🧪 Early information on the September 2021 HOTM -- Alexandrine

But it is just like Jott or Rat
Also like karnov

Well mechanic is similar. Actual shield effect is different.


The wording on the card seems to be where the confusion lies; howver, the mechanic works very much the same as Jott’s/Rat’s/Karnov’s:

Alexandrine’s special will alter the Crit chance on offense (your Alexandrine) , or Accuracy if on defense (when you attacking an opponent’s Alexandrine)

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I see, so it’s about whether Alexandrine is in an offense or defense team…


i suppose it makes sense that Alexandrine and Jott overwrite each other because, in this condition, tiles can only have one effect on them at a time (even though it would be cool to stack the two of them together on titan hits).

it doesn’t matter that defending Alexandrine does something different (accuracy down) than attacking Alexandrine (critical chance up). even though those are not directly opposing effects like attack up or attack down from Jott, the fact remains that only one tile effect can be in play at a time on a given tile. so if an Alexandrine is on both the attack and defense, the most recent tile effect will be from the Alexandrine that most recently fired; the same tile will never have both a chance for a critical hit and a chance to miss.


So … I put together the needed resources (food, feeders, mats) in anticipation of speeding leveling Alexandrine to at least 3.70 and possibly 4/80 in order to do one of my test-drive videos, but that scavenging of materials was based on beta-sharers indicating massive titan damage with Jott +Alexandrine.

As that is now not the case (hey, things change from beta), I am struggling to see a reason to level Alexandrivne at all as I am quite pleased with my +20 Jott.

As much as I love average 5* healers, I have 2X Ariels at 4/80 and a 3rd at 3/70. So, 3rd Ariel or can someone convince me of an unseen value in Alexandrine?

… I suppose the added healing + crit in a final Tower stage might be better than Jott’s boosted tiles.

But that is not a great reason to invest so much into one hero.

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i can’t say that this will convince you to use the mats, and even if i summon Alexandrine (which i hope to do), she’s still gonna be in line behind two others and also be waiting for 6 more scopes (my current 12 are spoken for).

my two main reasons for switching her in for Jott on my titan team (Gazelle, C. Kiril, Nordri–soon to be Frida, Magni) are speed and crit boost across multiple columns.

speed because Jott is never charged when everyone else is, and i’m already spending a bunch of mana pots to get and keep Gazelle charged, so i’m less inclined to spend them on Jott.

crit boost across multiple columns because on regular titan hits (and even Mythics for me because the weak spots more often than not are on the ends) it’s not very often i get an on-color match into the weak spot for critical damage. since i use mana troops for breakpoints and ninja troops for attack boosts, i’d much rather take the (+54% chance at) 1.5x damage that charges at the same time as the rest of the team.

not sure yet how she’ll fit into a war or raiding team, but i’d be excited to try her out in that setting eventually.

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A bit out of topic since you’re the first one that I hear of using Gazelle for titans. How does she compare with Wu? I am thinking of the fact that she does not misses, but also you cannot add any extra attack up to her 100%, while Wu has 185% attack up + regular attack up. How did you decide on her?

gazelle is better then wu, at lest for higher titans, she keep your heroes alive way longer becouse 1- doesnt miss tiles, so more stuns, and 2- 50% dmg reduction

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Even though the tile buff overwrite each other, as they have different speed, they can take turns buffing newly appeared tiles. Afterall, there is not much difference between the damage increase resulting from the 2 buffs.


I have very few 5* healers that are not slow so she is instant max in my case if I manage to land her. With at least 4 tiles on board when she’s charged - not that unusual - she heals 30% of max HP to all at average spreed, which is fine for me. Accuracy (de)buff on tile is just a nice bonus and useful for titans. Yes, all tiles hitting weak point will crit, but how many times you have tiles in that optimum configuration, and then there are diamonds. In my case she’ll replace Vela, as the only thing: attack debuff - can be replicated by axes.

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So basically similar to blue Ratatoskr but with less consistent healing.

Athena, Frida, Alexadrine, Jott, Miki DREAM TEAM for red titan.

alexandrine and jott overwrite each other effect

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It is okay as the speed is different, they can take turns so newer tiles can receive buff too. There is not much difference between the 2 anyway so some older tiles get overwritten is fine.


Oh I just read that they do overwrite each other. Since her attack stat is higher, I guess I’m ditching jott on titans then.

and shes also faster

I find that I hold back jott often if there isn’t a lot of blue tiles. But alexandrine is different as in I would not feel the need to hold her skill back to wait for more blue tiles. Crit is just not as important as attack buff. If her crit chance tiles can crit then it’s a bonus. but jott still is much better. Alexandrine was meant more for raids rather than titans. Pseudo titan killer imo


According to my calculation, the damage increase from both buff is almost equal.

If there is only few blue tiles and Jott is ready, just wait few more blue tiles, use the skil before matching the blue tiles. By this time, Alexandrine become ready while Jott is still not. When there is enough blue tiles again, use Alexandrine skill, match the blue tiles. Now Jott is ready while Alexandrine is still not. With only few blue tiles remaining, it is back at previous state so just repeat. This way, all tiles can be buffed while saving mana potions.

Has anyone in beta compare the average damage with:

  • Only Jott
  • Only Alexandrine
  • Both?
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While this may work, if the damage increase from both buffs is truly almost equal, then just bring one of them and another high tile dmg blue hero. Especially if you are using mana items.

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Yes, with a lot of mana items, only one is enough.

She is now arrived to the live game.

A new topic has been added for her:

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