🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26]

I’m not in beta but he seems to only consider the daily challenges in this calculation. There are also the valor challenges that last the full period of the path of valor. I’m guessing those allow ftp to hit the points needed to get to level 50.

Also, I don’t see anything that indicates you get additional challenges if you buy the pass…


Nothing was said about the ability to “buy” an extra quest. Valor pass only affect rewards.

@zephyr1, would you please make a comment about that.

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There are two things to consider here.

The one that @Checker stated are just the 3 “daily challenges”. But there are several missions called “Valor Challenges” each with 5 tiers (for example, Defeat Titans I-V or Defeat Heroes I-V where you need to defeat a certain number of titans or enemy heroes to gain valor points), which needs to be completed in the period of 50 days. Both the daily challenges and the valor challenges are open to all players.

The valor pass only effects the rewards that you get from reaching each node in the valor path. For example, node 50 has telescope and rings. It means the person with Valor pass will get both the telescope and the rings, but the F2P player will only get the rings. This applies to the rewards in every node.

Currently in beta, each of the daily challenges offer 125 VP (valor points), thus a total of 125 x 3 x 50 = 18750 VP just from completing these daily challenges. But the “Valor Challenges” also gives a significant amount of VP for completing each tier. So that will also add up.


So, f2p should have the same options to get all the levels. But a crappy reward for all the work.
With those rewards in 50 days mystic vision gives better reward…

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As we covered in Beta, this was mistaken — Valor Pass is NOT required to be able to complete Valor Challenges.

That is what was being stated, but it’s incorrect.

Also replying to:


Thanks Z.

I’ve removed the content of my posts to do my part in stopping the spread of misinformation.


Well, changing the bombs for a unfarmable 3* asc items is a good thing, but avatars instead of tokens? I was always thinking that avatars should be for sale for a people to express themselves in a game. Leave them for shop, really. When you give avatars for a tedious task like killing 2k drones - that’s one thing. Could be better, but still. But changing tokens for avatars - that benefit no one. Unless avatars will give you something of value, like +1% to each hero hp or +1% chance of getting that HoTM. BTW, Jean is for February and Telluria is for March. Does that possibly mean that we won’t see Path of Valor till March?

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I think there were two part to the gripe…the word and the fact that these are new or interesting. They are mostly just grinding. As in not fun.

Since we don’t know the cost at this point… It is very possible the decision was made based on a desired cost point.

Maybe, but I doubt it. They can easily sub in Grimble and Vela…or any other heros…

I agree that it is the f2p peeps that are dropping out. I p2w and am considering it. It’s getting where it’s breaking my budget. But that’s on me as I do have a choice. But I hate the thought of leaving the game because I can’t keep up.

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Btw, I would suggest all F2P players to start saving their grey/silver tokens. There is a certain mission in the Valor Challenges which requires the player to summon a certain number of heroes in order to get the said valor points. Just the daily free summons won’t cut it because troops don’t count towards it. So it’s better to save all the grey tokens from now onwards, so that they can be used to complete this particular mission when necessary. :slight_smile:

Note: This challenge requires a total of 96 Hero Summons. Given that the total odds of pulling any hero from the lowest summon portal is 66.6%, one would need around 150 pulls. We get one free pull everyday (so 50 in 50 days), so around 100 silver coins are needed for the rest.


300+ grey tokens and collecting more! :rofl:


If we start hoarding grey tokens how does that affect the VIP 2x summons?

If we check every day will the 2x summons still be the first summons available? It’s my understanding that if they aren’t collected they don’t accumulate?

Yes, you can collect your normal Daily Summons while still hoarding Tokens.


Yes, the free show up first, anything after those two gives the option for the tokens


Any good news on S3 POV?
Or do we have to wait for another couple of months before getting the ‘feel’ of it?

Nothing related to Season 3 has been in Beta yet since the initial testing of the Season 3 Heroes, detailed in 🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26]

So at the moment, that, and what’s in Season 3 Sneak Peek Discussion are all we know.


So the earliest is probably at the 2nd half of this year then…
I am getting more and more disillusioned with the current setup. Raiding, titan and AW day in day out.
We badly need a new challenges. Maybe turning merc will bring me fresh challenges due to the changing environment.
Out of bored, probably more AM and good legendary heroes so we have something to work on.


^ complaining about grievance mobs is a grievance. #irony

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Tbf in the sneak peek posted before Christmas they said S3 would be early 2020, that suggests Q1 to me, so probably sooner than you think.


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