🧪 Early information on the June 2021 HOTM -- Elrohir

Thank you for the info @Ruskin505 and @Grajek

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He is… good.
Finally something resembling a worthy HotM.

Only complaint, right now meta has shifted from DoT to direct damage, so concerning top defences he will be useless against various Ninjas,Friggs and Odins.

Still, things may change once again, and there’s still tons of Gravemakers, Beras, and JF to eventually counter.

What is going to happen when an Elrohir is up against another Elrohir?

Another thought, how about to set up a team of 5 Elrohir? haha

He doesn’t reflect the status effect, he reflects the damage. So an activated enemy Elohrir doesn’t matter.

  • On the brink of losing but still have Elrohir alive.
  • Seeing Locke on opponent.
  • Gain enough mana.
  • Intentionally hit Locke so she would fire on El.
  • Let one turn of ailment pass cause the first turn is nothing.
  • Fire skill.
  • Laugh like you’ve won it. MWAHAHA.

Well it only reflects damage from ailments so if none of the Elrohims got ailments, nothing is reflected anyway.

But say Elrohim A got ailed and so he reflects damage from his ailment while Elrohim B is also active. Does this reflected damage count as damage from ailments? Nope. So Elrohim B reflects nothing really from that earlier reflected damage as Elrohim B didn’t receive any ailment from that reflected damage alone.

So yeah since El’s skill doesn’t cast any ailments, two Els facing each other would just basically work like any other heroes facing El.

I could be wrong. I haven’t tried Elrohim but the wording should mean it that way.

It’s just the singular their, a generic third-person pronoun like when you want to call someone that you don’t know the gender of, you would use “they”. Or like, “A hard worker should know that they deserve a day off.” / “A hard working person deserves their vacation.”

It has been used many times in other skill descriptions in this game. It doesn’t mean to convey more than one person/hero in this context.

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Thank you for this explanation! The gender-neural terming is something I cannot get a hold on…


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