🧪 Early information on the September 2021 HOTM -- Alexandrine

I am not advocating, that she is the next best thing.

I am saying, her accuracy decrease on defense ability probably works better than her crit on offense.

On other hand, there might be some crit blue hero in future, with whom you can achieve 100% crit chance having Alexandrine together.

Do I think she is worth the mats on average? No… Emblemed Kiril+ potentially limit break + costume is less expensive while achieving better results quite often

Why do I have to be afraid of average speed flank sabotaging my puzzle damage? By the time I deal with her the red tank would have died giving me space for ghosting to activate skill. By that time I am not rellying on puzzle damage anymore. I am not a mono user who dependent on puzzle damage anyway.

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Exactly. My original comment was about her usefulness against titans, so mana speed isn’t that big of a factor since you can use mana potions, and there’s no way I would ever give her emblems. I have too many other heroes waiting for those emblems, and I definitely wouldn’t limit break her. Maybe others would, but the phrase “form me” in my original comment is kinda important.

So I don’t see this addressed in any of the newer posts, but isn’t it guaranteed 18% + up to 42% tile bonus, making it a grand total of 60% on a full blue board?

A 39% heal on 7 tiles is nothing to scoff at. Next to a green tank, she’ll work wonders.

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I have several questions but I will never argue with anyone who has the patience to write down a detailed analysis, even if I disagree.

Thank you, well written.

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That’s a great question. I’ve always read it as the max heal is 42% not the additional heal. I also forgot her initial heal was buffed from 10% to 18% which is very helpful.

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But I already promised something :sweat_smile::

I already collected some data but only from 3 flags though I fail to get Grimm debuff into the mix for comparison…

The total attack of my blue heroes (including troops) is 3628. The average puzzle damage (non-crit, no buff, no combo bonus) is 529.5. Based on new damage formula from @Zack I concluded that the red titan defense is around 644.

Based on the formula, I create a comparison table:

Calculation Normal Tile Jott Tile Increase
None 529 899 69.86%
Critical 794 1348 69.86%
Frida 892 1478 65.70%
Wu Kong 1598 1967 23.14%
Wukong + Frida 2585 3170 22.65%

Nb: I don’t count all possible combination, I only count the combination that I have actual damage data for comparison.

As there might be an accuracy issue of the formula, I also put observed data:

Observation Normal Tile Jott Tile Increase
None 529.50 874.67 65.19%
Critical 789 1272 61.22%
Frida 845 1330 57.40%
Wu Kong 1556 1996 28.28%
Wukong + Frida 2408 2986 24.00%

Nb: all data taken from puzzle without combo bonus.

So that is not true as that means Jott tile will only have flat 264% while normal tile have 200% which means Jott tile only have (264% / 200%) - 1 = 32% more damage than normal tile.

In reality, the effective damage increase caused Jott is different depending on the existing buff. If there is no buff, Jott tile will have more 60-70% damage compared to normal tile. If there is only Frida’s debuff, Jott tile will have around 60% more damage than normal tile. If there is only Wu Kong’s buff, Jott tile will have around 23-28% more damage than normal tile. If there are both Frida’s debuff and Wu Kong’s buff, Joot tile will have around 22-24% more damage than normal tile.

Based on those, we can see patterns:

  • The more the resultant attack stat, the less Jott tile have advantage over normal tile.
  • The less the titan’s defense, the less Jott tile have advantage over normal tile.

Without Alexandrine, it is 200% (ice to fire), after Alexandrine, it because 254% on average. That means Alexandrine cause (254% / 200%) - 1 = 27% increase.

However, if without Alexandrine the team already have 10% crit, it means before Alexandrine it already crit 10% so the damage (with elemental type bonus) is 200% damage 90% of the time and 300% damage 10% of the time which on average it result in ((200% × 90%) + (300% × 10%)) / 100% = 210%. While with addition of Alexandrine, it become 200% damage 36% of the time and 300% damage 64% of the time which on average it result in ((200% × 36%) + (300% × 64%)) / 100% = 264%. This means Alexandrine effectively increase it by (264% / 210%) - 1 = 25.7%. If the team already have 20% crit before Alexadrine, it will only result in (274% / 220%) - 1 = 24.5%.

