🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26]

They’re actually in the top post of the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

I did some very rough initial calculations of how I value offers in this post: 🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26]


it was post 392 of this topic and @zephyr1 ended up with slightly less than 30$.

given the latest changes (-EHT) this calculation would probably run to 25$.

given that I have to invest time and no guarantee that I score sufficient points at the end to actually get the highest valued item (4* ascension), I can’t see anything above 2 VIP passes as a fair pricing


For when Path of Valor starts:

=> 🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3


Since there’s a couple of weeks of lead time before the PoV starts there should be some talk about prepping or hoarding for the longer challenges. The only challenges that need such work are the summoning and ascension challenges. I’ve already got my main account hoarding 1000+ silver summon tokens for…reasons. I’m pretty sure I’ll splurge and cash in as many as I need to close out the summoning challenge.

The next question is what to do with the feeders and how to make it count towards the ascension challenge. I’m pretty sure the game only awards progress towards the current challenge in a chain. i.e. If you ascend a hero to 3rd tier while the PoV challenge is counting 2nd tier ascensions, you’re out of luck. This is probably something that would have been better to check during beta but oh well.

Anyway the optimized way of completing the ascension challenge is to level up a quintet of 3-star heroes to their 3rd stripe all at the same time. If you level up costumes of 3-star heroes, that would be even cheaper. Just make sure to complete each link in the PoV ascension challenge chain before ascending a hero up to the next level. Once the 3-star heroes get to their 3rd stripe you can set them aside and ascend a bunch of 4-star or 5-star heroes to their 4th stripe. BTW, this means you probably should park some heroes (or costumes) at 3-60 or 3-70 while completing the beginning steps of the PoV ascension challenge.

UPDATE: Just looked at my notes from beta and the cheapest way to get the ascension challenge points is to power level 2-star heroes up to the beginning of their 3rd stripe. Basically the same strategy as power leveling 3-star heroes but much cheaper. You will still need to park several 4-star or higher heroes/costumes to fulfill that last ascension challenge quest.


I’m not 100% sure but the ascend heroes was removed from Beta V3. Not sure if that means it’s permanently gone or just wasn’t featured but it’s something to consider.

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I’d like to think that the ascend heroes quest would be removed because that is the only quest that is really expensive to to complete. That is, assuming one wasn’t already maxing 4-star or higher heroes anyway. But I have a feeling it will be kept in the Path Challenges. If only because the valor point count from beta came up short. If the Path could not be completed with the challenges that were already planned, I doubt any of the challenges would go away. SG would still have to tweak the point values of the quests and I don’t think they’d make it harder on themselves by taking away a quest too.


Isn’t it normal that some “smaller”* changes are there immediately in the update and don’t have to be unlocked? Same goes with bugfixes and this @x$! blocked players change.

*of course someone with an earlier update has an advantage of that, so it’s a matter of perspective whether this is a smaller change or not…

Back to topic: 3rd of February? What a long time waiting for it :frowning:

I have seen some posts, but they are elemental chests instead of wanted mission.


I got 1 from war chest… I’ve opened monster raid and titan chest after update and no keys there…


Here are those posts -> Costume Chamber is Back - Discussion (January 2020)

My key was received in titan chest…

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That is a good chest for sure… :star_struck:

Not really. It is not the place to post pics here, but you know I have two accounts. The other titan chest was good indeed. Though no costume key, I got a tome of tactics and 20 ranger emblems :slight_smile:


Of course they are “Yes Dear” is my standard answer!

Hey you need to stop spending money on that stupid game!!!
Yes Dear!
Hey stop throwing napalm at the neighbors house!!!
Yes Dear!
Can you take the trash out?
Yes dear but I’m currently in the middle of a raid so in a few…Did you get that trash? …ummmm (running out the door with trashbags for the trash men who are currently half a block past me


Thank you, I hadn’t noticed. I guess at this point I’ll hold out as is for ~2.5 more weeks. It hasn’t really affected my plans too much as I’m sufficiently deep for 90%+ of my use cases anyway.

Definitely, but new loot sources are normally rolled out after the release is done.

It’s not a big deal, it just was unusual vs. releases over the last several months.

As I’ve posted repeatedly about hoarding in this thread may as well lay out what I’ve done:

Prepped for Fourth Ascension

Anzogh 3.70
Vela 3.70
Kelile 3.60
Hansel 3.60
Gretel 3.60
Chao 3.60

Prepped for Third Ascension

Thorne 2.60
Grimble 2.60
Boss Wolf 2.60

Prepped for Second Ascension

Falcon 1.40
Sumitomo 1.40
Triton 1.40
Agwe 1.40
Sonya 1.40
Horghall 1.50
Gobbler 1.40
Kashhrek 1.40
Morgan le Fay 1.40
Joon 1.50
Leonidas 1.50
Pixie 1.30
Owl 1.50
Seshat 1.50
Proteus 1.40
Rigard 1.40
Costumed Rigard 1.40
Vlad 1.30
Thoth-Amun 1.50
And I may end up parking a few more here before the PoV actually begins, especially depending on what happens with the Costume Chamber next week.

All that said, I actually hope they do NOT have this challenge in the final rollout as I think it’s difficult. Players with less tenure may struggle with the food and materials cost. More experienced players could easily be forced to level up heroes they don’t need / want beyond fulfilling the challenge requirements.


Agreed so much. I haven’t prepped any for ascension, and it’s really not viable for me to do so.

If this is a challenge, then I’ll level some 1*s, but it’s an utter waste.

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I see a lot of people complain whenever a new feature is added which contains a ‘pay for more rewards’ element. SG is a profit-driven company like any other. From their point of view, F2P players are only a benefit in the sense that they may one day be enticed to spend money, or else recommend the game to a friend with deeper pockets. If SG were too zealous in limiting the gameplay benefits of spending money, people wouldn’t be incentivized to pay, and they’d lose revenue.

As a c2p (I spend about $20 a year), I am actually pleasantly surprised that the ‘pay to win’ gap is not wider. It is certainly possible to build teams capable of staying in diamond and beating legendary challenge events without spending a dime. There is also no single hero, building, item etc. that is completely locked behind a paywall. We all have a chance (albeit it small) of bagging the HotM. This is certainly not the case in many other mobile games.

I would only voice frustration if either: a) some heroes were impossible to obtain without investing money, and said heroes were designed to be above the curve, or b) the last stage of events becomes so hard that only big spenders can find a way to beat them.

Overall I still believe that free and cheap players can experience most of what this game has to offer, and still get a lot of enjoyment out of it, while players willing to invest money get to enjoy deeper rosters and the ability to compete for top tier results.

(And no I am not affiliated with Small Giant! I just think we should be realistic about the business model behind free mobile games, and this one seems better than most).


This is what I was thinking when I saw about ascension challenges. Unless they were specific types, such as ascend a 3*, 4* etc otherwise I will just do 1*

How easy or rare are relics and the chances to get the bundles?
Obviously some will be more rare than others but I am just curious at how often you’d at least get ONE relic?

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