🧪 Early Information on Updated "Clash of Knights" Alliance Quest [Part of The Beta Beat V44]

any projections on when it shoud premier?

While S1 heroes are still a thing, at least the percentages of getting them has dropped.


As SG released the offiical calendar for December, and it is not in it so I think it will arrive on January 19th.


so we can have a little hope for mor 3 and 4* (not wise to be hopefull though)

You are welcome , you help me a lot too


Thanks as always for your efforts @PlayForFun .
Is it any wonder this thread is filled with so much appreciation… :star_struck:


Can somebody explain me about this new Aether % change. Let say i am on top 10.000 player, what the best i can get and the worst i can get ?

Ugh this is terrible, last time I was in top 1000 alliance/ 10k players and get 2 big Aethers. Now more likely I’m getting no big ones with the change

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The best you get:
You get the Aether on each draw:

So for top 10 000 individual player:

  • 2 Rare Aethers
  • 1 Rare Aether
  • 1 Legendary Aether

The worse:

  • You do not get any Aethers, and you have 5.12% chance for this.

Earlier at least three Rare Aethers were guaranteed, and you had chance for 3 Legendary one too with 2.7% chance.


when i was reading the chart, it reminded me of the top 1% raid tournament chance for a reset emblem, soooo i guess we’re going to get another round of #nospend when a bunch of players inevitably don’t get any aethers despite placing highly.

There will be a similar change in the tournament loot, but we can not see what.

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Before, you would have gotten 3 Aethers garanteed. Now you get between 0 and 4 Aethers with an average of 2. The chance of getting 5* Aethers has been lowered significantly for you as well (1 roll of 20% instead of 3 rolls of 20%).

Congrats on everyone who got tricked into #NoSpend by whales. They wouldn’t have summoned on old portals in those 2 weeks anyway. Whales get their garanteed 5* Aethers now, while you did the “work” and have to pay the price with lower drop rates.

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I’m a bit surprised to see wolfs and ravens fighting together in the quest now. I thought we would get 2 versions of the event, one with wolfs and another one with ravens, because the “story” seemed to suggest they are enemies.

Ok let say i am player on first place rank, so i will get just 1 aether3, 2 aether2, 3 aether1 ?

So rewards are worse after the thrashing of complaints? Lol we showed SGG haha

Events in general in this game are just becoming unfun with all the changes… Maybe new year will be time to call it quits.

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SG make this aether loot like war aether loot. Damn they more stingy.

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Yes, you will get these Aether rewards for top 1 place in individual loot.
Of course if your alliance is in top 100 too, then you will get more Aethers (at least one Aether 3) for sure.

@Draerius yes it can much worse than earlier :frowning: no Aethers guaranteed for players outside of top 100 individual or alliance ranks.

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Reward become worse, the difficult become harder. They dont care about QoL of ordinary player.


The loot changes doesn’t make sense, the loot is improved for top 100 players, but for players ranking tok 10 000 and 100 000 it is far worse than was before.
Now I don’t see the point in competing in this event unless you want to be top 100 players. I planned to hit top 10 000, but after this changes I don’t see the point to even bother.


Now there will be minimum 30*100 + 100 = 3100 happy players, while >1 million players can be disappointed.


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