🧪 Early Information on Tower of Styx Event [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

Finally a tower I like and find interesting as it is a the moment … a little challenging, I like that.

No more curses on our heroes. Yay! That was a very annoying and frustrating thing for a lot of players who don’t have a very deep roster to choose from. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And the best part, there are only a total of 50 floors with 50 tower flags. :star_struck: I’ve never liked the idea of having the other Towers Impossible floors behind a paywall and never bought the flasks to finish them.

I’m excited about this event. :hugs:


Wouldn’t this event be more appropriate as a descent to Hades and not an ascent of a tower? Styx was a river in the underworld. Just my 2 cents!


Here’s what I’ve learned making it through the 25 normal levels:
1 I made it through with my f2p roster (didn’t use beta heroes on purpose) and minimal item usage (occasional minor mana pots)
2 I was able to autoplay the first 8 stages
3 I went in thinking defense down would be a no go as it would be too risky. It may work 90% of the time but one bad reflect could wipe you out. That was wrong. What I realized as of stage 20 is I could bring a defense down hero and then also bring a cleanser to follow up the defense down hero. It messes up some teams and it requires timing but it was well worth it.
4 the first wave is the hardest part of the fight. Early slash attacks before you can get going and the poison have cost me heroes in other towers. Now add these the souls that can take away more than 50% if your hp and you can easily lose a hero quickly. I’ll be making revive scrolls an item priority along with minor mana pots and bombs just in case I play haphazardly.
5 the bosses themselves haven’t been tough but have been a grind. There are some healers here which slows the gameplay down while keeping my heroes alive. It could also be because I’m using top heroes on normal 25 where I normally save them for impossible levels
6 I got more value out of snipers in early levels. I tried the usual hit all heroes at first, but when there are only two bosses it went better when I used snipers. If you have better hit three heroes this may not apply.


After reading more carefully it does appear that the levels descend rather than ascend making it an anti-tower. BRAVO for keeping the mythology correct!

Any news when the event is going to be introduced?

There is no official information about it, but I am expecting it in August, but we will still whether Staff confirms it or not in 17 days.

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Are you expecting a CoK → Styx → Ninja → Magic rotation or a reset with another CoK in September?

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I am expecting these:

  • August: Styx Tower
  • September: Tower of Magic
  • October: Clash of Knights
  • November: Ninja Tower
  • December: Styx Tower

Unless a new Tower Festival event is added which combines the Ninja Tower and Tower of Magic.

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Let’s hope the towers don’t merge, I mean, the less CoKs, the merrier.

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I didn’t think I’d ever say that, but yes, give us towers please. Anything but CoK.

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I am expecting this on the other hand:

  • 27 July: Ninja
  • 24 Aug: Magic
  • 21 Sep: Styx
  • 19 Oct: CoK
  • 16 Nov: Ninja again (new cycle)

The rotation being Ninja → Magic → Styx → CoK.
We are already getting CF2 as new content (with new heroes) in August.


Will there be Styx troops ?

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So far we have not seen them, but the Magic Troops arrived to the live game without any Beta testing.
So we will see if they will be added or not.


I have adjusted the OP with the latest changes.

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The event is already in the game.
You can discuss it here: