🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26]

With what mats must we achieve this and how long do one have? We can barely ascend heroes because loot is so badly nerfed as it is.

High end accounts already have all the desired duplicate 4* heroes.
Problems with this:

  • expand roster space yet again, the cost become extremely expensive at later stages

  • wasted resources on heroes you don’t want / need


One thing that has become more vivid is after the purchase by zynga which was around the time emblems arrived things have moved to more sales. I literally told my old Alliamce that emblems marked a demarcation line in the game. Didn’t see this coming but I was right.
My friend plays a different game different type, it’s a cafe recipe building game. You get an occasional ad for stuff but you can play that as f2p and enjoy it and get EVERYTHING that others get with no money. Its odd to play without 6 pop ups and icons on home screen to buy buy buy.

As a player from way back you bought a game and played it. I moved along where you got 1 control instead of 2 then had to also pay for yearly acess to online games. That was ok as they provided a space for players to meet and also gave 2 free games a month so you really got more than you paid for(xbox live btw). But now games hide maps behind dlc content and worse they keep better guns behind Pay walls.
Not better looking guns but better functions.
Some games offer total f2p and you pay for skins and other features but you can compete with top players even as a free player, fortnite, Apex legends, etc.
Without the large f2p base that might go to player’s that pay things will die. I like many played free to start and spent after months of getting hooked. Some spend more than others.
This looks like a total division though. Emblems were the start. Now they’re sold too leading paying players to have better heroes faster. Fine. But the way we get STARVED for mats is insane as the biggest complaint other than lack of 5* access from all player levels.

Its good though that p2p defend the c,f2p knowing we play along with you. I finish all events trials and fight wars. Not top 10 or even 100 yet though im finally placing above just completing and today that’s fine as I worked for it. I won’t ever win a free event hero at the no. 1 spot but I can slowly get better. But time and again sg seems to be cutting off the large base that might become paying players with things like this.

I would rather have thousands of happy players that spend a little on a constant basis vs a very few that drop a bunch once a month for a new hero. I mean there’s a limit to the new heroes. You can only play 5 at once. This hotm is a combo of a few others. New stuff goes to pay only not pay gets first then free can grind for it. No it’s pay and get while others use the same maps and events and heroes. Wars were great. But every step forward they take 3 back. There are many other games and if you alienate new players who see they have to pay to play you will eventually lose the whales too who have nobody to play with and get tired of paying for an old game. This could be a new magic or wow type game if they play right but it seems like they’re going for the fast cash ignoring the long game.

So pay for vip, pay for valor. Just let us trade and build the hero academy like we want and people will stay and play happy instead of grinding hoping you get the next update right. You have a gem sg, polish it to a diamond. :gem:


Not blaming zephyr at all as mods are just the messengers and don’t control the message. But someone said it earlier, placeholders take time to code. We know things change so why add anything, why bother. You can put in tonics and capes as fast as a useless item. Why code up all the goodies to show the gap at all. Just say it sg, pay and get goodies don’t pay and get none.

I look at seasonal events as a good example. Nothing super useful from normal but nice stuff in advanced. At first you can’t beat either so you get nothing. You play and grind and get heroes to beat normal. Grinding more you can eventuality beat advanced. Not a single purchase needed. Quicker by buying things, yes. You could get better heroes, level them with paid mats and beat advanced sooner but the loot is the same. Play long enough and you can build a team to beat advanced even if you spend nothing.
That to me is how it should be. Same with competitive events for free or paying. I can finish them now but couldn’t do all before so I can get mats. I place higher now too than I used to so I get rewards too. People who pay will get much more but they spent to get it. A little more leaning to pay players but still fair.

Raid tourney was supposed to fix that. Everyone can finish in to tier (eventually as in above cases) and unlike the single winner a tier gets mats and they are good. They really nailed it with the raid tourney at first. Sure the defense didn’t work etc. But instead of fixing and giving back to us, they nerfed the loot. It was closest to a great equalizer but then the loot got nerfed. They even took out the gem fee to enter, still one to continue but that’s fine.

Each of those moves to pleasing the p2p base vs the f2p. Despite telling us the ha will be f2p friendly I can’t see how with them telling us don’t save dupes and that at best you might get old hotm in it. The path they’re on is clear. I hope HA fixes it but given this thing out of nowhere it could have been good but they are pushing again to the p2p…

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This is going to be an once a year thing?

No idea, but my guess would be more like 3-6 times per year.

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So the challrnge event is near i assume the v25 must be released monday right?
Also based on this feedback from Petri

Already a version 26 on the way…
Can @zephyr1 tell what can we expect version 25 brings to the game?
Just riddles and costumes or already path of valor?


I think it’s going to be the updates to Costumes, and the bug fixes and smaller changes.

I’m not expecting it to include Path of Valor.

And I am expecting that V25 will be released for next week in order to be live before November 18 when Costumes go live.


I doubt that as it was mentioned costumes is already part of V24
Version 24 Release Notes & Status
I believe V25 will be released late Nov and thats one of the reasons they shifted Atlantis a bit early this month

But 8 think they must introduce tiddles of wonderland evrnt changes in an update or at least some patch… thats why i asked.
And Petry already mentionrd v26 for a small bug correction i adsume v 25 must be released before riddles of wonderland…


You might be right specially thats v24 had many bugs
From auto correction to the samsung note stylus with some visual bugs as well


They changed the Ascension Materials for Epic Costumes, and fixed a rounding error in Costume stats.

I’ve heard otherwise. :wink:


So version 25 started to be rolled out 4 days ago, and earlier today version 25.0.1 was released to fix some bugs and set up the December event…

Does this mean Path of Valor is not part of version 25? I’m not seeing any mention of the Path of Valor in the version 25 release notes.


I have a feeling it’s going to be released with the Hero academy (SH25 update)

Correct. Path of Valor is not part of the Version 25 Release.

It’s quite normal that new features enter Beta in a different version than their final release.

Version 25.1 is already in Beta, and also doesn’t contain Path of Valor currently.


Happy birthday!!! I don’t care if it is off topic, you deserve it! :slight_smile: thank you for everything you do!

On topic to dodge the flag; it is weird that a major update # came out without anything profound…


Not really from dev perspective. I’m guessing they wanted to release Christmas theme & stuff for Santa’s challenge + some critical bug fixes. It could have been a breaking code change, not necessarily in terms of feature release but internally in terms of backend facing code.
It’s a huge hassle to maintain legacy code and even more so to deal with fallout from know bugs, especially with peak/holidays at door. And only way to force all players to use same code would be to create a major release. Which is why it’s common to see major releases without new features.


20 characters of still sucking feature

This game is going in a sort of Hustle Castle path even though they are very distinct games.

This path thingy feels a lot like daily quests during the special events.

Seems like a way to keep us logged in E&P and not trying other things. Let’s wait and see if it will pan out


Yeah they are giving us more and more things to do in the game but TBH I have less and less desire to do them all.


More and more senseless things for mostly useless loot unless we pay for it.

I’d be happy if they gave us interesting new tasks and game options (like a lot of map levels with interesting bosses, hero restrictions and map effects that require strategic decisions, either in the new S3 map or by ‘recycling’ the S1 map and putting in a ‘beast’ or ‘boss’ or ‘hard’ mode in each of the levels + adding a small reward like a few costume keys, Atlantis coins, emblems, whatever.

However, from what I’ve seen so far, there will be boring missions like ‘ascend X heroes’, ‘spend Y food’, ‘kill Z enemies’


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