🧪 Early Information on Updated Costume Event (The Masquerade) [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

Yes, absolutely garbage. More work, less rewards. More and more offers popping, more and more heroes being rushed.

I just can’t even care anymore. After Panther C. Was released like that it was like pressing the “f* it” button.

Can’t see any light. I’m just sad my fav game had to be bought by this goddam Zynga. I hate them so much.


Most Buyouts end up in the same trend, highly driven by investors’ quest to recoup their money with less focus on the nitty-gritty of products health! Once they are done or sort of, they sell off to some others…goes through similar process…until it ends up in a garbage somewhere…

Good thng with this our favorite game is, the community is voicing out…left for the devs and the folks at the helms of affairs to listen!

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I just got a bad feeling about this.

I hope that I am wrong @BlackZed.

Me too. I don’t even have a 5000 TP team, let alone 5500.

A few more days before I slip into a deeper slumber.


I am ok with 15 stages… But what the hell is this 2 antidotes and 1 axe attack crap as rewards?

We used to have 6 stages for 10 keys… Now you give us 15 stages but still 10 keys… Really?

I mean come on, at least make it 15 keys… You are not losing all the $$$ from players by offering a bit more. In fact if players are happy, they will be even more willing to pay.


@udee I would like to add @Gimliv’s reply: feel free to join us in the FTP Rebellion for game and sometimes non-game discussion:

Open invitation to all kinds of players. :wink:


Welcome to my world @RebelForces! :crazy_face:

I was not pleased when I first heard about S1 costumes round 2… However, by the next day I figured there’s no point dreading their release…

In the past, I think I cared too much. Several things upset me considerably. Now, often my first response to something like this is laughter. I feel that caring less is working out for me. :wink:


Thanks @SamMe, Sometimes i checked that thread… I am not a discord user, so I cannot join the discord group :grin:


You are neglecting the fact that ascension mats are not the barrier for seasoned cheap to free players, it is the rare pulls. I know many players with mats to ascend lots of heroes (i myself have mats to ascend 11 5*), but nothing to ascend cause stuff like these 5* costumes are really not that common to pull.


They maybe compensating keys in the MV though. I have been getting keys there left and right

I haven’t noticed unusual; significantly more or less. I do note that when keys drop, they drop frequently over a period, then stop.

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:rofl: Oh sweet summer child. Do you really think anything will stop nerf threads? Are you new around here?

If anything, releasing costumes with these absurd stats will only generate more of them.

You have a very good point.

This part is unlikely to happen to c2p players though.

On second thought, you don’t have a very good point. Actually, you don’t have a point at all.

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Same :pensive: guess Zynga touching it was a death sentence, sadly. At least I’ve finally got Shrubbear yesterday when I wasn’t even trying because I’ve didn’t opened the game much this week. :laughing:

Considering it’s a season 1 heroes ONLY portal… Keys should’ve be popping from others places to and not 1 by 1… The quest itself giving 10 keys only is unacceptable by all means IMO.

Ah … Whatever. Everything ruined already anyway. It’s not like these bullcrap costumes gonna make any difference. Absotely not gonna improve anything but we’re screwed already so whatever.

Like I’ve said in beta, in the end of the day we will still have Quintus at slow with 4* stats doing 270% damage to all and Panther 280% to all at fast + 2 high quality sub effects. Balance isnt a thing that will be reached again ever. In other others giving up is what we have left.

Older players will be forced to quit little by little while they will keep trying to squish money from newer players until the cycle repeats.



Yeah, still unacceptable in any way.


Unfortunately, if the win stats of new heroes from new events remain so low, there will never be a fair balance between events with TP over 4600 and heroes owned. If 3 stars continue to come out of training camp 20, if only 3 stars continue to come out from the calls, sooner or later the boredom of this game will be enormous. As for me, I have already greatly reduced the time in the game, also because if the heroes that are drawn are always 3 stars, what am I playing for? Among other things, I am increasingly convinced that all battles, wars and tournaments, are driven in victory.


I still think this game is a better investment than cigarettes. You can’t see all the cigarettes you smoked.


“Better investment than cigarettes” is a pretty low bar to clear.


What would be a more appropriate bar then ? Lol


:joy: I have no stance on the matter. Entertainment hardly qualifies as an investment, but literally anything is a better investment than “expensive item whose consumption leads to crippling health issues and often to a slow, painful death.”


:joy: I see what you meant now. My personal favorites are pimp Khagan and Sailor Moon Quintus.