🧪 Early information on the June 2022 HOTM -- Arfanias [Part of The Beta Beat V48]

Beta Balance updates:

  • Increased damage from 340% to 360%

I read the card strong… I thought he could dodge dot damage at 75%… But this makes more sense.

Ordinarily id be all for this guy but i already have Sartana, Victor, C.Domitia and C.Seshat so my ‘fast purple sniper’ roster is a bit bloated right now. Will probably end up saving my tokens.

I love that show!

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SGG putting out two great HotMs back to back, been awhile. Obviously Kara will be more sought after, but Arfanias is the first HotM in quite a long time that I actually truly want. His ability to dodge is great! Pair him with Tyr and you can stretch fights out longer and potentially increase your odds of winning.

Arfanias? well now my joke doesn’t make sense! :rofl:


A fast Dark hero - please sign me up! :purple_heart:

I think I’d probably level him if i got him… But i don’t know he’s replace costume sartsna or costume domitia.

Sartana, I’d reckon, unless you have another dispeller as well as Domitia.

No more changes so likely to release as is. Very happy with it and can’t wait to pull him.

Is she better than Domitia with costume?

Similar stats and similar snipe, but Arfanias has a higher cap.
Arfanias has faster mana.
The passives and link for Arfanias aren’t huge to me.
So do you want Domitia to dispel or do you want Arfanias to have self dodge?
I lean Arfanias, but I almost always need more dispel.

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Love the dodge. Great pair with Panther.

IM sorry but i cant share the excitement of the most here. The fact that he is not bad as the most of the HOTMs after Telluria doesnt make him so special.
I think he is mediocre.
His only place is in a dark mono team and not by an experienced player.

Good point, well put… Thanks.

(Though, I don’t have patience to analyse so much…)

Only good thing is that snipe basis higher mana… combined with dodge, which is only for self. Dodge by self and nearby would have helped build a better case of him …
I found both passives a bit comical… result of SG trying to balance things … with whatever logic they apply !!

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