🧪 Early Information on the September 2020 HOTM (Bai Yeong)

Lmao I never noticed the “1 turns” thing. Yeah, no, 2 turns like Grazul would be more appropriate, even though Bai Yeong isn’t a very fast mana hero. Will now chuckle that we’re back to “holy blindless” heroes.

It’s always been this way. 1 link for 5 months, so every colour has it

Defense: I’m not sure where he fits since most attackers will try to side step his special as 1 turn isn’t a big deal.

Offense: Gaming the special to your advantage (and this is a powerful special) with just one turn seems ard. Thing is at end of the day tiles are still random so it’s hard to figure out when to fire this hero best. I’ll wait for some beta feedback or gameplay videos to understand how effective he is in offense teams.
I think 2 turn with slightly different numbers may make this hero easier to use.

I saw pictures in the telegram. I do not like how the new HOTMs is drawn.
Heroes used to be so well drawn, real magical creatures. And now simple pictures hastily.


Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I just wish it were a better element link.

I think this hero’s skills conflicts with itself. With it only working for a single turn, you think you’d want to fire this special at a hero with full mana to make their special skill miss.

But then, what’s the point of the “stop mana gain” part of the skill? In fact, it could work against you, where you want to throw tiles into a hero to make them at full mana and then miss with their attack, but instead, it won’t work because this skill stops it from working.

Also, I am slightly irritated by the McCune–Reischauer romanization. It’s about time we got rid of that and use pinyin already.


Needs 2 turns because it stops mana gain for 1 turn, so the target must have precisely filled its mana last turn with the bonus defender mana. That’s for attacking; doesn’t look irritating enough for defense. Hope players summoned and got two Malosi, because you’ll be waiting.

Isn’t that how it works? Each batch of rainbow hotms have the same elemental link, modified for their element? e.g. Grimble to Malosi all have the crit bonus, Clarissa to Bai will have defense against specials, etc.

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Thinking about how rage-inducing it’s going to be when you hit the opponent with 95% chance to miss special skill and you still get blasted with it. :joy::joy::joy:


Someone else already pointed that out. I only left it up because I still stand by the “better” part. I still wish it were something like increased mana generation or healing.

This hero is so underwhelming as of now. That can’t gain mana acts like a nerfing skill, and even with that nerfing skill removed, it’s still outright worse than Hansel’s special where he also deals damage up front and nullify attack for 3 turns with 100% certainty and additional 21% damage. Same mana speed.

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I see a good Hero potential in this one but It need to be very fast, affect 3 or last 3 turns to work out. In any of those situation this Hero would be a beast worthy of his mats. The affect 3 would be Also good in def.


5 star panda incoming?

Once he/she hits, the opponent completely done for 1 turn if don’t die on spot which is very unlikely with that amount of damage if the hero didn’t get hit before. My first impression is that this is an offensive hero and I wouldn’t put him to my def team.

So I guess now we have our worst HOTM hitter with Fast speed right? (As one turn effect doesn’t contribute as a support hero) :sweat_smile::joy:
Before it’s Perseus.
Now it’s Bai Yeong.


Nice offensive pairing with Malosi…which means this will be changed (Nerfed) considerably before release :man_facepalming:

This one looks fine, an offensive hero imo, I know there is a need to thread caution , but testing this hero at 2 turns would be ideal, not sure it will be broken…

And they should try out the synergy because it’s really not working out. Blind with Mana stop is not best friend.
Blind with Decrease Healing is enough I think for 2 turn

Truly, the skills are contradictory, when you mana stop for 1 turn. Blind 1 turn, after 1 turn, it’s like nothing happened, the blind itself is then meaningless. Making sense to have them at least 2 turns…imo.

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Animal cruelty by Yellow folks must be stopped in this realm!!!

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