🧪 Early information on the March 2023 HOTM -- Gilligan [Part of The Beta Beat V55]

March HOTM is not released in live game yet. There won’t be live metrics to work on; only beta metrics.

The buff happened fast enough post beta feedback. Surely Beta feedback and metrics influenced this beta buff.


Makes him much better. So it’s a good start.

However, he needs to move from slow to at least average to make him worthwhile…

Fingers crossed that he gets another buff before his release next month …

If he has avarage mana, he looks better zagrog. I prefer he still slow but has more % damage. 320-340% is ok.

No , he can not charge himselft in 2 turns, each buff gives small amount od mana ,that is 0.4 tiles, so if all 5 enemy have 2 buffs than each turn 4 tiles worth of mana, as he is slow speed, he needs 3 turns,to charge without tiles, he will be great agains all the minios giving strong buffs, deence up, health regeration , mana buff, he will be very useful in its own way

Mana skill is absolutly good… :+1:

I read above:

so with total of 10 buffs he will get 5 tiles/turn, with >20% mana increase (from troop, talent etc.) it will be enough to charge him in 2 turns.
But even if it is 0.4 tile, then with maxed magic/styx troop one tile match will be enough to charge him in 2 turns with two buffs, and one buff will make him about equal to fast.

It’s just to fast? If the passive can turn him into v fast it made more sense, he could be a yellow gravemaker. Higher damage but conditional

Well, it depends on enemy attacked. With >4 buffs on every enemy hero and maxed magic/styx troop he may even become a auto-firing machine-gun, that needs no tiles at all to charge every turn.
Yeah, I know that such situation is very unlikely and would not last long (as any dead enemy will slow his autocharge).
But pairing him with someone like Wilbur (who gives a buff to enemy) is something to think about :wink:

That’s what I’m thinking as well, but Wilbur is average speed. Heroes that force buffs to enemies don’t come by much in this game. He’s pretty much a counter to all hotms basically. Against aegir will be a blast. Doesn’t he buff like 4 different buffs to all allies if you have 2018 heroes (e link)? That’s 20 buffs from him alone

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Furdinand gives 4 different buffs too (but he’s yellow).
I think that this hero is interesting now, there are many teams that gives a lot of buffs to all allies. I’d like to test him in a battle.

I just know that element link just dodge ailment not damage of special skill. Is that for all ailment that cast by enemies ?

Probably ailments casts by allies can be dodged too, since it works that way for cleric and monk talents.

That hero was so bad that even with 3 buffs under the belt he is still entirely useless lol. Well it´s only the third month, but out of the 3 he is by far the worst and it´s not like February is exactly OP…
Let´s say he went from below Balur/Klaern to slightly above the 2. But still in S1 category.

It’s a HOTM. You should not expect them to be in the top tier.
HOTMs are usually about the S1 level, but with some niche specialization.

Lately… But the hotms from yesteryear were great and are still desirable… Miki Evelyn hel Athena… So yes… Lately… But i don’t see why they have to be so disappointing.


Blame twenty Tellurias


Ok so this reinforces my view that I should stop summoning after this month… until the Fated Summon refreshes



Complete nonsense.

There is a LOT of space in between the best heroes in the game and the worst. In fact all but 2 heroes (not sure which 2 though) will lie in between best an worst, so pretty much 99.9% of all heroes.

Hotm are somewhere in that huge middle part of heroes. Below top and above S1.

On top of that there is a huge spread within the group of hotm and while hotm in the past were much higher class than they are nowadays we still have absolute top class hotm on occasion. If we take 2022 as the most recent example we have 2 heroes that certainly qualify for top class: Kara and Grace and we have 2 heroes that qualify for S1 class: Balur and Klaern. The other 8 would spread out evenly in between.

If we look at what we have seen so far in 2023 the trend (of not having a trend) continues: January was top class, February is in the middle and march will most likely be S1 class (unless they give him a massive second boost).

So this hero being complete junk is not at all the standard, in fact i would say it is unusually bad (but of course not unheard of). And of course there has been a first round of buffs to lift him to a level of worst hotm in years to merely below average. Still I see no reason why he has to be so bad. He could easily be buffed to something a bit above average instead of below without breaking the game, but I do not expect another buff. As mentioned before the overall avg of quality of hotm in 2023 is so far pretty much where he was last year (as many good ones as bad ones group around an intermediate cluster). So from SG point of view all is ■■■ it should be.
While I as a player would rather elevate the completely useless ones into the playable mediocre range. Also I don´t see the financial reasoning behind unplayably bad heroes. But I guess the budget for the hotm is used up at some point and then he is what he is without any further consideration and they move on to the next.


Because he’s slow while R&N and Viselus are faster?

He is “slow” only by name, because of his passive he charges much faster.