🧪 Early Information on the March 2020 HOTM (Telluria)

I love this hero idea except I feel as if the innate ability is unfair. Heroes like Gobbler and the December HoTM are already very niche and situational, its unfair to them that when they would finally have a chance to be useful, they are useless.

If this hotm gets a different innate ability, then I think this hero would be fair and balanced, I would LOVE to have it on my team!


I kinda agree Froggy.

It’s like a feel bad for Gobbler and Cap Diamonds. I mean… they have one job and they can’t even do that.

They’re like Sam of the Night’s Watch.


That is giving them too much credit. Gobbler could never kill a White Walker.


… or get the girl…


But are all 5 minions save or only the one casted for herself? Do we know that already?
Probably grimble and gobbler can still take out all other minions telluria casted for the other 4 heros. I dont know, just speculating.


Hmm that is a good question and I think you are probably right. They most likely couldn’t destroy Telluria but probably the others. At first, I was mistakenly thinking of her innate ability as a normal ability and no one could have their minions cleared by specials that clear minions. Good catch on that!

From my understanding of Telluria is that she resists effects of minions such as damage and mana steal, her minions can be destroyed by other hero effects such as Gobbler/Grimble. I could be wrong, but @zephyr1 and @littleKAF could probably help clarify.

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In my experience, the damage is just the cherry on top. Remove it, and you still have a top tier tank.

In my testing I lowered her attack stat with Scarlett+18 (895 attack before troops) and protected myself with Red Hood+6 foxes (taking the HP+attack paths). With that combination her damage just tickled, to basically make it non-existent.

But even then, that felt unrewarding to me. Her durability is simply insane. I think that’s hard to judge right now for some beta testers (considering Jean is in the picture and his damage output is through the roof). But I took the liberty to try and take her on with my own best red heroes (which also include Mitusko, Boldtusk+12, and Marjana) and I severely struggled to dent her after she had fired.

Her defensive stats are slightly better than Yunan, but her durability is deceptively higher because of the following:

  • Defense buff from paladin talent
  • Extremely bulky minions, far above Mother North’s elf minions
  • Healing over time, which will heal mostly everything thanks to the beefy meat shield minions she provides
  • Mana delay, which makes it that much harder to get a cleanser, dispeller, or minion controller ready to deal with everything she has done.

I personally suggested that – as a starting point – the minions health should be nerfed, to be more in line with Mother North’s. As I felt that her bulk was the major factor that made her a step too difficult to take down after she had fired her skill – I’d like to see how reducing one of her abilities like that, affects fighting her on defense.

With all that said, Grimble was added again to beta, because many rightly argued that testing her without him was not productive – so I’ll have to do testing with him.


For reference, here’s Delilah, a very very strong healer:

Average mana.
All allies heal 33%. (Instant, but this is about 400HP on average)
All allies get a minion (13% HP, 16% attack - a weaker and less useful minion mind you)

So ■■■ lol. How is this hero Delilah PLUS - mana debuff PLUS deals damage and STILL average mana? PLUS A FKIN Elemental link PLUS an innate resistance ??

That’s frickin madness.



Can you suggest on my behalf that whoever designed this hero is fired or given new job responsibilities?

I am Not happy with this design.

Imo, mana debuff generation should be completely removed from skill.


I made a similar comparison. Her minions are about 300 HP, which makes me think that either the mana slow or the heal are unnecessary.

I personally like her sturdier minions. I tend to find the mana slow more problematic. If she’s designed to stall by spamming minions and healing, that’s fine. But also trudging through a mana slow is too much (a cleanser needs mana, too).


I’m going to love playing the 5* no red fast Mana tournament lineups of Alby, Lake, Yunan, Telluria and Mother North.

And I thought the no purple 5* ones would be the issue. Yeesh…


That better never happen.

… or hey, perhaps once. Just for the sheer train-wreck experience. :slight_smile:


As long as there is purple (Kage, Hel, Grimble, Proteus, Seshat, Kunchen, Aeron) at very fast in the same tournament, the greens won’t really matter. The no purple tournaments are still the worst in my opinion because of the various skills from the yellow heroes. And soon, with Jean coming out, the no blue 5* vFast tournaments may become hazardous (Grazul, BK, QoH shut down the enemy status effects).

That sounds pretty accurate, I hadn’t done the math on just how bulky those minions were. I think @Kikyo is has it about right with the assessment that either one of the other effects probably merits dropping instead.

I’d be interested in seeing a poll of what people think of these new heroes’ strength relative to current heroes. It seems like we have a few more people unironically on the “this is totally fine and balanced” side of the argument than I’d have thought.


Thanks for the well-founded feedback, @DaveCozy . This gives us material for a better assessment of the hero. Thus we can have a brainstorming with more elements and property. This is the purpose of the forum, to exchange knowledge. Consider all the different voices equally. Putting away the megalomaniacal illusions of superior thinking, arguments, and eventual “ironies.” Where there are no upper or lower arguments, only different approaches and views.

Apparently Telluria and Jean are really one step ahead of the other heroes. I see this most sharply in Telluria. She is truly “The Tank”. This makes me wonder if SG is setting the scene for season three by introducing more powerful heroes as a harbinger of things to come or presenting us with heroes at full volume so we can adjust over time, in the player’s view, through the feedbacks. .


Telluria AND Mother North flanking Santa!

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They could attach the healing to the minions similar to red hood. That would still result in a very strong hero and make minion eaters more valuable


Earlier I was a bit confused about the innate ability (which has now been cleared up) and I originally thought with a different innate ability, she would be balanced. After seeing the strong points people have made, I was wayyyyyyyy off. I think i was just clouded because i want Telluria on my team hahah.

I think removing the mana degeneration ability and fixing the minions to be more like MN would be a could combo of changes to make her more balanced.

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