🧪 Early information on the November 2021 HOTM -- Balbar

I understand. Sometimes I too argue passionately about nonsense in this forum. Even when the whole world is against me.


Yes, logically you’re not wrong. But this is still a game and every piece of logic derives from the card text. You’re putting in way too much of your own logic into this. That ironically becomes the illogical argument here.
Unless it states along the lines like this.

  • the sleeping hero cannot dodge special skills

Then the enemy cannot dodge while asleep. Which is also btw a great idea to think about, where any skill can’t miss. Shame SG didn’t think of this. Balbar could be a legit counter to not only c kad, but also to the new hanitra

And also, do not misuse the term ‘common sense’. It is very irritating

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You are correct. He actually said that too but for different things. When I and @Jyzzy revealed that it also apply to this case, which means SG can decide that the buff can make dodge during sleep, it was always ignored:

Nb: Even if SG change their minds about it, it is up to them, I don’t argue about retaining current state, I just offer possible explanation (based on fantasy theme which does not always adhere to common sense) if SG decide to keep the current state.

Very long thread this.

So… Rogue enemy asleep, can he dodge special skill or not ?

Asking just in case I do have enough tokens In Nov and I miraculously get him.

Cos if a Rogue enemy can be asleep and still dodge cos of the Rogue talent, then I take it…, better not to whack that sleeping Rogue enemy then, even if it’s 50% more damage, unless I am sending Russell in … (still no Russell :((( )

I stopped applying RL logic to this game some time ago. Lol

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That is the first though I had … … … meh!! for me

Maybe the “Sleep” Ailments
Supposed to be that the Sleep Hero won’t be able to get any Buff also Ailments until they are hit by tiles or Special or getting Cleanse.
That might be interesting.

Interesting special, but were the devs high when they drew this one up? Could they not just keep it simple like “Damage to target. Target gets defense down. Target’s mana is decreased to 0. All allies receive a taco.”

I thought it was just me. Players really got nuts. Lol.


Is anyone able to explain what counts as wake-up damage -Is it any tile / any Special damage? So Morel’s Special would wake the victim up? Or is it just tile damage?

Any damage what is not a Fiend or Minion hit awake the opponent.
So an off colour tile which deals 1 damage is a hit too, which wakes the opponent.


So what exactly is the strategy in having Balbar on your team? Fire his special, then fire any hard hitter on the sleeping enemy so the damage is amplified by 60%?

He could also be useful if an enemy is close to firing their special.

Hey PlayForFun,

How do you like him? Or how you feel about him compared with Zocc? I know some love Zocc but I really can’t, I still take Hansel over Zocc every day even in rush war/5* rush Tourney. Would love to hear your opinion and thank you for all the work you did for the community!

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This hero puts an opponent to asleep indefinitely, but it accidentally can be woken up quickly if some tiles cascade, and the additional 60% damage is added to the tile first hits the opponent.

So maybe the best usage of him if you put an opponent asleep when a Sniper is charged and immediately fire a target the sleeping opponent with the Sniper. This assures maximizalzed damage to the opponent.

He can be useful if an opponent is almost charged, who can kill your heroes (Eg: Alfrike), and you can disarm the hero for a while, but as I mentioned the opponent can easily woken up.
So for this purpose I would use Zocc or Hansel as they guarantee that the opponent will not fire you for few turns no matter what happens (other than a cleanser hero activates).


The special seems interesting. However, at 300% damage, he seems just as “not a sniper” as Malosi is.

My Malosi with 20 talent grid, hits like a 4* hero, sometimes can’t even kill a 3* +20 talent hero. Which is lame. However, Malosi is very fast which makes me charge him in 6 tiles / 3 ghost and helped me big time against sooo many buffs / DOT / ailments.

But this hero…average? Naaah, the speed is a no-no.


If it’s a dead tile that deals 1 damage. Does it do 60% of 1 damage (rounded up) to do 2 damage?


If I use Malosi straight after G. Jackal (who is also very fast) his damage is almost respectable. Balbar should work well enough after C. Leonidas, as they charge at the same time. You could probably get two hits off from Jackal while waiting for Balbar to warm up.

Thanks for sharing this early information. Balbar looks promising, I love heroes that can shut down monsters. Although, it might be tricky to keep them that way. I wrote a full review for Balbar here. Thanks!

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Average mana speed silencing heroes are a big fake promise for me. I tend to only use Zocc in very fast events, where he does very nice the job of silencing the big MFs. Otherwise… They die before they can silent anything.

Hit all OP heroes of the current meta won’t care being silenced. If one is silenced, there’s other 4 ready to smash you anyway.

If I get him I’ll level him but only because I have 22 tonics. Otherwise, a big nope. Like others mentioned, Malosi is a good example of how a silencer should be. Or Miki, that has awesome advantages in exchange of a slower speed which includes silencing 3 enemies.

But we can’t ask that much from HOTM nowadays right.

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Isn’t Balbar Nature? I don’t get the association

Nor do I, now. That was a few days ago!

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