🧪 Early Information on the March 2020 HOTM (Telluria)

They may not need to take off the mana delay, but attenuate its range. Leave something like -24% in 3 turns of Alasie or a little more like -26% in 4 turns. As for the life of superminions, they could leave 15%. That would take her overpowered aura, but Telluria would still be an extraordinary hero, and especially a viable green tank.

I see no value in this “hero of the month” myself. I’ll be saving all my summons for january.

Excessively weakening the minions would diminish Telluria’s usefulness as a tank.
Truth be told, the game has excellent fire heroes. Of the most varied levels and utilities. Stacking them is a very attractive option. At least the minions could give her a survival, if she can shoot.

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Do not touch her, she already has a lot of natural enemies by being green and we need a strong paladin class representative and a tank to break the yellow/dark dominance.

Do not make another Aegir out of her.

She seems like a potent tank, she is very strong defensively but brings very little to offensive stacks so if you nerf her she will be as useless as Aegir was on release.


I dont mind if they release her “OP”. Red heroes are very strong, that’s why few players use green tanks, nature needs and deserves very strong heroes to balance against their red enemies.


Aegir 1.0 never again. God forbid! I wish she wasn’t demoted either. But I think the game doesn’t support a hero like her (at least by today’s standards, who knows in its release?). Reducing opponents’ mana may weigh heavily in its value. I’m rooting for a truly competitive green tank. But I doubt that developers will not change it until its release. I hope the changes don’t cripple her or take her out of the tank.

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I hear you, I just hope developers do not jump on the nerf crowd wagon like with Neith and Aegir.

Like this she will put up a strong claim for the tank position even tough the Dark/yellow synergies are still very strong to maybe break the Guin/Ursena/Kunchen combo at the top.

Lets wait and see.


She’s fine the way she is. Green needs a solid average speed tank. The damage to all isn’t too much. The minions are fine. The innate ability to resist only applies to her and any really that great compared to the mana gen or some others. The mana delay is weaker than a straight up mana cut because enemies who are charged still go off. Overall very strong, but balanced.


This is the only point I disagree with. I think her minions should be more in line with Thoth-Amun’s instead of MN/Santa’s. Telluria’s minions are just too tanky and she gives them to all allies at average mana. That’s too much, especially with Puss in Boots coming out.

Grimble will be a staple. Those that don’t pull for him now, will most likely regret it.

Agree by taking out minions then hitting he will be a must with all the minion heroes being released


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