🧪 Early Information on the UPDATED Third & Fourth Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v30]

Everyone is likely overthinking the troop levelling. You’ll probably just need to feed a troop to another troop.

Get two 1* troops from 8-7 or silver tokens, feed one to another, bam, quest done.

We need more duck missions. Double-tap 6 ducks. Scatter a flock. Scare the eggs out of 2 ducks.

And… Slay a dragon above the castle (tip: tap. a lot)

Well, you do know what they say about ASSuming right?

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It would have been nice if they did different color trainers on the free and pay side. I suppose they consider themselves locked in now.

Yes i think so too! Then there’s more incentive for people to get the Valor Pass (which I feel is really worth it!)

Beta Update

Path of Valor has returned to Beta, with two changes noted in the Build Notes:

  • Added new Daily Mission: Use Troops in Training

  • Adjusted the rewards for the Complete Daily Challenges and Level Up Your Heroes missions

The Troops Daily Challenge seems to just be a language clarification, as the previous version also only required using a Troop as a feeder in Training, not actually achieving a whole level up, just like how that’s always worked for Level Up Heroes in the Daily Challenges.

I notice that the Valor Points awarded for the first tier of Complete Daily Challenges have been increased, but I am unlikely to have sufficient time during Beta to fully complete and document the tiers. Other testers have been working on that, however, so information will likely be available by the time this goes live.

We’re still working on confirming that these changes will be present in the Third Path of Valor starting next week — that’s what we’ve heard from the Small Giant Staff, but they’re working on confirming that.


Maybe they’re trying to force us to use the specific element summoning TCs but that doesn’t work for most of us that have our TCs full for days.

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Check the countdown on the greyed out POV icon in game., It clearly shows we’re starting back up this Monday.

This is a good clarification, but unfortunately it doesn’t address the issue that I pointed out above, namely, the fact that if you upgrade your barracks during POV you are risking not being able to complete this daily challenge if it comes up during the upgrade period because of the day(s)+ upgrade times at all levels.
I realize it’s “just” a daily, but for a lot of players those dailies are critical ($$ to getting to a point where we might consider buying a valor pass $$) because some of the larger challenges just aren’t feasible.

If it’s only use Troop in Training regardless to level up or not our troop then I am fine with that.

Cause once again if the Daily Challenge is to lvl up troop it’s too much again.
And waste of our resource even when you only lvl up 1 star troop.

Which I have counted on my post (number 39) how much we lost the exp to lvl up our 4 star troop if we have to Lvl Up troop just to finish daily challenge.

I think… when you feed a 1* troop to a 3* troop, irrespective of whether the 3* troop’s level increases (say from L9 to L10) or not, it still counts as levelling.

At least this is how “leveling up” challenges worked for heroes so far. Whenever “level up 5 heroes” challenge came up, I simply fed one 1* hero each to some of my unlevelled 4* heroes and the challenge was completed. No need to actually increase the level of each hero.

(Someone who has noticed the same in PoV, please feel free to chime in. Thanks!)

I guess that “level up” phrase is just a translation error.

Hope this helps!


Beta Update

We’ve heard back from the Small Giant Staff that the Valor Challenges currently in Beta will NOT be in the next (third) Path of Valor.

However, the new Daily Challenges will be added to Path of Valor when Version 30 releases. This won’t be in time for the start of the third Path of Valor, but will be during it.

And as usual, all of the new Valor and Daily Challenges are also still subject to change before release.


THIS. Compasses are my roadblock, I know others have gloves as their roadblock. The drop rates on these need to be boosted or a more reliable source for them than the odd Farholme Pass quest. I don’t even mean dramatically, but proportionally so that they aren’t ALWAYS the rate-limiting factor.

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I currently have 11 compasses and 1 pair of fine gloves. I’m not even thrilled when I get compasses any longer

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I have 6 gloves, 1 compass… :slight_smile:

My tomes/damascus blades are surprisingly balanced (6 blades 4 tomes), but I am just starting to get the 5* that need them. I’ll be way ahead of the curve I think.

To each their own…


You actually get a lot more than that for beating S2, it’s just not listed. There’s unfarmable ascension materials included.

FWIW I have an alliance mate who joined over 600 days ago and is level 28. Not everyone plays daily.

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The text used to be the same.

They fixed this bug due to the diligence of the RCT.

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I think giving us the freedom of choice in AM reward from PoV would be great.


Beta Update

Beta has closed with staff indicating that Version 30 Beta Testing is now complete.

Version 31 of Beta Testing is indicated to open later in the week so stay tuned to the #beta-beat category for new updates :slight_smile:

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