🧪 Early information on the September 2022 HOTM -- Grace [Part of The Beta Beat V49]

I would prefer hit 3 green hero as well, especially one who is dmg dealer primarily like Grace

Of course. Evelyn + 2 hit threes are god-tier. One of my best war teams.

Thx, I have fixed the OP.

Why there is a second “Nature” in the bracket ?

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The second should to be Green. I have fixed it.

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I agree with this one.
Maybe instead of blocking taunt…
They can put ailments that steal the taunt if the taunters use their skill. (Bit similar with Mad Hatter bit in different way)
But once again it’s not really that necessary when you combo this with Evelyn and other 3 Hit green or Frigg. 8/7 tiles 3 enemies will just die eventually.

[-34% to target and nearby against special skills is neglible. Barely registers]

Think it’s not bad in my opinion

I don’t understand why they want to keep this anti taunt skill when previous ailments do more than this already. It is such a redundant skill, it makes beta Hypnos look lame. Thank goodness he gets revised to the better inhibitor skill

I would get her to be AOE with 220% damage. And like Russel who has a first skill to ignore dodge, her skill ignores the effects of taunt, she would be so much more practical.
And she doesn’t contradict her passive because of that. If she inhibits taunt, she can’t gain extra mana, what’s the point of her passive that only works half the time?
Something tells me the Devs didn’t think this through enough


The stats are actually really good. 800+ for attack and defence, I don’t think a lot of heroes reach 800 for both, let alone a hotm

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These are already limit broken stats @Tidyup

But then what’s the not lb stats?

Should be around
Attack: 756
Defense: 768
HP: 1444
Without LB

There are just guesses about that as we have not seen 4/80 stats without LB in Beta.

You All forgot the Field blocking.
I already have Zagrog and Kara…
And i have no one field blocker…
So at fast speed and pair her with one of them
(Most likely Zagrog) would be very useful after 2023 against many enemies.
Her attack damage is not bad either…
SG started spreading the minions…now the Fields.
And fields are way more annoying!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Fields are the worst! I particularly hate this one:


Well, Iris already is a good taunt counter. Maybe even more useful than this.

  1. with emblems she has almost 1k attack (LBd of course)
  2. she is blue, so not weak against any of the existing taunters.

I like her damage part of the special skill… 285% at fast speed for target and nearby. Thats pretty good IMO!
Elradir and Devana deal 255% at average speed.
The rest of the special skill is extra and nice to have.

Wouldn’t mind her on my team for sure!

Grace is special defence down

Ohh I missed that! Thanks for clearing this up. Makes sense now. I will edit my post above :smiley:

Quite nice hero for regular folk. Would be good edition to my poor green hero roster. Happy with my frigga and kingston but its been literally years since i pulled anything green…:smile: