🧪 Early Information on Tremors of Underwild [Part of The Beta Beat V48]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on Tremors of Underwild being TESTED in beta.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

:postal_horn: Tremors of Underwild

In its simplest explanation, Tremors of Underwild is essentially a like Valhalla Forever but for the season 4 map (Underwild).

During Tremors of Underwild, all World Energy Costs on the Season 4 map are reduced by 3.

Adds a new “special” / unique mob called a Underwild Bat.

Like in Valhalla Forever:

  1. the loot is NOT increased
  2. there is a limit to how many Underwild Bats you can farm per day.

New feature in Underwild:

  • Monster Lure is added see the details later to improve your Rare enemy farming ability.

Underwild Bat

Like the Mindgard Gnomes, these mobs only appear during the Tremours of Underwild event.

Unlike Midgard Gnomes:

  • Underwild Bats are Shielded and only Vulnerable to damage from normal attacks and Special Skills only during the turn before they attack.

When they appear, they can drop Underwild coins, Emblems, Crafting materials or Resource Bundles.

As above, there is a limit to how many Bats can be farmed per day.

  • Limited to 15* per day (compared to 20 in Valhalla Forever). This limit accumulates (so even if you only start on day 4, you can still farm 60* in that one day).
  • Can farm up to 60* in total during the event
  • There is a counter which shows how many you’ve farmed so far, and how much is can you find in total.
  • There is a countdown shows that how much time left until More Rare Enemies can be found.
  • You can also see an indication of is Monster Lure active or not.

* = These numbers can be increased with buying Monster Lure.
Extra Underwild coins are also guaranteed if Monster Lure is active above the Bat’s normal loot.

Underwild Monster Lure

So using this Monster Lure you can farm 25 Underwild bats a day, and 100 in total.

This Monster Lure can be bought from the daily offers.
In Beta an extra offer category is added to Underwil offers (on day 1), where you can buy Monster Lure along with 120 loot tickets and 1 WE Flask. The price is unknown, and maybe these will be changed.
The other offers for day1 are not visible, and the next 3 day offers will also not be visible in Beta.

:zap: Energy

As above, all stages energy is reduced by 3 (from normal) during the event.

:mantelpiece_clock: Duration

Like current Underwild event, the event lasts 4 days.

:game_die: Summons Portal

There is a no change how the Underwild Portal operated.

There are still 3 featured heroes, which are: Russula, Lepiota, Prof. Linderbrock in the current Beta.

There was no change in the odds in Beta V48

:1234: Some Maths

Just a quick note here on the numbers. Without any change in the odds, there is virtually no difference between featured and non-featired hero odds.

Featured = 3 heroes = 0.2% Specific hero.
Non-Featured = 19 heroes = 0.052% specific

So there is a SLIGHT difference but not much.

It has been raised and several times in the feedback provided.


14 April, 2022

Added to beta V48 for initial testing.

:left_right_arrow: Other Beta Content

For a full list of items currently in beta testing, as well as their related threads, please see:


At first glance this looks worse than Valhalla forever which already gets a lot of hate. Vf gets hate because it’s so inferior to AR. So this will also get hate.

I consider it a win because it’s something that didn’t previously exist.

Three less energy is is a win

No loot bonus is disappointing I’d rather all seasonal events have 25% bonus loot to spread out farming. Actually I’d do 17% since there are three seasons

Shielded bats is clearly designed to slow down farming

15 bat limit won’t affect me. But I’d rather all events have the same limitation to spread out farming.

Monster lure is either a huge win or another thing folks have to pay for. I get the feeling we won’t get any for free.

120 loot ticket offer seems like a deal many would love.


thanks for sharing @PlayForFun

initial thoughts…

it’s already unrewarding enough to farm in Valhalla Forever, now they make the rare enemies even harder to kill, lol

oh, and a Pay-to-Play mechanism to increase the appearance rate of Bats…

while nothing for those who don’t spend. no increased loot even.

so I’ll be even more BLAH about farming Tremors of Underwild than I am about Valhalla Forever, lol!

really should have been called DOWN WITH UNDERWILD!

I certainly won’t be wasting any loot tickets or WE flasks here.


I told you :slight_smile:

Do not miss the guaranteed extra coin drop too.
This 1000% chance increase is brutal I have played 6-7 Season 4 levels so far, but I have already received at least 4 Bats, with about extra 15-20 coins in total…

I did some math on how many gems I would pay as f2p for a monster lure.

During AR I would say I use roughly 20 flasks and get roughly 200 coins each run. So each flask gets me 10 coins via maybe 1-3 seadragons. Let’s say 2 on average.

A lure would increase bats by 1000%. I wonder if that’s actually 1000% increase or a 10x increase (which would only be 900% increase).

