🧪 Early information on the September 2021 HOTM -- Alexandrine

@yelnats_24 Literally one year?

From 1 January 2020 to 1 January 2021. I am planning to break that record because I am currently hoarding it for next year Springvale.

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Is that really how it’s interpreted? Because she isn’t really receiving a new status ailment each time she is attacked, although it does get renewed.

hoping for bunny customes I see :slight_smile:

I still wish Krampus for christmas

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I can see peeps with that kinda discipline. I saved from pulling Francine to the Easter event

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She has 0.5% chance to drop unlike others, who are at something like 0.33%, 0.2% or even less. So that balances it out. Kinda.

As for being another blue healer, well, the only full team blue 5* healer is Ariel, Raff and Rumple - the last is too unreliable though. Or is there someone else? Green has all revivers, Tarlak, LotL, the rat, Poison Ivy and Telluria, yellow has Viv, Delilah, Lidenbrock and Zuri, red had Anzogh (kinda), Grazul, Garnet, Puss in Boots and Emilio (also kinda) and purple has Kunch, MT, Aeron. So I find blue as weakest with healers. For reference, I counted all heroes with straight full team heal or HoT or direct boost or Lidenbrock.

Anyhow I am missing average speed healers barring Aeron (who is meh) and accuracy drop can be a big one so I would welcome her in my roster. Plus, she has normal name, not Eyjafjallajökull or something.

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@Nightmare2048 You forgot PiB for Reds. :wink:


True. Thanks, will fill him in.

Zulag and Ares are missing

Those two don’t heal full team, otherwise there would be also Guin etc.

I am just looking for a sheep and a wizard. I doubt they get costume.

I definitely don’t have that kind of discipline. :rofl:

i missed out on Bertila in January, so i stopped summoning (for the most part) for a while so i can amass all kinds of summoning materials. then i’ll unleash them until i get HotM, starting with Elradir because i really wanted him.

i used up EHTs on Sand Empire until i got Devana, whom i got pretty quickly, thankfully. still got Rana along the way! Alexandrine’s gonna be the same: gonna save my items after** i get Chakkoszrot, then unleash them again when Alexandrine’s available.

**if i get Chakkoszrot.

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Is she a useful hero for titan?

Do the crit tiles boost overall damage significantly?

Considering Greg is go-to hero on Eis Titans mainly for his Crit Boost (which is lower than for Alexandrine’s tiles), I’d say definitely. Should be around 2x damage, which if you stack blue, Miki, attack boost etc … well …

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Good to know!

Would be great to ger her just for titans alone. And would work well at 3/70

Would she replace jott?
Or is jott still better

It’s a toss up. I haven’t seen anyone do the official math.

Jott has a larger “buff” with 64% attack up. Alexandrine has 54% buff to crit. I’ll consider that essentially a 54% buff to attack. So jott wins this battle. Alexandrine will have better stats and will be average which gives her an edge.

For titans you probably value the healer more. But if you hit the weak spot you already get crit so no additional benefit.

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Tks for reply!
She may make a decent defender with the tile debuff.
Likewise on offence with heal and tile buff.

May be able to run both her and jott against titans
Alternate their specials/ tile buffs

And if they manage to mess it up and make a red tank hotm. It’s tellygate all over again

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