🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the new Path of Valor feature.

Path of Valor

General Overview

The Path of Valor is a new type of game event, completely different than any of the existing ones.

It’s a 50 day event, during which there are Daily Challenges and Valor Challenges. This is not a Stage-based Event, unlike Challenge Events and Seasonal Events. It’s about completing Challenges in various parts of the game. There isn’t new playable World Map/Quest content.

Completing these Challenges will earn you Valor Points, which unlock rewards.

@PeachyKeen put it well, saying it’s a bit like new Missions with unique rewards.

Path of Valor has two sets of rewards: free and premium rewards. Premium rewards are unlocked when Valor Pass is activated — and the Valor Pass requires purchase. (NOTE: The price of the Valor Pass is set to FREE in Beta, so I don’t know what it will cost. More on that below.)

In-Game Tooltip Description

Get ready for glorious challenges and reward on the Path of Valor!

Daily Challenges
Daily Challenges Change every day. You only have 24 hours to complete them.

Valor Challenges
Valor Challenges are active for the whole duration of the Path of Valor. Valor Challenges are Tiered: completing one Valor Challenge will reveal the next Tier of that Challenge.

Valor Points
Challenges give you Valor Points. Valor Points are needed to reach Milestones on the Path of Valor.

Each Milestone can have Normal Rewards and Premium Rewards for you to collect. Premium Rewards are only available for the players with an active Valor Pass.

Valor Pass

The Valor Pass is a purchasable item that unlocks premium rewards on the Path of Valor. You still must unlock the rewards on the Path of Valor by completing the challenges.

The price in Beta is set to free, so I have no insight into how much it will cost in the live game.

The Valor Pass also includes 300 Gems and 1 Epic Hero Token.

Thanks to @Peterenp for confirming in Beta that if the Valor Pass is purchased after earning sufficient Valor Points for a Premium reward, you can still unlock and claim those premium rewards. So players will be able to decide whether they want to purchase the Valor Pass even after they begin completing Daily and Valor Challenges without losing out on Premium rewards.

Critical Information for Context

  • Amount of Valor Points received from Challenges are testing values for beta testing.
  • Amount of Valor Points needed to reach milestones are testing values for beta testing.
  • Daily Challenges are set to change hourly instead of daily for beta testing.
  • Rewards are placeholders for beta testing.

Because of this, I will not be able to provide insights yet into the actual rewards, the Valor Points rewarded or required, or a full log of all Daily Challenges.


EXAMPLE Daily Challenges

I will not be able to provide a log of all Daily Challenges, as they are set to change in Beta every hour, so I will provide examples of them.

Daily Challenges appear to have 3 active at once.

Each Daily Challenge rewards Valor Points. You can complete some or all of them independently. You don’t have to complete all 3 of them to earn Valor Points.

Here’s are some examples of a single day’s Daily Challenges:

An Example Day

  • Level Up 5 Different Heroes
  • Use 5 Antidotes in battle
  • Be victorious in 10 Raids

An Example Day

  • Find 30 Recruits
  • Level Up 5 different Holy Heroes
  • Craft 50 Battle Items

Valor Challenges

Valor Challenges are active for the entire duration of the Path of Valor.

There appear to currently be 6 Valor Challenges active at once — and remember that Valor Challenges are Tiered; completing one Valor Challenge will reveal the next Tier of that Challenge.

Note: I’ve indicated increasing Tiers of Valor Challenges below with “=>”

  • Ascend 5 Heroes to Ascension Level 2
  • Summon 1 Hero => Summon 5 Heroes => Summon 10 Heroes => Summon 30 Heroes => Summon 50 Heroes (this was the last Tier, it didn’t continue past Summon 50 Heroes)
  • Summon 1 Troop => Summon 2 Troops => Summon 5 Troops => Summon 10 Troops => Summon 20 Troops (this was the last Tier, it didn’t continue past Summon 20 Troops)
  • Kill 5 Heroes in Alliance Wars
  • Complete a Challenge Event
  • Win 2 Raids with at least 1 Barbarian in your Team => Win 5 Raids with at least 2 Barbarians in your Team

Valor Path Rewards

The rewards in Beta ARE FOR TESTING ONLY, but include a wide variety of items, including ETT, EHT, Challenge Coins, Gems, Atlantis Coins, Summon Tokens, Crafting Ingredients, Ascension Materials (both farmable and unfarmable), Battle Items, Trainer Heroes, Emblems, Giant Harpoons and other Titan Battle Items, Flasks, and new Relics and Resource Bundles (see below.)

New Items — Relics

Relics can be earned as rewards from the Path of Valor.

Relics are consumable items used from your Inventory, and once activated affect the loot you receive from completing map stages for the next 24 hours, or increase the Battle Items you can carry to battle for the next 24 hours.

Only one Relic can be active at a time. Activating another Relic will deactivate the existing active Relic, and forfeit any remaining time. So you can’t stack multiple of the same Relic, or even pair multiple Relics together.

