🧪 Early Information on Titanium Shield Balance Update [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

This is a strange nerf. First, this item is already expensive to craft, thus people can’t consistently use it. Second, it doesn’t affect PvP at all and no one has ever complained about it.

So what if people get high titan scores and better loot? This game isn’t exactly generous when it comes to loot anyway


My point was, both items potentially, did not work as they were intended. Never implied they were the same :woman_facepalming:.

There are 2 kind of bugs:

  • Causing error in the game.
  • Do not work as intended.

From SG’s perspective, this item is a bug.

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I find it difficult to understand the point of the Hunters Lodge, Alchemy Lab and soon to be Hero Academy. It is for late game players and yet none of the features included in the buildings actually help late game players.

Spending countless weeks and resources to level them just to get mostly useless stuff and one of the few things that people seemed to actually use is about to be nerfed to be basically useless.

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Just luxury but rarely used building.

Beta Update

Titanium Shields have been updated again in Beta, and now read:

The target and nearby Heroes reflect status effects from Special Skills and 100% of the damage back to the attacker for 4 turns. Heroes with lower rarity reflect less damage.

This item can be crafted in the Hunter’s Lodge.

This effectively returns Titanium Shields to their previous general functionality, while reducing the damage done by using lower rarity Heroes.

The former tested change has been eliminated as part of this update:

I’ve updated the top post of this thread accordingly.




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See, they specifically don’t want to have people kill 14* titans with feeders.

I wonder what the “less damage” is in practice though.


I think they capped damage by hero’s health. So, Backslash from Telluria will result 1500 damage, and from Aife - 200 damage.

But I am not a tester, this is just speculation.

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in theory … I could use unleveled 5*s and still deal massive damage, correct? I don’t think players lose much with this version.


Do you or other beta tester have any guess about what this mean ?
How much percent of the damage is reflected for 1, 2, 3, 4 star heroes ?

This change seems more fair to mee. At least it is more understandable and fair balancement. However the description is quite unclear

@zephyr1 -> sorry for direct mentioning, but I think this is a point to highlight to the staff:

This description is quite unclear. It is fine to keep as-is for the short description, but perhaps requires (more or less as harpoons) a question mark with the details of what it means in detail. For example: 5*, Reflects 100% , 4 * Reflects 100% , 3* Reflects 90%, … (or similar).
Note: I think that also 4* should reflect 100%… not sure about 3* percentage. 2* and 1* can be a lower ratio.

Such a tooltip doesn’t exist in Beta currently, but I had a moment to test now, and this is what I found in practice:

Rarity Reflection %
1* 20%
2* 40%
3* 60%
4* 80%
5* 100%

I’ve added that to the top post of this thread.


It turned out not to work this way, it’s just a different percentage per Rarity.

So that change makes it unambiguous. Their intent is solely focused on the Titan tactic. Utter BS.

WHO CARES? These are too expensive to bother nerfing. We found a way to make a good item great, leave it alone.


So it looks like 1.1 5* are the way to go. If only ascension items were more rare and I wasn’t able to ascend all my 5* immediately. Oh wait…:smile:


I hope it is now evident to everyone, the unintended consequences of using this forum (and or Facebook and other public fora) to show off, or brag, or perhaps even just innocently and without ego [yeah right] just trying to be lovely and helpful to all the community in the warmest and fuzziest way…

When you show off that you’ve discovered something, and you post about it publicly, and it takes off as an exploit that then more and more people begin to use, then…

Once the developers get wind of what’s going on - they will snuff it out.

If you’d have kept your discoveries quiet, you and your alliances - whomever was inspired enough to discover the technique - could have enjoyed a competitive advantage quietly and peacefully. You could be killing higher titans easier than you otherwise might, and killing rare titans easier than you otherwise might.

But because players are so quick to show off to the whole community about something they’ve found out how to do - well, now you see what can happen.

Keep it secret.

Keep it safe.


nothing is forever i guess
The game is in intensive care and the programmers apparently want to take away the oxygen and let it die

Now that’s some modern thinking :brain:


They will now snuff this out too…


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