🧪 Early Information on the new Challenge Event Heroes (Pirates of Corellia, Fables of Grimforest, Guardians of Teltoc, Knights of Avalon, and Wonderland) [Part of The Beta Beat v23]

yeah, panther is not OP at all, shes kinda “must have hero” due to her dark element debuff. I dont think Pirates heroes are that good… Lady Locke is great (the best pirate imo, but since you’ve got Morgan or Natalya you dont actually need her, they play “similar” jobs, although different). Finley will be the reason people will go hard on pulling pirates heroes… I am myself tempted to chase him :slight_smile:

Kestrel is considerably stronger than Lady Locke imo. Kestrel is a great red.

Still not much worth chasing in pirates IMO

Peters was good, but with the power creep hes more of a speed bump :slight_smile:

Kestrel is good - but there are tons of good reds…

Even with these additions - still don’t see a big shake up

Just jumping to the front of the ascension queue requires a shark and leather jacket for a lot of long term players … knocking a day off Atlantis (and bonus chests) stings — hope is all part of the lead up to a great Season 3 :slight_smile:

I just pulled Aegir off a coin, could use a blue … but am totally blocked by the Paladin angle;

you’re right about the red heroes, but they are mostly hotm, cause event there is him, red hood but a bit worse then him, queen of heart pretty good IMO and atlantis, but there there is only 1 red heroes out of about 13.

Does anyone know that Marie-Therese Zombie Bless will be able to revive Zombie or not?
I mean when a hero died and revive as a zombie, if zombie get blessed again and die again, will it revive as a zombie for the second time?

Beta Update

Guardian Gazelle, Jabberwock, White Rabbit, and Shrubbear have received balance updates in the latest version of Beta.

I’ve updated the top post of this thread accordingly, along with the corresponding threads:


Moderator’s Note

The Small Giant Staff have announced the November and December Challenge Event schedule: Sneak Peek & Schedule Changes for Challenge Events & Atlantis Rises in Nov/Dec 2019

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Hey @zephyr1 an alliance member noticed that the “family” for white rabbit should be Wonderland and the class should be … whatever the class is. Apologies if I’m the 300th person to point that out.

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Fixed, thanks! :heart_decoration:

It was right in the actual Wonderland Beta Beat thread, just wrong here in the aggregated summary of all of the events.

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When is this event coming?

Guardians of Teltoc should be in January, since Wonderland is in November, and Grimforest is in December.

In January, I guess, since is the only one wasn’t scheduled this year.

Do we know what day Wonderland starts?


@zephyr1 Do you happen to have the ‘full names’ (the names when you click on the magnyfing glass) of:

Puss in Boots

Guardian Gazelle

Snow White

Guardian Chameleon

They won’t be around until the final hero card is released I suspect.

They definitely change from Beta to release sometimes, but this is what was in Beta:

Guardian Gazelle: Druid of Teltoc

Guardian Chameleon: Elementalist of Teltoc

Snow White: Princess of Grimforest

Puss in Boots: Cat of Grimforest

…I don’t think I had noticed before how, um, not creative those are. :thinking:

Sort of hoping those aren’t final.


Well, it’s not as if the old ones are all that creative either:

Guardian Jackal: Assassin of Teltoc
Guardian Falcon: Priest of Teltoc
Guardian Kong: Chieftain of Teltoc
Guardian Panther: Warrior of Teltoc
Guardian Owl: Elite Guardian of Teltoc (hey, that one’s a little creative, right?)

Red Hood: Protector of Grimforest
Rumpelstiltskin: Jester of Grimforest
Hansel: Witch Hunter of Grimforest
Gretel: Witch Slayer of Grimforest (ooh, creative!)
Boss Wolf: Governor of Grimforest

At this point, any more creativity would break the spell, I fear. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Athena Celestial of Ice
Zeline Celestial of Nature
Hel Celestial of Darkness

Curious why they never made a Celestial HOTM of the other 2 elements.


Maybe they will… Be patient :stuck_out_tongue:

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