🧪 Early information on the November 2020 HOTM (Glenda)

I’m in beta and can confirm from there, but more than that this is a standard, albeit counterintuitive, game mechanic that holds true for all specials. Atk% or special atk% modifiers do not add flat damage, they add to the special% before the equation.

She basically is a Drake hit at a slower mana speed that adds a negligible amount of damage to nearby heroes’ specials, and trades the blind for a cleanse.


aka a disappointment.

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This is honestly not just counterintuitive, it’s straight up misleading.
When you buff your heroes’ attack, it actually shows their attack stat increased by that value (e.g. 1000+420 for a total of 1420 with a 42% buff). So when this happens, special damage disregards the actual attack stat of the character, and instead applies some convoluted formula involving the special % modifier, the base attack of the hero, and the buff percentage?

I would really like SGG staff to comment on this if it’s right. Seems like a bug if so.

On a relevant on-topic note, if Glenda’s buff works the same way, that means she’s only adding something to…uh…Tudan? Best case, Neith? This is weird.

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20 misleading.

Please change her class to sorcerer. There needs to be more decent sorcerers in the game…


The attack stat listed is used to calculate tile damage. I agree that it is misleading, but it is part of why the atk buff stat is shown separately when a buff is applied. If the attack buff were part of the same calculation. If it were not calculated separately and the shown total atk stat were used, attack buffs would be pretty overpowered. A hero like Boldtusk fired before a Joon would increase his damage from ~650 to ~1150 due to the way the formula works.

Does Glenda’s attack boost apply to counterattacks (125% counter boosted up to 165%)? Or anything else other than immediate direct damage?

Now that I’m starting to see how this attack boost actually works, I think her original form wasn’t over the top after all…

It has nothing to do with reflect/riposte it works like the opposite of Mist.

To be fair, her damage was arguably a tad strong for a hit-all originally. Still, just drop her damage slightly and remove the stupid secondary effect and make her fast and we have a useful hero.

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Hmnnnn. These beta changes. It’s quite something now.

Indeed. This is not average-speed material. She’d be great as a fast hero. Or, if she stays average, hit-all as she was before.

Let’s hope this is not the final version. It would be sad to release a brand-new-already-outdated HOTM.

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I think she is fine.

She is better than Norns in comparison to average speed.

She is also better than Mok-Arr. That doesn’t make her fine to me.

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Well, she is the 3rd part to Athena, Frida, Glenda 3 punch combo. I see her in that range of strenght.
Might be lower then both, but she is in that consideration.

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