🧪 Early information on the May 2021 HOTM -- Yang Mai

I think it would be balanced if the game was not going in another direction. I don’t see much use in the high level game against New meta Frigg, Ninjas, Odin, Kadilen Bera/Freya/BK Tank. This is my point. Against Telluria and Vela, used in the lower ranges, it is certainly useful.

Unfortunately, another HoM that defines the clear division between the most accessible heroes for those who are ok to not rise in the ranking and the rarer heroes, for those who have the easy way.

I think 2x is possible against damage meta, If you don’t kill then fast I don’t think he can start 3x.

Maybe can be more usefull in the Future against a New costume Vela version. Not bad, but not só good at all imo.

Thanks, this is nice :slight_smile:

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Stealth Ninja they always make small adjustments. The only heroes that were really nerfed were Telluria and Vela. The current tendency to accuse SG (even preemptively) of greed is just ridiculous. SG is a company, not a charity. If they didn’t make any profit, the game would suffer. SG is as greedy or as less greedy as any other company.


So basically a red Misandra with lower base damage but much higher chance for consecutive hits. Definitely a welcome improvement considering the amount of garbage HoTMs SG has put out recently, but eh I still prefer my double cMarjana team for guaranteed damage and some very hefty debuffs. (Garnet-cMarj-cMarj-Grave-cRigs, 3 red matches and the fireworks really get going)

Eh Cobalt really needs to be at 300% charge to have that fabled kill shot, and considering his glassy build, keeping him alive long enough to reach 300% charge IS the strategy lol. Finley and Odin yeah definitely OP.

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Just a general note (replying to you as you made the first comment about it)

The Stacks

Each hit counts as +1 stack :wink: So in one special skill casting, she can get up to +5 stack (one for initial cast then +4 more for the 4x bounces).

Minor Damage

Minor damage is equal to 50%of the listed damage %. So in the case of Yang Mai, each bounce does 50% of the main skill power = 135% damage.

This means that you can do up to 810% damage to a single target…!!!

Definitly a boss-stage killer.

Bounce %

Finally, 70% is actually REALLY high for the bounces… Misandra has the bounce at just 42%. Compare that to Yang Mai who is almost double that.


Finally some interesting design of hotm, hope it wont get nerfed as time will go on.

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Hmmm seems i want to make a new thread of nerfing yang mai before she is released.


Yang mai is OP, yang mai is OP!!!

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70% looks quite high and I am concerned that mighty SG may nerf this to a lower number at final release. I heard they adjusted the number to Misandra too in the past… Can someone confirm?

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Which is weird they would do so to Misandra considering Finley is a sure thing if a hero has an elemental link up. They are super inconsistent.


Now this is absolutely true. Yeah they have released so OP heroes that most new ones are just meh in comparison.

Lol I thought the same. Probably just because Finley is a lot more expensive. Bigger paywall, stronger hero.

Inconsistency = when they get lost in their own greedy.


History here (copied out by @jinbatsu)

It’s missing the latest ones to Frigg / Odin but it has all the older stuff.

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It makes sense for Finley to have a higher % than Misandra because all you need to do is let him fire before applying buffs to your own team, which at his speed is easy, and he’s guaranteed to hit only one, who you can then promptly cleanse. Misandra always has a chance to hit someone else. Granted that chance is not a very impressive amount and could really do with a boost.

Re water damage resistance: it’s not reasonable to assume that this is just in honour of Vela. They’re bound to be bringing out some more water damage heroes in future. Remember the mutters about Zulag’s sand resistance, how it’s only useful against summer event heroes? And now we are going to have more. There is method in the madness.

Looks really impressive. Will need to see what changes come during beta, but I think with that stack even if they did reduce the extra hit to similar to Misandra she would definitely be still worth having.

many thanks @Guvnor for the replies in both threads

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I can confirm they wont nerf yang mai’s 70% for additional hit
Misandra will have her costume during summer and will be better

solid business plan guys :slight_smile:

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Beta Change (5 March)

  • Direct damage increased from 270% → 280%
  • Chance for bounce decreased from 70% → 60%

In theory maybe. In fact 95% of the time you will have a buff activated as most of the heroes now have status effects and/or elemental links.

Many do, that’s true. Probably more trouble than it’s worth to select a team that doesn’t have any but still has the power to knock Mr Finley on the head!

I for one am just glad to see some of the upcoming HOTM actually being worth the mats. I used to plan my summons around which HOTM was out but for the better half of the past year, I just didnt even care if I got what was out or not.


Knew the percentage chance would be nerfed.

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If they reduce the chance of additional hit similar to misandra we will have again a crapi hotm, misandra it’s UP in fight she make her extra hit on something like 10 specials just 1, I have misandra and for this reason I hate it.

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