🧪 Early Information on Titanium Shield Balance Update [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

exactly, my alliance is fighting 12/13* titan, we can barely craft 1 titan shield every 2 days in average, its not like the game is giving us 10 titan shell & beak per killed titan.

dont understand why sg even bother with that, cmon guys are you really so greedy, you only see profit and money everywhere


Still really interested to find out where SG is headed, no action, big action, or somewhere in between.
I’m pulling for no action personally.

And whoever it was that thought there were only two reasons why these would come under scrutiny should read the thread that asked if people’s alliances allowed use of titanium shields. That thread was maybe one week before this got announced that is was in beta.


After Vela and Telluria, another stupid decision.
My god.


it is no longer a strategy game. it is “pay up and hope we wont nerf what you paid for” game.
I remember a time when I was looking at the raid defense team and think of who I could bring to counter the enemy specials. that all went out the window when they started introducing heroes with undispellable special effects.
obviously, they are not the TC20 kind of heroes :wink:


Were players getting too many ascension mats by using these shields or what happened lol.

Sometimes I don’t understand the thought process of our game devs. It’s like they don’t play E&P at all.

I agree with the guy who said this: Why change something that wasn’t even broken?


They were Zocced (got hit by Zocc).

And they say: if there isn’t anything broken, lets break something.


cmon SG, dont make another stupid and pointless change to this item, we can rarely use it, its not like every alliance are using titanium shield to beat their titan everyday, we can barely craft 1 shield every 2 days, there is absolutely no needs to nerf it


@petri is there a light you can shine on this subject?
Why are you thinking of changing the titanium shields?
The amount of mats needed to make them is already pretty steep and the impact on the game is marginal (imo at least). So I am really wondering why this being tested to be changed.


Pretty sure a titanium shield is only 150 gems in the store. At most 250.

I agree. I think players are more confused than angry at this proposed change. If SG could let us know the reason, that would calm a lot of things down.

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I always suspected Alfrike as final Valhalla boss given by his powers. I lack mana control heroes, so the best solutions would have been time stops and titanium shields. Just imagine the 5 cubes back to this guy and all the ailments

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Anything more in this @zephyr1?
Any feedback that you can share from the beta players? Response here seems in favor of keeping them as is for the most part. Curious if that’s the same feedback that the beta players are leaning.

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Nothing new to report in Beta, this same change is still in effect.

They’ve acknowledged the feedback, and are discussing it.

I would say that seems to be the majority opinion in Beta as well.

Here’s what I posted, which has seemed to resonate with others:


This is stupid the Shields were fines the way they were

That’s a pretty solid report, thank you.

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Thank you @zephyr1

I vote you for Overlord :crown:


I am getting tired of people saying that you can fight with an unlevelled team a 13* Titan and the shield must be nerfed. Consider the fact that you need some good teams to reach 13* Titans and using unlevelled Heros is more a joke of Tier1 players. You will hardly be able to craft the items due to ressurces if you are lvl 20ish. So beginning with Ver 30 we consider this item as useless as a ventilator in a wind channel. So we will use our resources for other purposes. To make it clear: for me, the change is unnecessary and reduces the fun.


Seems clear that nobody want this shield to be nerfed, hope SG will listen the players…

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I never advocated for the shield to be nerfed but i understand why it is

It was a pretty broken tool mechanics wise

I mean i get it not many see something is broken when players are taking 3 1* heroes to titans but to me it screams somethin isn’t right

Just never bothered to mention it and never expected devs to fix it

If you cant do decent damage on a titan without exploiting a broken item, probly best to drop down a league


At first, upon reading the description, I thought it only reflect special skill.

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