🧪 Early Information on the March 2020 HOTM (Telluria)

I’m saving all my gems, tokens, keys and coins for March…

… If I can resist Kunchen Zeline in Atlantis…


FWIW, I think Kunch is overrated and Misandra/Zeline is the draw this Atlantis. I will reluctantly make a couple of draws this Atlantis, but I already have and am (as expected) underwhelmed by my Vela. The bulk of my summons have transitioned to March as well, and my EHT are being saved in hopes that bunnies re-emerge in late March rather than April.


If this helps you:


I think he’s a great tank though. The other day I faced two Kunchens in the rush tourney, that was absolutely ridiculous with no yellows on the board

Pro tip: Yellows are deceptively not the route to go against Kunch. He’s beefy enough to make it impossible to 3 tile him (without a crit) in most circumstances in mono or 6 tile him in a yellow 3/2. If he fires, he then has undispellable yellow defense up to guard against specials and tiles, and yellow lacks a reasonable way to deal with his defense down. Bring fast (or average heroes with a mana troop dropping them to 9 tiles) cleansers or def up heroes to overwrite him and he becomes a very easy win. Rush tourney is a bit of a tougher story, but a 5* raid tourney rush is such a rare occurrence that it’s hardly a justification for a hero.


Can’t do this against Telluria, as her mana gimp combined with her healing is much more potent, comes out sooner, and giving a portion in the form of a beefy minion actually allows her to “overheal” teammates that had not yet received damage in the match

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It’s my birthday in March, RNGods. Just saying…


Fair enough. I have tried the defence reversing technique but have had a good run with 4 yellows and BT so have stuck with that…

A lot of testers have actually suggested to buff his burn duration to 3 turns instead. I wouldn’t be opposed to it as he’d essentially match GM in total damage more that way.

I’m fine with him either way though. I raided enough with him and against him to say that he’s still pretty good – I have Neith and can confidently say that he’s still far better (both in utility and damage) and the exaggerated comparisons to her are way off-base.

The best way to deal with this that I found (for my limited bench) was using highly talented cleric with cleanses – luckily that includes F2P heroes like Rigard and Vivica. Just pray that manashield activates such that you can charge and cleanse it for your other heroes.

It’s a lot easier for those who have Zimkitha, Grazul, or even Anzogh (ironically, he’s one of the best red heroes against her).

Still, I personally suggested to reduce her mana delay to 3 turns. After 4 turns she’ll be fully charged again, and it becomes an endless mana slow cycle that is really hard to fight against. Reducing it to 3 turns would give at least a fighting chance.


Anzogh and grimble… two heroes that get absolutely no love are both good against her? No way :slight_smile:


do all testers get to see what other testers say? Or How does it work?

thanks for the info.

We have a beta-lounge category that can only be seen by those in Beta. We can post our feedback there – we see what everyone posts and discuss :slight_smile:


Isn’t she resistant to Grimble?

Also, I love me some Misandra and really want to chase her. She’s definitely a hero some top players can outgrow with a whole roster of high level mana troops, but for someone like me with one high, one medium, and a few low level mana troops in each color Misandra is irreplaceable. Her cutting a tile off of any average speed hero with even a level 1 mana troop is insane. Consider that many blue heroes with synergy or strong effect tend to charge at average speed (Kiril/Grimm/Frida/Richard/Athena/Ariel/etc) and you’ve got yourself a winner despite her mediocre damage if she only hits once.


She is, but not her allies (unless it’s a mono-Telluria defense which wouldn’t be viable).

Grimble destroys her allies minions, which still helps his teammates gain mana and make up for the mana delay she inflicted. He’s a solid hero to take against her for that reason, but this of course depends on when he charges and how her flanks charge their skills too.


Idk from my experience Vivica is really hard to find.

How many emblems on the praying skill tree?

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That’s true as well… here I am with no Vivica myself, yet my wife has 2 of her :confused: RNG is merciless.

I had my Rigard at +18 in Beta. Sadly I made the mistake of using him in costume instead when I fought Telluria – but I’ve seen manashield activate several times in my live account.

He’s at +11 in my live account BTW, I’m slowly moving emblems to him (I don’t have the benefit of instant food / iron refills like in Beta to power-emblem heroes)

Well, you’ve convinced me to give him couple emblems in advance :wink: And I do need red 5* healer or at least someone close to healer besides Grazul.

Wait to see how Telluria is released first. Save your emblems for now I’d recommend – reset emblems aren’t cheap!


I use Anzogh in wars in stack with Wilbur+20 and Falcon+20 and he’s been lacking punch lately against those 4400+ teams we’ve been facing, so I’m not saying I’ll give him a lot of emblems, but I’ll definitely push him to at least +7.


Oh if you use him with Wilbur you won’t be disappointed :slight_smile: That’ll ensure you heal more when you hit with Anzogh thanks to damage share defense down


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