done. If it’s actually done, i have no positive words for the person who does it or the event. This event as is now should scream boycott but the addicts will keep the madness going


And here I am, FTP with maxed team of 4900 TP.

SG suggest me to bring a 5500 TP, to get 10 keys so I can have around 2,5 % chance to get a new hero, and I will need 5 of them to build a 5500 team. Oh boy… what a genius idea…


I know. So much ‘new content’ is new player - hostile.

And by that I do not mean players that started to play yesterday. Of course they cannot do it all. But I played for almost two years. I do not even have a single team near that amount of team power. Yes I’m not spending thousands of dollars. But I wish that having spent over 1400 hours on this game would have been enough :confused:


What is this rubbish, more stages with the same number of keys. Would it kill them to give us 5 more keys? Yeah sure 5 more keys and RNG would give me a costume quintus, like I give any ■■■■■
No real QoL, no inclusivity of non s1 costumes. And they think putting in trainer heroes is enough? You might as well don’t put this in as a update.


You people complaining about not having a team for 5500 dint forget you can usually defeat these with 500-1000 team with less power. Just be smart with your selection.

My 4500 with using something like Miki + Jott will be incredibly helpful and then taking mana pots or anything else will make it even easier too.

I know there will be nature so my two examples above will need to be paired with probably 3x purple or 3x red, but the point is this achievable if you have some decent enough heroes. I don’t have all the fancy new ones or costumes.

I do agree on the keys and rewards though. Very laughable. 15 to 20 is what we should get


So I’ve been thinking about this (gonna leave the whole double costume thing to one side currently and pretend it doesn’t exist) I don’t mind the increase in difficulty, in fact in general I would like to see PVE have further harder options.i like a challenge and will enjoy coming up with how to beat it. No different to trying ToL with fun, reduced teams. Yes the last stages may take me in excess of 10 mins, but I am okay with that.

My issue is the rewards. Generally I don’t give out about rewards much, but, this is ridiculous. I can get a 3*trainer plus emblems from the twice weekly trials quests. How on earth is a one star a suitable reward in this? And not even one of the new universal trainers at that. I can reluctantly accept it being 2 free pulls after all it rotates with ToL and there are only 2 free pulls in that also. Just make the interspersed rewards for the levels that don’t give keys better.


I wrote about the TP which got rectified fairly fast…

Was thinking about the keys being low for the effort. While 20 sounds damn good, 15 would be fir, which I feel SG might be open too.

  • already wrote that 1* trainers are poor rewards, coz they drop 4-5 from various chests, daily.

Wow the proposed X2 Costumes for Season 1 hero cards is quite brilliant. On the one hand it single handily shuts down all the complaint threads towards all the Overpowered Heros in all the other portals and drives the attention to season 1 hero cards. On the other it will help all the cheap to play season 1 heros developed in the old generation rosters and helps to maintain their competitiveness. It is brilliant, contrarian and swings the pendlum back to all the original crying for nerfs complaint threads. Also allowing more mats saved. Crazy funny!!!

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Not I agree with this being a help to F2P. They still need some great luck due to pull number Vs % chance. I still know plenty who are still searching for their first costume for a often used hero let alone being after their second. If they really wanted to help those using the normal version on a regular basis they could have just given a stat boost, and for some like Quintus a speed change and potential reworking of special skill.

If they need to do second costume I would have preferred they did the 4s first instead of the 5s for no/low spenders 4s still make up the basis of a lot of rosters and with pulls Vs odds there would have been a better chance to get them.

Let’s be under no illusion here, when these are released it will be a huge income increase for SG when people start chasing new Quintus for war defence etc


And how exactly this second costumes will help to s1 heroes? First you will have to roll for them (again) to catch them (again) and after this to use them, this it’s new heroes it’s not the old s1 heros, they are remaining the same, and don’t forget also and this, if they make new costumes for s1 they will make new costumes and for the outer heros with costumes, they will not not stop just with the second costumes and the problem with UP original heros will remain, so please explain to me and to outer in the forum how this will help to the s1 heroes and will stop the complain traids.


Very simple. Alot of cheap to play rosters have season 1 hero cards ascended. The brilliance is that when obtaining the season 1 X2 costume you don’t have to waste 1 tome, 1 damascus blade, and the 6 shared scopes, darts, tonics, rings or tabards. It is totally smart and brilliant. There are alot of cheap to play fully ascended season 1 heros in old generation rosters easily. This is very very well played!!!


Why discuss something that has long been decided. When has SG ever listened to the beta testers?
Why never does anyone from the SG Staff participate in the forum?
This pseudo-interview that @Petri initiated somewhere is the same laughing stock, reminds me of a shabby scripted reality show.
As long as SG still has enough players who spend enough money here, they don’t need to listen to the sponsors… ähm players. So get used to the new costume chamber


It’s very very well played for they’re pockets not for the player base, this it’s payd buff nothing more nothing less, instead to buff the old heros they just make new costumes, and no this it’s not good for the FTP or CTP base, FTP and CTP don’t need new costumes they need buffs for free.


Right, soon we will see P2P with 5600 defense. When will that happen to F2P? Most of the active F2P will probably stuck at 5000.


Completely correct. Apart from extreme luck, you won’t be seeing new Quintus on F2P/C2P where it’d be useful and needed. You will see him an awful lot on rosters that are already full of great heroes though.


First it was C-Kadi, now it’s 2nd C-Quintus, …money traps in all portals even with some 3s and 4s …smart SGG.

If they ever read this or listen… I have.no issue with upgrading the quest difficulty , but make the reward to commensurate with the efforts:

Change the 1* trainer to 3* master trainers, and make the overall total keys =20! Afterall there is RNG to contest with in the summons!
( 1* trainers as reward is an insult to veteran players who can actually achieve the difficulty level prescribed)!


I don’t find these powerful TPs to be a problem. Kalevala, I just use Franz and DOTs and it shredded through stages like it was nothing. The Puukko storm helped a lot by cutting 1k+ damage everytime it fires.


this right there, it’s not like 1 extra summon is gonna guarantee everyone a shiny new 5*! most likely it will be yet another Dawa or Nashgar anyway!

this whole update can be summed up as


Only about half of the 5 star heroes have new two costume,
So if you want two, then your chance is about half.

I am also wondering will SG release all of them at once or they release them during multiple occurences like the Challenge Festival Costumes.

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