🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26]

What about the people who don’t enter this forum or don’t speak English?

oh my…! stop whining bro. they are just unlucky. there are tons of players with no forum account. why does it matter if you know the challenges yet or if you dont?

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Whatever. 20 characters

Entry to this forum is free. If they can’t speak english, they can open a thread in foreign language section and ask their compatriot for translation.

A lot of my alliance teammates are not fluent in english and I am the only one in the forum. My role is sharing the information to them.


The same here, I am leader of alliance and no one from my members ifs not on the forum but they know everything what happened here from me


Yeap, I am the same, none of my alliance members are on forum. But I let them know everything. So what you are not a tester? Forum has excellent moderators who shares everything about beta test. Do you prefer get updates full of bug and unbalanced features because you will get that if tests are not a thing.


Such as…?

Betcha there are less actual bugs than you think…

Part of my alliance read news on reddit instead of this forum.

Beta tester play the game, give feedback and report bug.

However the one who fix those bugs and decide on the final system is the developer.


Reddit got the information from beta tester too.

So whether it is in the forum or reddit, both need beta testers role.

Of course. I just wanted to say that forum is not the only source for beta tester’s data.

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How often will Path of Valor appear, any idea?

Pretty sure nobody knows, but I’ll guess 2 or 3 times a year at most.

Could be as many as 5, but seems like it will be less special then.

Two questions I have about this that will almost sound snarky but I actually do NOT mean to be snarky.

  1. Do you think there’s a significant portion of the player base who do NOT enter the forum who care about knowing what the challenges are / care about whether or not they’re disadvantaged by not having this knowledge?

  2. Do you feel a player is disadvantaged if they never click the little ‘i’ button that tells them the summon odds? The point here being that the information is available, if they want to seek it out.

I do mean these questions seriously. Part of the reason I’m asking is because many of my alliance mates do NOT frequent the forum and I’m wondering if I should offer a preview and maybe a few suggestions about how to prepare.

I also find this question interesting from a larger ethics standpoint: essentially, what responsibility does SGG have to offer and facilitate a level playing field? This is also pretty much the underlying issue in every thread that touches on the F2P / P2P area. Notably, the costumes thread recently.

  1. Players who are in beta have an unfair competitive advantage. We should get rid of them.
  2. Players who are on the forums and/or reddit and/or similar sites have an unfair competitive advantage. They should be banned from the game.
  3. Players who spend money on the game have an unfair advantage. They should also be banned.
  4. Players who spend more time on the game than other players have an unfair advantage. They should likewise be banned.
  5. Players who play smart and strategize have an unfair advantage and should be banned.
  6. Players with a fast internet connection and/or fast device should be banned because they have an unfair advantage in challenge events.
  7. Players who have good luck have an unfair advantage and should be banned.
  8. Players who eat food 1-3 hours or had a nap before playing the game should be banned, because they have an advantage from the digesting of nutrition, giving them an extra boost in terms of APM and also allows them to think more clearly than someone who is tired, which is an unfair advantage.
  9. Players who are younger than 65 should be banned, because they have a physical advantage which allows them to play challenge events faster.
  10. Players with two hands and 10 fingers should be banned. Need I explain more?

(edit: How come my posts require approval now? Did I do something naughty? o.o)


Lol, this definitely belongs here. Also, I guess since you used the b.a.n.n.e.d word it needed approval. :slight_smile:


Looks like the Bag of Holding has been completely removed now :thinking:

I’m not against this though. It would’ve been totally broken for event high scores, the gameplay there would’ve shifted even more towards the Pay 2 Win side.


One thing that occurred to me just now: are bundles craftable? I mean, can we make them using our resources or they just are “food and iron flask” ?

Pretty much this, as seen in Beta so far.

There was no way to make them — though that could certainly be changed at some point in the future.

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Do we know the price of premium? I haven’t got update yet so ı don’t know they are on sale or not

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