🧪 Early information on the September 2021 HOTM -- Alexandrine

So six heroes out of 100’s and that’s what’s supposed to change my mind?!?

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Oh yes, and Marie Therese also heals all :crazy_face:
The point is, you’re indirectly asking about 5* healers outside of green and blue. So know it alls (like me) are helping you state those healers
Bonus healer- red hood with her healing minions


Perhaps you should list all the “full team blue and green five star healers” and then compare to how many are in other colors.

It’s nowhere near what you claim. The only place it’s really lopsided is, in fact, 3s.

I never quantified an amount, nor do I have to. It’s my opinion, and there are a lot of blue green full healers, especially in meta. Just look at all the teams running around in the plus 2700 cup range with Heimdall or MN. The fact that green has three resurrect 5*s is absurd.

So your point is about ressurector, not simple healer?

Have you count how many Garnet?

Based on titanmafia.com, Garnet is present in 19.18% of top 100 team, she rank 7th in term of usage. MN or Heimdall, they are not even top 15 and their usage rate is not even 5%. Even Telluria, MN, and Heimdall combined is just around half of Garnet.


No my point is that most of the OP healers are from green and blue. And it’s much easier to get Garnet than those other three. Less diluted hero pull.

odin frigg karnov alexandrine Sudri will be new meta !!! oops just wait for 5star Sudri then every player just have to think hard to beat this…

The red one would be zenobia

that elemental link apply to first special cast? if not having that elemental link on a healer is pointless.

Which one is OP?

Telluria is the most available which was like a plague, not Garnet.

MN has less dillution with only 2 other 5* in the pull, her odds is 1.5%/3 = 0.5%

Meanwhile, Heimdall got featured regularly, when featured, his odds is 1%/3 = 0.33%

Garnet odds is 1%/5 = 0.2%

We also get a lot of free Valhalla Coins upon map completion and more monthly EHT than monthly Ninja Coin.

It is harder to get Garnet than Telluria or MN or Heimdall but Garnet is still overrepresented in top 100 compared to them.

Furthermore, the statistic is from top 100 who usually do not have trouble pulling desired heroes.


I thought this thread was all about Alexandrine. What’s up with the inane discussion about healers from other elements?

I like this hero. I’m glad she’s average and not fast. The meta doesn’t need more broken tile based heroes like Odin and Frigg.


Someone throw a fuss about Alexandrine being yet another blue healer.


I think MN is toughest to pull, as you get chance once a year compared to Valhalla every month and Ninja every alternate month.

Not for me because I am used to hoarding EHT for a year :rofl:


Her healing isn’t even better than Rigard/Melendor. Maybe need increasing on upper threshold.

He is much worse than 4* Healer.
Lol No Cleanse / Dispel whatsoever
What kind of Hotm is that? :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:
We don’t need alter shield, we already have Joot which is way better.

I don’t mind that the heal is not so much. But they should put more than just that. It’s too little for just 5 stars Hero

They should better put a Cleanse / Dispel

Then another Def Up and Atk Up 10% and more 4% base on the Blue Board until 42%.
Then he becomes 5 Star version of Kiril

Then we are talking :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

:o:Dezimates entire enemy team
:o:Set huge DEF down on all enemies easily
:black_circle:Mana speed: fast

:o:Dezimates half enemy team
:o:Set huge mana assist boost on all allies easily
:black_circle:Mana speed: fast

:o:Tries to heal.
:black_circle:Mana speed: average

Balance is all :raised_hands:t2::green_heart::sunflower:


I am concerned about her blue tile alteration on defense. At first it seemed good since it protects your heroes from damage but tiles that miss hampers your mana generation. I’d like to see it in play on defense teams. On offense, she’ll certainly have her place.

If she’s on your side and fires her skill, you get the crit boost, not the blind. Blind only applies if she’s on defence

Do missed tiles not generate mana?

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