🧪 Early Information on the new Challenge Event Heroes (Pirates of Corellia, Fables of Grimforest, Guardians of Teltoc, Knights of Avalon, and Wonderland) [Part of The Beta Beat v23]

I agree - very helpful. Thank you. Is that Fables or Fables with the proposed new Fables heroes?

Just Fables, per the statement above:


Ah, okay, thank you. I did read that; I guess I don’t interpret Challenge Event as Monthly Event (there is no real justification for my line of though - I just didn’t).

Is it known if there are plans to create family bonuses for the Seasonal Event heroes as well?

No changes to Seasonal Event heroes have shown up in Beta so far, so I’m not sure.

In terms of usability based on heroes that could work together well, that would really benefit the Christmas heroes the most…who really need a buff the least.


For purely selfish reasons I would now love for the sand heroes to gain family bonuses (I just have the 4* but have all of the 4*).

In the rush to summon Seshat I used the last 30 EHTs in Sand Empire, no Seshat but finished the sub 5* Sand collection.

I’ll know shortly after you know by reading your post on the forum.

Thank you

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So…both of the 4*. :laughing:

A Family Bonus for two heroes would be pretty minimal, which is why I think the payoff for most Seasonal Heroes would be small, as there aren’t many heroes of a given rarity for each.

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But soooooo many of them… :wink:

(Before someone excoriates me: I know that duplicates do not count towards totals in family bonuses)

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I agree. There are a multitude of aggressive animals to use in the context of the game. Gazelle and Chameleon were not good choices. E & P let’s put more aggressive heroes. The children and we (adults) will like to see more aggressive heroes than these ‘cuddly’

He looks terrifying

Sorry for beta screenshot


I justed revisited the information about the new heroes and the excitement from the beginning starts to drop more and more.

Sure some of the new heroes sound amazing, creative and potentially funny to use. But not all. Unless they change the rates these heroes will be horrible expensive to get. This gets even more extrem for people who already spended a lot on this game or got lucky and own a few event 5 star heroes.

Considering the current summoning rates I may only end up summoning on Fables (want Hansel) and Guardians (Still missing falcon…) if there is a good hero of the month available.

My hope is that they add new 3 or 4 star heroes for events. This may be really interesting for me as I enjoy tournaments & challenge events.
I also hope they add a new coin for event summons (this was already said in the AMA) and rework the reward system for challenging events. The rewards currently don’t justify the effort sadly unless one can score Top10.


This was a loooong post so just wondering if anyone answered your second question about if the existing heroes are getting revamped.

Not that I saw…20 ignored questions

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There aren’t really answers to your questions other than, :man_shrugging:, but here we go.


Other than the Family Bonus, nothing so far, but it’s possible that could come later.

It’s a fair point, though it seems to be the direction of heroes in general.

Comparing Season 1 to Season 2 heroes certainly shows that trajectory. Wonderland heroes introduced new mechanics and unusual skills.

It’ll be interesting to see what Season 3 heroes are like.


Season 3 will include Mega Kageburrito, he’ll dispell you 3 times and kill you 5 times before you hit the ground :japanese_ogre:


Do we have confirmed which challenge event is in July? I havent found the info on the boards, (but could have missed it)

Yes, there’s confirmation that it will be Fables of Grimforest, from a few posts ago in this thread:


Thanks, have no clue how I missed that. Will crawl back under my rock now…

Beta Update

There’s a new Beta version out. So far the only changes to the new heroes that I’ve observed are clarifications of Guardian Gazelle’s Special Skill description, which I’ve noted in the top post of this thread.

There were some game crashing bugs with some of the heroes in the previous version, so this version is likely intended to address those.

If I notice any other changes, I’ll update this thread accordingly.


I agree on all those myself to downgrade to 4*s. There really is a lack overall in blue and yellow, so much so that I had to level duplicates in both categories while waiting for another one. I liked Atlantis giving new heroes in each rarity… I’d be happy even if there were just some new 4*s.

Nimue or Vivian (sometimes spelled Vivien or Viviane), either one sounds way way better. The Lady of the Lake is known by many names… sooo I guess they didn’t want to play favorites? It’s dumb to me though, it’s a long name that sounds more like a title. I agree with the rename.


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