🧪 Early Information on Updated Costume Event (The Masquerade) [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

New costumes are for all S1 right? At least, for right now.

What happens to the Elemental Quest anyways?

Yeah, right now, in five years we will see 3rd costume for S5 heroes… if EP still exist which is doubtful.

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i guess SG is starting to fall back from their “we’d like to thank our players by improving rewards throughout the game” stance.


SG is no more. It is Zynga now.

They will after this. That’s kinda scary 5500 tp. Even these “new” heroes that were once a threat, they’re not a threat anymore.

We’ll be season 10 by then. A few years ago we didn’t dream of season 5…here we are. Who knows with SG?

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No clue. While I’m not in beta, I definitely remember them mentioning they’re gonna do “Elemental Quests” in that Sneak Peak of what’s planned for this year. I hope they didn’t forget this quickly.

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Why can’t they make the updated costume levels similar to the Omega levels?

Imo, if you can beat the Omega quest you can beat the updated costume.

Not sure I see any benefit for us, the players, here… a very negative change… I actually usualy look forward for the costume quest…
For 15 stages, I agree with @Photon suggestion of at least 25 keys for completion.

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Yes, only Season 1 heroes are in the Costme Chamber.

Right now each costumes are shown separatly so you can see two Isarnia, etc… but Staff is working on showing every hero in the portal only once with both costumes.

Zynga is no more either… Take Two has finished buying it 1 month ago:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Oh that made me laugh. How ridiculous!


Hopefully, this series of buyouts would not lead this game into its demise! Evident from all these wrong moves and insensitivity to customer’s wants!

I would say, masquerade quest was really appealing, Extra levels with 1* trainers is definitely not appealing and is a very bad move from whatever the final name is now SG/Zynga/Take 2 etc.

May be it will be a better consideration if those were 3* master trainers plus additonal keys, but I doubt if it will happen, since the new dispensation is to monetize everything…


They can - and will - do whatever they want. So of course they can make this event as difficult as they like.

I don’t think they should do this because this event has traditionally been something geared towards keeping f2p and newer players in the game. Making the 10 keys that most beginner to intermediate players used to be able to get become virtually unobtainable for them widens the gap between f2p and whales. For the game to be healthy you don’t want to widen it too far or else the whales get bored and leave. Also, you need to have ways to bridge the gap so that you can convert new players into whales to replace those that leave due to natural attrition, or else the game slowly dies on the vine. In the long term, pulling the ladder up out of reach helps nobody.


You mean S1 or all of the seasons?

Just Season 1 heroes.

The change to come is not have two Magni, two Vivica, … two Kellie but only one of these with two costumes shown somehow.

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Thank you for the help.

I support any changes that make the game more challenging for long term players who ha have been playing for years. But I understand that the stages can’t be so hard that newer players are at an unfair disadvantage.

How bout have both quests and a player has to commit to only one at start of event. You can do the old costume event that’s easier for 10 keys or the harder new costume event for 15 or 20 keys. But make it really hard where it’s not a given you will complete it.

Just a thought

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Yeah the provision is already made in the current roster anyway , just to add the third image and then the arrows can be toggled left or right to select which card to equip …also in future the 4th image etc…