🧪 Early information on the September 2022 HOTM -- Grace [Part of The Beta Beat V49]

Yes and no. C Leo+Faline isn’t enough to kill 3 heroes. C White Rabbit would work as well, but I don’t have him.

This is absolutely true in a lot of situations, especially 4* raid tourneys where I can’t bring c Leonidas nor Faline.

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How are the changes I suggested a nerf? It’s a way to diversify heroes being released. Do you believe that a fast AoE that drops def to special skills BEFORE hitting the same type damage that Morel does on his first charge and that’s only if there isn’t a taunt active. Did you read my suggestions at all?

I did. It is a significant nerf if a taunt isn’t active. Now, she’d no doubt become a menace when a taunt is active.

You didn’t mention that you wanted the effects’ order changed either. As it is, the DD comes after the damage.

And Morel does 210% damage to all on his first charge, not 180%.

I’d rather have an unconditional 285% to 3, but it’s just a personal opinion.


I didn’t think I had to specify the order the special fires when I rewrote it, I thought it was understood.

With the changes I made, you can pair her well with other subpar AoE heroes that hit all and cause tremendous amount of damage when a taunter isn’t present.

With her dropping -20% def to special skills before she applies her own damage is comparable to Morel’s first charge, but she’d do it EVERY time she fires.

My changes make her different, but it isn’t a nerf.

The hero as-is won’t stop whales from chasing or using Quenell, Quenell is still noticeably better if you know how to use her well. Nor will those with Quenell be uninterested in this hero as-is. So the money argument is a useless reason to call for any changes, this hero isn’t going to change whale behavior.

Case in point, I have Quenell, and it could be the case that a hit from Grace followed up by one from Quenell makes for a great 1-2 punch. Quenell’s first hit isn’t the amazing one, so an assist from Grace certainly might help with that. So even unchanged I’d still want to pull Grace just to experiment and see what I can do with her.

Grace by herself isn’t terribly impressive, certainly not OP, but there is some potential some interesting synergies I wouldn’t mind experimenting with.


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I like her… I need fast hit-3 green heroes to pair with Almur… I don’t have Evelyn as I joined the game late. Almur’s hit is really weak so need heavy hitters to follow up in order to deal the damage.

I don’t have any of the elite fast hit 3 or all nature heroes like Quenell, El Naddaha, Frigg. So Grace will be welcomed in my roster.

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a little bit too good for a HOTM.
the non-dmg spell effects are very useful. I won’t be surprised if the dmg receive a nerf prior to release

What do you think about pairing her with Silvaria? -34% to SS, then -34% to general def and hit 350%. And Silv is slower, so there is good chance that Grace will hit next time width DD still active and +10% attack from EL.

Yeah, if the DD is applied before the hit, fair enough. It would make her a totally different hero than what she is now though - and I’d still prefer her current form - so I can’t see it happening.

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With all the fast hit three green heroes that exist, plus the one’s coming out, I don’t know why everyone wants another one.

Its better this way.

Her special for def down only for special skills makes it, that you can stack normal defense down on top of special defense down.

Dont change her skillset SG, if anything, just change values.

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For you. I prefer to bring an efficient team. To bring yet another general or elemental DD to augment her SS DD is not efficient.

Perhaps your roster is sufficiently robust that you have more than enough options to choose from: as in that 2nd GDD hero also has SS that adds value to the attack team.

I don’t. To me using this HOTM will be just as limiting as using Silvaria. Yes, I have Silvaria. She’s still at 1.01.

Bisides Quenell you have Al Naddaha. This HOTM is just good addition for the hitting three.
I have a pair of Quenell. And would like to get this hero to make one more green hitting three

Will she be an amazing Grace?

Hatter (granted he’s average)
Silvaria (average)
Then two new, green Kalevala both fast hit three.

Too many hit three green.

Make Grace hit all since Silvaria was just released this year as a hit three.

Bertilla (slow)
Cristobal (occasionally average to slow)
Horgall (slow)
Atomos (average and you’re welcome for that)

I may have forgotten a few, but you see the disparity here. A fast AoE green would be welcome and she’d be one of FOUR.

Silvaria and Grace actually work nicely together. Silvaria provides def down to three and Grace does the 3 dmg or you go grace first then Silvaria if you wish to take single target out :slight_smile:

Why you want hit all? Hit-3s are so much better. If it’s hit all, the dmg will be reduced and likely to sit in the bench on offense.

Hit three heroes can be useful, yes, but all AoE are good if not better. Once the tank is dead, hit three becomes hit two. Hit all, means HIT. ALL!

You have to judge a hero by offense first. Defense u just need 5 heroes and replace a hit-all with another hit-all wont do much difference. Offense you need 30 heroes and more for different pairings.

Btw, hit all sucks at offense. Because they cant confirm kill, unless you’re using all avg or slow heroes. You’d want to pair fast hit-3s that guarantee kill.