So the pattern is, the more critical chance the team have pre-Alexandrine, the less effective the presence of Alexandrine will be.

Based on those patterns, I conclude that:

  • Alexandrine is better in mono team with Miki while Jott is better in team that lack Miki to go mono. This is because mono have higher total attack stat and Miki have cap on the stack.
  • Jott is better in team with high critical chance while Alexandrine is better in team with low critical chance.
  • Jott is better if you don’t want to waste much items to activate other buff/debuff while Alexandrine is better if you are prepared to use a lot of items to activate other buff/debuff.
  • Jott is better in titan with high defense while Alexandrine is better in titan with low defense.

I might have missed this, so apologies ahead, but have we determined that Alexandrine’s special does stack with Vela’s elemental link?

I also want to know whether Jott +64% will be capped when combined with Miki as Miki have +130% that can only be stacked up to +170% which means there is only room for another +40%.

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But they affect different things. Miki increases heores’ attack while Jott increases the attack of ice shields.

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True, but the same goes for Vela/Alexandrine.

Logically they should stack, but this game is rarely logical. In which case, how would an undispellable link interact with a tile buff?

But based on the observed value with Wu Kong, instead of in separate bracket like this:

((1 + 185%) × (1 + 64%))

The formula actually consider them as part of the same bracket like this:

(1 + 185% + 64%)

In Miki, this bracket is limited to (1 + 170%). As Miki already have +130%, the effect of Jott is limited to +40%.

i’ve been doing a little bit of testing with this question between Chakkoszrot and C. Rigard, and i also tested how the game stacks buffs with mana generation increases in the Slayers.

all of which is a long-winded opening way of saying, i’ve calculated that the buffs are multiplicative with the base healing but additive with other buffs.

your original question was how does her element link affect her innate healing upon receiving a status ailment. base heal is 10%, and the buff of the element link is 10%, so because buffs are multiplicate with the base healing, it’s an 11% heal.

if we add a level 11 mana troop that has 15% healing to her, then it works like this: base healing of 10%, element link of 10% bonus, mana troop of 15% bonus healing. buffs are additive with each other, so the element link plus mana troop bonus gives 25% bonus healing, so her innate ability would give her 12.5% health recovery.

going back to my Chakkoszrot and C. Rigard example: C. Rigard heals 609 HP over 3 turns, so 203 per turn. with Chakkoszrot’s element link of 10% bonus healing, the heal is now 223 HP per turn. add a level 11 mana troop and the 15% bonus to the element link for a total of 25% bonus healing, C. Rigard now heals for 253 HP per turn.

multiplicative with the effect it buffs, additive with other buffs.


He is extreme in healing if you get a good kombo (with a mono or 4-1 team)

Run them together, pretty sure they don’t overwrite.

Wrong - They Will :wink: They dont stack


Correct, they will overwrite each other.



This is so complex…
What I understand is ;
“After” Alexandrine casts her special, the present shields become ready to be altered.
Then if an ally (of Alexandrine) casts special, present shields are enhanced with +54% crit chance.
The crit damage will apply only to outgoing damage from the altered tiles -not the special attack itself-
If an enemy (of Alexandrine) casts special, present shields are weakened with -47% accuracy.
The inaccuracy will apply only to incoming damage from the altered tiles -not the special attack itself-
And these two effects do not overlap or override. it is dependant on who first uses the special following Alexandrine’s special.

could you please correct if any part is wrong.

If you use Alexandrine’s special skill, then the Ice shields will have 54% critical chance when you use them.
So you have 54% chance to do more damage than usual when you match these shields.

If the opponent’s Alexandrine uses her special skill, then the Ice shilds will have -47% accurancy on them when YOU use them.
So when you match these Ice shields, then you have 47% chance to do 0 damage.


Thanks for the response but I don’t think you are paying enough attention to what I’m trying to confirm.
It is not just like Jott’s or Ratawhatever’s mechanic.
The tiles require one more step to be charged with +crit or -accuracy, which is a special attack from ally or enemy. This is what complicates things…

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