🧪 Early Information on the May 2020 HOTM (Clarissa)

You are understimating Clarissa . Clarissa > all S1 purples .

Clarissa is going to be an excelent purple hero . Dont forget that many new players will be able to get her and shes still better than most S1 5*

And either you didn’t read all the comments above, or you did and don’t care. The real issue with Clarissa is that she is currently a worse version of GM and since GM is so heavily used SG games is essentially saying to anyone who didn’t get him 2 years ago, best of luck. If you want the same chances as those who came before you, better spend 4x as much. If they don’t re buff Clarissa they are basically admitting to be nothing but a cash grab game who doesn’t care about their community.

What they do with Clarissa now, will communicate in a major way their awareness of their player base.

DOT is an offensive feature, because it doesn’t get the >60% advantage direct damage does on defense. Hit three versus hit all, same thing. Clarissa is definitely an offense hero, but it’s not an exciting time for her release since she’s not designed to fight Telluria.

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I dont care GM neither the comparisson.
Is like comparing two different things . A nonsense like you know. And congratulations , youve discovered you are playing a cash grab, a gacha Game

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Lianna, Sartana, Magni and Joon all fast snipers who have significant damage and would be more effective then Clarrisa.

You are comparing different things again .
If i will max Clarissa is not to use her as Sniper.

They have more damage and kill more than Telluria too but It doesnt mean that Telluria is bad . You cant compare Cars with houses

Can we wait until we try her in game at least please, nobody except beta testers have idea how effective she is. I still have in memory (and it is here on forum for everyone to read) all the complaints about how Vela sucks, how her damage is pathetic … We all know how that one went.


I believe the damage “nerf” to clarissa is more than warranted. As well as her being a paladin class.

Tbh, it seems that this hero is mostly about breaking up current orthodoxy on defense/raid teams. She’s perfect and I’m going all in on her.

This is a VERY FAST hero that has a 30% defensive buff on top of paladin class - imagine pairing her with other purple heros on defense. Grimble could become a defensive demi-god when paired with clarissa. Grimble’s main issue is how long it takes to get his special to fire off. He’s tanky, but miscast as a cleric. Clarissa resolves that issue, especially if you give grimble crit troops (which complements his elemental link - further empowering clarissa). I don’t think Clarissa necessarily needs mana troops on defense - go full defense with her. You could experiment and see which of the two heroes is best in the tank position and which is best on the wing. Or hell, make them both wings and have another tank with awesome synergy.

Another strategy is to pair her with Freya — the combination should be evident. I think we’ll see a lot more multi-purple teams. I know some people have non-rainbow defenses, rainbow seems to be the accepted orthodoxy on defense. Clarissa is a move away from that. Additionally, a simple yellow stack may not be the right way to counter her - if she and another purple are on the flank and there is a yellow tank (guin/onatel (yes I said it)/other), a yellow stack may be the wrong move - necessitating a more diverse raid team.

I don’t even want to think of the pairing with Ursena. As a F2P I prefer thinking of interesting combos with less popular heroes.


Muito obrigado pela informação

I bet she will be released a few digits higher dot than GM, if Killhare release indicates a pattern…

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I would love that, the ultimate final April fools joke

C’mon everyone! It’s obvious that Clarissa is not up to par as an HoTM as @Red_Sun, a Beta tester , has clearly pointed out. We need her buffed to the previous version. :hugs:

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Please carry on discussions on this thread now that Clarissa has been released into Live Game :slight_smile:

Clarissa – New May 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

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Well had a 20 pull on atlantis and got very lucky.
I didn’t get clarissa unfortunately but I did get gravemaker instead :grin::grin::grin::grin:.
Another 5 star that I can’t ascend due to lack of mats :sob::sob::sob:
Overall though I’m mega happy

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I ate my own words on this post BTW. Pulled Gravemaker from Atlantis this month :man_shrugging:


Yes, maybe she does, but I like that. I like all the newer, more cartoony designs, I first noticed with the C.o.Diamonds.

I might be going out on a limb here, but I can’t stand pubescent fantasy art and I’m so happy with overall SG character designs recently.

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