Increase Bats
Normal 2
100% 4
200% 6
300% 8
400% 10
500% 12
600% 14
700% 16
800% 18
900% 20
1000% 22

So rather than one flask giving me 2 seadragons and maybe 10 coins, I now would get 22. If one flasks is worth 10 coins to me, that means a lure for one flask is now worth over 100 coins. Since it costs 300 gems to get a single hero pull, it could essentially be worth paying upwards of 300 gems for the lure as I can replace that gem cost with a pull. Add in multiple days of use and it could be worth more gems.

This all assumes we could use gems to purchase which may not be likely.


0.6% = 3 heroes = 0.2% specific hero.
Am I missing something?

At the moment they “sell” those lure thing together with 10 flasks and 120 loot tickets.

And the hidden enemies are restricted with 75 enemies per event (if you buy it, if not there are less enemies available)

So if someone buys this, they don’t even need to use all tickets and depending on how much We they have not all flasks.

I reached the max enemies with 80 tickets and 4 flasks.

Some data was already collected, and it seems this gives you around 3 pulls.

Depending on the price it could be better buying the 5€ =5 pulls deal if you are only interested in getting coins…


I’m not a spender - except the occasional Google Play credit - but this is what I was thinking. You buy lure, then you buy WE flasks, and then - because of the shielding thing - you buy loot tickets. By that time, why not just save yourself the trouble and buy coins/gems outright? There’s no increased loot, so what’s the advantage of taking the time to farm this garbage? Are you that fired up about the avatar missions? Are there that many people who think they must buy all the things?


Agreed, the time/resources/effort seem not worth it if the offer that contains Lure is over €3.

If the rare enemy cap is increased or removed it gets a lot more interesting.

With an uncapped rare enemy and a personal max of 42WE flags, using 35 WE flasks and all the WE during the 4 day event you can expect a little over 10 summons. This does translate into 682 replays if you choose a 3 WE stage.

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Hooray for the discounted WE. That’s a plus.

Currently no idea which stage in S4 is good or better for a particular item, apart from the guide in Inventory. So I wouldn’t know where to start to farm in S4, unlike S2 and S3.

Perhaps someone will put together a list like that for S2 and S3.

Would I farm heavily to get those Bats, given my constraints :point_up:, unlikely.

Maybe use up regular WE, no flasking. With minimal expectations.


Sorry, these numbers where for Valhalla Forever.
I have updated the OP with the chances.

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It is no AR, but reduced world energy is still useful. As a player who has not completed all the missions for S4 (the ones which get you a handful of gems and some avatars), I will slowly complete them every time this comes up. I won’t get many bats, but again, it is better than nothing. I wasn’t expecting anything special, so I’m not disappointed by this. As for the P2P bonus: I don’t mind this too much. It is much less of a kick to the teeth of F2P players than the 25 levels in NT and MT which you have to buy to play.

I’d also point out that although this and VF may not be much when it comes to farming. VF was a really helpful catch up feature when I was new to the game. It gave me a chance to work through the Valhalla stages for much lower WE cost and eventually catch up to now have S1-4 all complete. I probably wouldn’t have bothered otherwise.


Two Beta Testers already did some testing for farming with and without Underwild Monster Lure.

Here is what is their finding:


Wow-as an F2P player this is kind of depressing. I hope they don’t clear the calendar for these dates because this is definitely not worth running.


I was expecting something similar to VF, I wasn’t expecting the lure thing.
Basically, I have almost 0 interest in VF, as I already finished S3 and I don’t farm for missions (doing several times the same stages for 5 gems it’s not worth my time, and I’m not interested in avatar), so I spent WE in S3 stages only if I have no other options, and I never spend flask or loot tickets, as AR is more valuable.
And like the above, this tremors are unappealing to me, as I finished S4. I can’t see myself doing same stage 360 times (almost like the entire S4 normal stages, lol), just to rack up enough coin for a pull, and being rewarded with a brand new Dawa. I’m totally skipping this.

However… it will be REALLY insulting if the lure will be purchasable ONLY with money and not with gems.


It will be most like purchasable with money only as loot tickets as I recall are not buyable with gems only just with money, especailly this much of them.

The other two offers for Day 1 are placeholders in Beta and we can “purchase” 1 Gem in them.
These two 1 Gem offers have “Free for Beta” caption, while this other Monster Lure offer has got “Free” text when you try to buy it. I am unsure what is the reason for this difference.


Typical, low effort, Valhalla Forever replica. Nothing exciting about it, and unsurprisingly farming for the (trash) rare enemies is locked behind a paywall like the rest of the game. $G simply don’t care anymore about anything but their next cashgrab portal.


Based on what you are getting for the lure, it’s probably going to be over $10. Distasteful, but I’m becoming calloused to the game’s poor choices making the players feel like they aren’t listened to.


As if people with money haven’t already had enough benefits… Maybe it’s me and my inner negativity but lately it looks to me that they just can’t do (almost) anything right. :man_shrugging:


Man I feel the same way about this. Underbelly feeling when I was reading the description of this event. So glad I stopped wasting my money on this game. Now only a couple more of these events and Im done playing this game as well. They’re sucking the fun out of it. At least, for me personally.