🧪 Early Information on the June 2020 HOTM (Raffaele)

Oh ffs…well so much for the next blue hotm being desirable…

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Darn. Still not interested.

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He’s actually a pretty good support unit now. Not a tank but definitely a very good supporter.

Heals instantly everyone to half health & then does a massive Heal over time also… The Heal over Time is FURTHER boosted by his second buff (which is the same as triton has).

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So if Sargasso or Any Sand Empire hero hit them… How’s the calculation? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Much better Now. Not a top Hero and too pasive but could see some game.

This took a lot of effort to try and test BUT near as I can see, the “heals to 50%” occurs regardless of the sand empire healing debuff.
(I.e. if Yunan or Rana have the healing debuff on a hero, Raffaele will still take them back to 50% HP)

Then Raffaeles Healing Boost buff (same as the one that Triton has) overwrites the healing debuff so further Heal Over Time is unaffected.


But the increase of healing percentage (39%) is after… The heal. So i guess supposed to decrease the amount of heal. If your team mates is below 50. Unlike the Regen cause it will Regen after the end of turn which after the overwrite.

But Rana and Yunan healing debuff is undispellable.
So, it only applied the “heals to 50%”, and the healing percent debuff will not overwrittes.

Idk, that or it times out…

As I said this is really really tricky to test…

Had to time both my special and the enemy Raffaele Special as well have someone under 50% HP, all without killing them…


You can try it in Next Challenge with Sargasso. Eventhough gonna little bit different cause for sure it will overwrite (not like Sand Empires which can’t be dispel)

But just want to see how much the heal is gonna be. Cause it said bring… Back to 50% health.

As I said. My tests showed that the health modifier debuff didn’t affect the 50% HP bit

So it’s like a normal mechanic that there’s nothing to decrease that. Am I right?

Seems like still decent HOTM, Such a shame he has rubbish resistance which is attk down.
Better put resist on slow Mana regeneration.
Would be much better as he is on slow mana :wink:

This debuff doesn’t seem to affect the returning to 50% HP part no.

Sometime I think you are SG’s saleman :laughing:

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This Hero personally for me still very very weak. Compare to other Ariel which is average. Or even now we have fast healer with Rigard Costume and later on springvale.

So I guess another slow Mana hero isnt really what we need again unless it’s really punish hard when he fires (like revive)

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I’m okay with it. I’d like to see a bunch of slow heroes with use cases brought into the game and for there to be a real choice between going fast or slow. Right now the only choice is between fast and very fast.

Being slow might actually help benefit this hero’s special skill given it takes time for multiple heroes to drop below 50% hp.

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There’s a new Easter hero being introduced?

Yup! You can find out more here: 🧪 Early Information on New Springvale Heroes & Easter Family [Part of The Beta Beat V28]

Well I prefer to heal 42% than bring back to 50% remaining health with Regen.

What’s the point if your team is just 49% and back to 50%
The good side only if your team HP is lower than the substitution between both which is lower than 8% then the bring back to 50% will give you benefit.

But bring back to 50% with Regen is not really good tho.
The hero just gonna end up die with one sniper and tiles.

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it’s just something different you know? it’s better that sg broaden the way heroes perform instead of just moving the needle up with each month. this 50% all thing changes the gameplay a bit.

if you were dumb enough to max out isarnia, quintos, and azlar when the game first came out (like me), and you’ve put a ton of time into building raid teams using slow heroes, you would see that it can be fun to be slow and explosive. Problem is, fastforward about three years and now there are fast heroes that are even more explosive!

let’s get back to having real trade offs between fast and slow, that dont require revival. and let’s start with skills that make sense when slow. a raid team with 2 or 3 slow heroes is going to drop on hp from the normal hits before eventually going off. bringing everybody back up to 50% with a HoT on top of that would buy your slow heroes a lot of time. SG just needs to introduce more of them!


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