🧪 Early Information on the UPDATED Third & Fourth Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v30]

I apparently play this game for much different reasons than everyone else. So be it.

300 Atlantis coins and 2 ETT’s are NOT significant, in my mind. That’s piddly-squat actually, compared to what it could be.

Anyway, I’m done with this conversation. I’m apparently a zebra in a herd of horses, and all I want is a decent chance at emblems and 4* mats.


There is a plenty of unfarmable ascension mats also. You just do not see them in Missions screen.


Oooohhh??? Well… that makes an absolutely huge difference, definitely. Nothing, anywhere, on the wiki, that I’ve found, said anything about this.

Thank you, very much, for posting this. Seriously, thank you. (Unfarmable ascension mats FTW!)

Yup. If you complete Season 2 Normal and Hard you end up with a full set of 3* and 4* ascension mats. Very worth it.


That’s freaking amazing. Talk about significant, heh!

Now, I’d love to get my hands on an infographic about suggested team power for S2 norm/hard end-boss fights. I would guess I’ve got a decent set of heros, but want to make sure.

Thanks, again, to @rilian and @StephenNap89 for the info!

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Not an infographic, but this post has a lot of discussion about how different players beat stages, as well as a list of all the mats you get for completing it


Ooooooooh! They should do a raid harvester.! Double food and iron earned for winning raids. Now that will be an amazing prize!


That’s why I mentioned it. I know I saw it on some wiki several months ago, but I stopped relying on the wikis (they tend to be quite far behind) and use the forum instead. I don’t know how easy/hard it is to find that info here. But I’ve seen it mentioned in threads on how to beat the last stage.

I have a F2P account as well, and it’s 3 levels away from normal end. To be “terribly unlucky” would be way, way down the bell curve given a year of TC20. And you don’t even need 5 star heroes to beat hard mode. Fours with enough emblems are sufficient.

Even my F2P account that’s completely stuck due to fine gloves is unlikely to be in that situation for another 9 months. At worst I’m guaranteed a pair every 2.5 months from rare quests.

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Normal Mode Rewards

Hard Mode Rewards

But definitely worth completing if you can .

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There is one big issue with the Level Troops daily that I didn’t see mentioned above (if I missed it, apologies): this daily may be impossible to complete if one is improving their barracks as every level of improvement above level 1 requires more than 1 day to complete and any level above 5 requires multiple days, and as far as I know you are only allowed to have one barracks. This means that if you don’t want to sacrifice this daily, which will likely be quite important to most lower-level and many F2P/vC2P players you will need to do any barracks improvement in the narrow window between POV iterations. This is especially true if they intend to require players to be in the highest possible raid arena for an extended period of time to finish one of the major challenge categories (effectively there can only be a relatively small number of people in that arena at any given time, in general when someone moves in someone is probably being bumped out).


Depends on the 4*s. Depends on access to emblems and ability to win them. Also, it really depends on how much time you can dedicate to the game everyday.

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Isn’t the requirement to reach S3 is province 15 of S2, you just need one more province.

I am F2P, been playing for 19 months but have completed all hard stages of S3 that is available.

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Sooo you are saying you need lucky pulls got it smh

Only TC heroes here. No lucky summons, just run your TC20 and it will get you your Rigard, Boril, Vivica, Kiril and Wu.

That still requires luck, my tc 20 only gives me 3 stars

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Look, I’m under the presumption that anyone that cares enough about POV to post here has the time to play daily. Seems like a reasonable assumption.

From that, I will absolutely stand by what I’ve said on the matter. 18 months is easily long enough to get the heroes, mater, and emblems to beat S2 hard.

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I believe in being sympathetic to those, who struggle. A good rule to follow: Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Another good rule: Assume nothing.


not sure if this has been covered above. but i thought perhaps having the trainer heroes match the element of the HoTM could be a good idea. I notice that in PoV II, it was red trainers heroes all the way (was there a particular reason? just trying to understand the purpose behind it).
Since PoV is across 2 months, perhaps the trainer heroes could be a mix of the element of the current HoTM and the upcoming HoTM. :slight_smile:

Everyone is likely overthinking the troop levelling. You’ll probably just need to feed a troop to another troop.

Get two 1* troops from 8-7 or silver tokens, feed one to another, bam, quest done.

We need more duck missions. Double-tap 6 ducks. Scatter a flock. Scare the eggs out of 2 ducks.

And… Slay a dragon above the castle (tip: tap. a lot)