🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26]

I think they said Path of Valor would be early 2020. I don’t expect to see season 3 until July at the earliest

That’s actually what they said about Season 3 too:


@IvyTheTerrible nudge nudge, all over it :wink:

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Not complaining at all. The grievance mobs nourish me. Hell, the tears in the Jean F thread alone will sustain me for months.


It is difficult to see, but yes

([Photos] Daily Summons & Hoarding Tokens or how to tell when your next Free summons if you have tokens in inventory)


VIP PASS daily summons only last 24 hours if not collected.

(Not logging in for prolonged periods – do VIP daily rewards accumulate? - No, despawn after 24 hours)

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Just because


I am sure they won’t, but I would like to see them give a little bit to F2P.

Maybe have paid get 90 gems and free get 10 gems, instead of 100 for paid and 0 for free players.

I think I counted 5 free summons on the paid side and 0 on the free side. I would think free players getting to the final tiers could be rewarded at least 1 summon somewhere along the line. (I excluded gems in this obviously)

I will end up doing all of the tiers anyways, but thought it could be balanced ever so slightly for the benefit of the free players.


What are grey tokens?

The silver ones, which can be used for summoning 1/2/3 star heroes and troops in the bottom most summon portal.


Usually 1* tho…


For what it’s worth, I’ve also been saving all recent Epic Troop Tokens and Epic Hero Tokens. Those aren’t really for Path of Valor, it’s more just in case / because I don’t have any real need to use those right now anyway. It’s a low-risk, high-reward (though I think with low probability) proposition: if I need them I will be very happy. If I don’t I will be not at all sad.

I don’t really think I’m doing any unusual saving at this point; I suspect a lot of other player who have played more than (somewhat arbitrarily) a year are prepping in the same way (or at least should be). I’m feeding whatever heroes I get from regular farming to Agwe and Horghall right now, so…


same, started to collect them too haha. i sa a screemshot from someone having 1090 tokens… :open_mouth:

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How many tokens Will be necessary?
I Already have 40 of them. But dont want to stock too much :wink:

Think your worrying too much. If you play daily it shouldn’t be that hard to complete all the challenges… what testers have been saying


As hoarding has come up again I want to clarify why I’m stocking up on token, TC’s, etc. I believe regular daily play will be enough to complete most / all challenges. However, I want to complete them earlier and more easily; I believe having hoarding will facilitate that.


i heard about challenges to summon 50 heros, another one wants you to summon 30 heros. also there are challenges which want you to summon a lot of troops so its probably a good idea to save enough tokens

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That’s not fair cuz the beta testers are ahead of us knowing the challenges :angry:

I’ve posted all of the Valor Challenges we’ve seen in Beta in the top post of this thread, which includes the Summon Heroes one that’s being discussed above.

We also don’t know what the actual Valor Challenges will be yet. They’ve been different each Beta.


Come on with that silly argument. There was complaints of that before and the suggestion came up that info would be shared. And it has been…There’s a few moderators that create threads and share beta info plus update it regularly. Hence these types of threads creating thousands of comments.


Lol pardon the Beta Testers for actually doing their job and testing content prior to release :stuck_out_tongue:


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