🧪 Early information on the September 2021 HOTM -- Alexandrine

No, I think Alexandrine + x4 high attack heroes is enough. If you have 5 Alexandrine, Bera’s minion will “share” hit each Alexandrine and Alexandrine will not heal as much as 1 Alexandrine.

Alexandrine get’s 10% of health after every hit from Bera minion as it cause alignment. So Damage is 20 but she gains for example 180 so instead of gets damage she actually heals itself.

She is not direct counter, but as support to make allies more stay longer as a healer.

Here is one of sample Alex VS Bera.

Initial Realase

Alexandrine – 5* Ice / Blue - September 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) – Initial Release

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Lol can you imagine if her other passive is minion version of black Knight’s taunt where minions can only attack her and she protects her other allies.


It’s 20% as the minions give 2 ailments


Is this hero better with Miki while attacking titans. Jott increase the tiles by 64 % but with Miki only 50 since it can’t be more than 180%. This hero stack with Miki. I meen isn’t it better to use it with Miki and use kiril or Titan flag instead of jott

Miki gives attack bonus to heroes, Jott gives attack bonus to tiles. The two stack for the full extent.

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That’s two more than I have… :sob: :rofl:

Plenty of time left to summon Alexandrine tho… :crossed_fingers:


It is a reply of my comment above.

Practically as long as Bera lives and can spawn minions Alexandrine is almost untouchable on RAID attack. She gets back about 200 health for each minion hit, so heals fully in a turn or two.

There is amazing video showing (1) Alexandrine vs Odin, Bera, Costumed Cadilen, Morel.

Alexandrine survives almost until times runs out against 4 enemy heroes and since the attacking team was mono blue team the charged blue tiles even took 2 of the heroes. As soon as Bera was killed, there were not enough minion hits to sustain Alexandrine and it was soon over.

So I guess it is worth it to have Alexanrine and Devana on team against Bera. Perhaps Uraeus as well. May be a team 3:2 - blue : yellow

She is not exactly a Bera counter but as long as Bera lives Alexandrine almost never dies.

Aside from that Alexandrine is a bit of confusing hero because to be effective after she charges she needs more blue tile, so the special has to be delayed.

Generally amazing survivability against Bera, however:

if Alexandrine is on RAID defense, do not bring Bera in the RAID attack team
if Alexandrine is on RAIS attack, well she alone can not kill heroes fast so other heroes are needed.

Not sure 5 Alexanrine will do the trick as someone claims. Do not see the logic. And Bera better be a wing hero so to be the last to go and provide minions as long as possible. If Bera is tank then if tank gets killed first, no tank, no Bera, no minions and Alexandrine may not be healing fast enough…

She gets 360-400 for each minion hit. 2 status ailments per hit.

OK. Still if she is on defense who will bring Bera on attack?

If Alexandrine is on attack, then other blue heroes are needed to do the job, and take advantage of the enchanted blue tiles.

Besides if the time runs out the attacker looses.

I think it’s still fine when you are maybe facing Freya Tank with her as a Flank. As long as you bring Element Def down with a sniper. She will gone anyway.

She is much more useful in Offense. Probably pair her with Grimble would be great idea. Grimble can charge her without wasting too much Blue Tiles to have a great heal.
But the downside is that she doesn’t cleanse like any other Average Healers…

This is the main problem of this hero.

Great survivability against Bers, otherwise she is a bit of this a bit of that but not much anywhere.

Or at least it heavily depends on the board.

The problem with heavily board dependent heroes is that if the board is very good you would probably win anyway and if the board is bad they can not win the game for you.

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Why don’t Alexandrine and Jott stack?

That’s really only a question SG can answer.
It’s not much different from other buffs/effects not stacking. Tiles can only have one effect. It’s a solid way to provide a similar option without necessitating folks have both Jott and Alex.

There can be only one buff on tiles as per SG. As both enhances the tile they override each other, Trust me Alex’s buff on tiles is not as good as it is on papers. Jott is light years ahead

who deserve telescope alexandrine or russula? just curious…

Alexandrine, if you dont have ariel

Alexandrine is in the live game.
It can be discussed here: