🧪 Early Information on the September 2020 HOTM (Bai Yeong)


Leo for sure 100%
Just wait for the costume then it’s a fast Hero Mana with just lvl 5 Mana troop. Or if you got lvl 23 Mana troop that it’s good without costume.

This HOTM is a quite weak with weird synergy

I mean, if you’re swinging recklessly (stabbing is for squires :wink: , you’re bound to hit each other at some point.

Easter rabbit are reckless @JonahTheBard


each effect should last 2 or 3 turns. or keep as is, but make him Very Fast

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Beta Update

Bai Yeong has returned to Beta with several updates to his Special Skill:

  • Direct damage percentage increased from 255% to 285%

  • Accuracy status ailment reduced from -95% to -75%, and increased from 1 turn to 2 turns

  • Healing status ailment reduced from -95% to -75%. and increased from 1 turn to 2 turns

  • Mana block status ailment removed

In total:

I’ve updated the top post of this thread accordingly.


Nice update. We had pretty bad hero before and now we have pretty good hero imho.

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We’re not yet there but it’s an improvement. Looks like Bruce lee’s small brother.

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Said it before and will say it now - reminds me too much of Malosi whom we just had. As standalone, this is a good hero, but those with Malosi already have that function he provides more or less covered (mediocre-tier damage + crippling down a single hero badly).


With this uptade he is the worst version of 5* bane we could dream of :roll_eyes:
It should be at least 3 turn and -75% or 2 turn and 95% to be okay.

5* Bane is Joon)

This hero is better. Imagine Vela who only hit one Rigard in 4/1 red/purple setup?
I think this is a good hero.

agreed. bai yeong and malosi, bera and noor. not really interesting.

Hit Malosi to Lianna - no effect.
Hit this panda to Lianna - 75% than your wounded Rigard will stay alive.

Well, it’s like comparing Rogue talent vs Monk talent, or Inari vs Margaret. Work on different things but you can still call them ‘avoiding’, right?

Besides, I would need to have a damn good reason to shoot Malosi at Lianna.

Yes, like this, but not the same.

It is like comparing Mist to Malosi for me.
Mist slows mana and gives immunity to buffs, Malosi forbids status aiments, and Bai Yeong make 75% probability for ANY effect to miss. So, for status-only effects like JF or Sif Malosi is better, but for Lianna and C.Sartana this hero is way better.

But this hero should have more damage, like 360%-370% at least.

Joon is better…

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Overall - yes.

But as blocker - no.

At least Malosi is very fast, so with a lv11 mana troop you can charge in just 2 matches. I’d say more often than not you should be able to fire Malosi before the enemy tank, thus neutralizing the most dangerous parts of their special.

Costume Liana maybe to prevent the mana slow? Or one that has already received the mark of death by the Jackal so Malosi’s sucker punch becomes an actual power punch :rofl:

Put this back in and we have a good HOTM

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They will be blocked when they are dead.

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