Omnia Harvester Relic

Increases the amount of Food, Iron, Items and Recruits gained from completing map stages by 30% Lasts 1d 0h. This item can be received as a reward from the Path of Valor.

Iron Harvester Relic

Increases the amount of Iron gained from completing map stages by 100%. Lasts 1d 0h. This item can be received as a reward from the Path of Valor.

Bag of Holding Relic

Increases the maximum amount of Items that can be carried to battle by 2. Lasts 1d 0h. This item can be received as a reward from the Path of Valor.

Note: this increases the quantity of each item you can carry by 2. It does not add additional item slots.

Note: I asked the Small Giant Staff whether Bag of Holding was intended to be able to be active during Challenge Events, and they answered that the current plan is to allow it. This would mean players with Bag of Holding active could carry 2 more of each Battle Item with them during Challenge Events than usual. This would seemingly allow a notable advantage in some Stages, which is being discussed below and in Beta feedback.

New Items — Resource Bundles

Resource Bundles can be earned as rewards from the Path of Valor.

Resource Bundles are used from your Inventory, and can be stored until you want to use them.

Small Iron Bundle

Instantly Gain 10000 iron. This item can be received as a reward from the Path of Valor.

Small Food Bundle

Instantly Gain 10000 food. This item can be received as a reward from the Path of Valor.

For a full list of items currently in Beta testing, as well as their related threads, please see:


Okay. That is… wow. Unexpected. Guessing this means they are shelving Hero Academy for the rest of the year.

50 days is crazy. I guess it has to be long; you could be stuck on the challenge event one for a long time, depending on when it pops up in relation to when the next one is.

As long as it isn’t crazy expensive, I’ll likely purchase the pass. I wish it was bundled with VIP or something, I don’t like the constant recurring purchases.

Quick question; can the battle item increase work on challenge events? An extra 2 battle items to a challenge event stage could really change things, so I hope not.


There isn’t a Challenge Event active in Beta currently, so I unfortunately have no way to test this.

I would personally support that not being allowed, although if you can only earn Relics through Path of Valor, it would be an earned advantage, which might make it reasonable.


Lol, I actually suggested this once, saying would be a good idea to have daily challenges as DS has (another copy of this game). Truly, I wasn’t expected to be implemented in here as well. At least, they did something good in this game :smile:


At the epic level, with six slots, you could take bombs, axes, arrows, two types of mana potions, and still have room for one more item (e.g. revive scroll or healing potion). That’s a lot of firepower if you feed the mana to an AOE. So I think that even on the lower levels, I’d agree with


I’ve been competitive in rare/epic for 2 months. I’m already feeling overwhelmed by the amount of battle items I need to make. I’m definitely against needing to make more.

Is it battle items total or item slots?


Sounds like a pretty good idea overall. I love that they give us something to farm/to do while waiting for season 3.

The additional battle items relic may cause problems during Challenge events. Is it carrying two additional items like 6 different or 4 different but to additional of each?

The price tag to additional rewards is also kinda strange but as long as it is reasonable. So be it. They need to make money.
If this turns out to be priced like Vip (little money but awesome value for a regular player) that could even be a good thing.


So far all sounds well

The pay part kinda blows but not a surprise


This may also be a good place to introduce more avatar (we have lot of them not be available to players yet) as rewards for a limit time available.


It’s the number of each item, not additional slots. I’ll clarify that in the top post.

That actually means it affects Rare too.


Valor Path


Like Lodge, multiple teams work on different areas.

I expect Hero Academy team worked on Alchemy Lab and Lab pushed it back, not Valor Pass.

Valor Pass was most likely the Emblem team.


50 days is an odd amount. Not 31, not 62.

Because freemium game, most likely deliberate. Just like you can not buy gems in increments of 150, 200 or 300 ( odd amounts of left over premium currency encourages further IAP of premium currency):

(Are lootboxes gambling? Australian inquiry)


Is it just me or did the gem amounts change at some point?

Seems like i used to pay $4.99 for 480 gems. Then it changed at some point to $4.99 for 400. But i may just be crazy

I guess the most veterans will complete “ascend 5 heroes to ascension level 2” by levelling quickly 5 heroes 1*. After completing, these heroes can be fed, of course.


No comment. :face_with_monocle:

I thought it was always for 400 gems. Maybe you’re thinking of the 4800 pack being $50, which is effectively 480 gems for $5?


Should add that i kinda feel like valor pass should be payable with gems personally


Yup just crazy i guess. I dont have screenshots that go back that far…i think…

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This :+1: I’m glad they introduce some new features so that raiding and farming has a different feel to it.

What rewards are behind the pay wall? Is it 4*Ascension items?


Too many information… can you activate several off thoose at the same time (if you have them) or just one at the time?
I would stack a few and unleash them all during AR… that would be insane


The rewards in Beta are for testing purposes only, but currently include basically everything you can think of, depending on how far along you get in Valor Points.


The Devs LOVE proven freemium concepts ( VIP PASS, loot tickets, emblems, etc. ).

Valor pass is a pretty standard implementation of a Battle Pass or Season Pass. (linky, linky)


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