🧪 Early information on the September 2021 HOTM -- Alexandrine

and shes also faster

I find that I hold back jott often if there isn’t a lot of blue tiles. But alexandrine is different as in I would not feel the need to hold her skill back to wait for more blue tiles. Crit is just not as important as attack buff. If her crit chance tiles can crit then it’s a bonus. but jott still is much better. Alexandrine was meant more for raids rather than titans. Pseudo titan killer imo


According to my calculation, the damage increase from both buff is almost equal.

If there is only few blue tiles and Jott is ready, just wait few more blue tiles, use the skil before matching the blue tiles. By this time, Alexandrine become ready while Jott is still not. When there is enough blue tiles again, use Alexandrine skill, match the blue tiles. Now Jott is ready while Alexandrine is still not. With only few blue tiles remaining, it is back at previous state so just repeat. This way, all tiles can be buffed while saving mana potions.

Has anyone in beta compare the average damage with:

  • Only Jott
  • Only Alexandrine
  • Both?
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While this may work, if the damage increase from both buffs is truly almost equal, then just bring one of them and another high tile dmg blue hero. Especially if you are using mana items.

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Yes, with a lot of mana items, only one is enough.

She is now arrived to the live game.

A new topic has been added for her:

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I’d for sure use her over Ranvir, if I had her. I have recently stopped using Ranvir for most of my titans and using a high attack on color hero instead. My overall scores probably are roughly the same but with a lot more consistency… and more importantly a lot less frustration.


Ranvir is one of heroes I regret to ascend, because I managed to land Miki two months after I did. Those misses are pain in the Dark Lord when you miss with special that applies critical debuff.

Alexandrine will be handy in my blue team and I can finally have a team of Frigg + Odin + some healer, as most or all 5* healers I have are green or yellow (exception being Grazul, who has low healing, Emilio, whose healing is conditional and MT who is slow and not very reliable). If I manage to get her, that is.

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@The_Seeker : (off topic experience sharing) I onLy use G. Gazelle with holy team for titans. I also have Gullinbursti for the overheal.
While Gazelle’s death hurts, most times she survives & with her maSSive buff / damage reduction active = a good score !

Gazelle BiG buff helps me take a healer like Gullin…to overheal & keep her alive while tiles don’t lose much power by not having an additional hitter.

There are no misses !

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Alexandrine’s fairly good attack power (745 base attack) will give the tile damage along with healing & tile buff. With some emblems, this attack power will increase further.

I feel Jott & her will tango well alternating to keep the board buffed up & team alive = score well.

Since all don’t have Miki, this tango has potential to give high hits
for me, (if I pull her) Alexandrine will replace Ariel in the TitaN team with Miki. I somehow still need to learn how to use Jott well… Miki has given me the luxury to not even try out Jott…!

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my best titan attack ever was with Wu Kong (and shockingly, no items were used on that hit–i just had the luckiest titan board i’ll ever get in my life :rofl:), and i will forever be a Wu Kong defender, but i much prefer Gazelle for the reduced damage taken–much less of a drain on battle items. Nordri can survive a 12* titan slash attack while dancing!


Not that BK is not annoying sometimes but why would you be killing him just with tiles? Yes, he has beefy defense but there are plenty of heroes that dispell (could be one like Kageburado, three like Devana, Domitia, or all like Sonya, Caedmon, Melendor, Costumed Vivica). Then you can kill him anyway you want.
So I do not think it is necessary to go against BK with mono or stacking blue team, just have as many dispellers as possible.

Thank you everyone for the feedback about Gazelle on titans, it was very useful! I will get her to at least 3.70 after I finish Costume Leonidas. and start testing her.

not as good as miki, but on pair with tarlak, she is more consistent then ranvir at lest in higher titans as she protects the team very well


Yes, you are right.

The Math should be as follows:
for Jott: 64% attack buff, tiles hits are 1.64 times stronger.
for Alexandrine: 54% buff to critical, on average this means 46% tiles hit regular and 54% tiles hit double, therefore 46% + 2 * 54% = 1.54 times stronger.

Alexandrine has better stats since she is a 5 star hero and can survive longer while attacking higher level titans. She does not have direct attack but direct attacks are not so important when fighting titans. Alexandrine is also average mana while Jott is slow mana. Of course mana potions can fix that.

So the big question is if using 4 star ascension materials for her is worth it?

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Depends if you have other blue 5* healer. If you have Ariel or Raffaele, probably not. Especially if you have Ariel. I have none so I will max her.


Costumed Kiril has similar stats and the heal is more consistent, plus gives attack and defense down.
And it is cheaper to take him to level 75.

Currently I have him at level 75 fully emblemed:
Attack 793
Defense 869
Health 1399

I agree if there is tons of blue tiles she could be a monster but if there are few then you do not have sufficient heal, tiles are stronger but not many so not much difference. The link is garbage anyway.

Where is the help from this hero?

I think you should watch this video Alexandrine – 5* Ice / Blue - September 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release - #29 by freetgy Kiril is not near what she does.



True, when not combined with Wu Kong, Kiril 28% attack increase did increase the damage by 28%. However, with Wu Kong, the attack increase actually only increase the damage by:
(100% + 185% + 28%) / (100% + 185%) - 100% = 9.8%

May be I am wrong but I read somewhere that they fixed the healing to be only for new status ailments and not every time status ailment is renewed.

If every moth hit heals her then there is hope for her at least for RAID attack.

Can anyone confirm this?