🧪 Early Information on the June 2020 HOTM (Raffaele)

no doubt will dispute the title of worst HOTM.

I don’t know…I like him. I mean, he can literally turn around a certain loss to a full team refresh and likely a win. I wouldn’t mind getting him in his current state.

But with your heroes down to, lets say, 45% I’d rather fire kiril to heal up to about 80% and defense up. Thats a heal and 3 round more or less saved from being oneshot from snipers.

Rafaele instead, whilst slower, wouldnt help you in that certain situation.

And its an invalid argument to say “yes but IF you have 4 rounds time, the heal is great” … because if you have 4 rounds time, you clearly not having board trouble. And thats what its all about.
Having heroes to get the most out of bad boards.

Rafaele as slow cleanser and healer that therefore needs to be timed well… whoa, I am happy over every hotm, but clearly I will not summon much in june.

In his current state I think he’s seen as a somewhat lackluster version of Kunchen. Fairly comparable stats, both slow charge and both dispel status ailments. While he has 2 heals, the base one is conditional and the heal over time can be dispelled so there’s more moving parts to him in regards to timing the heal (or the counter to the heal if attacking him) than there are with the flat base heal and defense down for enemies from Kunchen. Obviously under the right conditions though that restore to 50% could be devastating


Good analysis, fair call. The heals being not pure heals can cause issues if facing a dispeller indeed. I do like the idea of him being a last ditch saviour with his 50% heal though

Well I wasn’t born FTP for nothing…

…there’s a reason why the FTP rebellion exists ya know

:sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:


It doesn’t even compare to Kunchen and Vivica, they heal right away and it would have to be, slow mana hero where you activate and run serious risks of being cleaned up afterwards?
It is suicide to have such a hero, this hero is worse than Margarete and Toth-Amun.

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I actually think he’s ok. A healer is worth their weight in gold. More situational perhaps but nothing to be sniffed at

Not saying he is good. Sounds like a B hero but healers are hard to come by

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I’ll be mad if I don’t get Clarissa this month but somehow end up with Raffael in June


It’s frustrating that it would be so easy for them to make him a good HotM–average mana speed, 812 HP over 4 turns, +30% defense, +30% attack and dispel status ailments–but they won’t do it.

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HOT should be lowered say 600 over 3 turns and bring back the +att and def. She will be a great tank then even at slow.


It’s gonna be real interesting to see how Rafael plays out. He got 4 good special skills. So of course he needs to be at least slow or slower. His 5th hidden strength is good core stats for the same value as we would choose for the emblem path for any other healer. Meaning his low attack is a good thing for this hero. I can’t foresee whether he will be to powerful or not worth going for.

In order to keep the free players. Or even make them interested in buying 2nd builder. Costume heroes should be available for free in TC 25. And not too difficult and expensive to get. A future upgrade of these will also be available in TC 30 when that comes. It fully justifies the move towards making more powerful heroes. And consider making costumes for season 2 heroes as well as eventually doing the same for season 3 heroes.

It’s also gonna be real interesting to see how Rafael plays out on a defending team with Heimdall and a elemental defender against green. With Rafael as tank. They might become more difficult to defeat than anything else this game has previously encountered.

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Yep instead of making a 5* Kiril, they ended up making a 3* Kiril instead :rofl:

If it can all be dispelled then it’s not that threatening. Obviously depends on the rest of the team but generally speaking.

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There it is! I’ll do my regular pulls & hope that I get him. I liked him in beta, but he may have changed since I played with him. In any event, I currently do not have a 5* healer that is fully leveled. Viv, w/o costume, has been sitting at 4/70 so long she needs a hearing aid.

So, for my roster, having Raff & leveling him to 4/70, he could partner up with another healer on the last flags in alliance wars or even in the new Tavern of Legends, should I need him. His specials have to make him better than the costumed Melendor, but we shall see.

I prefer dispell buff.

Cleansing status ailment will have less benefit as +30% in attack and defense already cleanse 2 status aliment.


I wouldnt count the Elemental link as a good skill, more on the average side. The dmg reduction for Special skills is much lower than what a normal defense buff does. As for the other 3 left, they are really good in a vacuum (alone with no context).

The main problem with the AOE DOT healing is that it comes from a SLOW ult, so you dont really need to prioritize your offense team with a fast dispeller (1 corner that can be cut for Wars). And Average one will do the job just fine.

The main problem with the Cleanse ability is that it comes from a SLOW ult, so by the time it comes the offense teams will most likely have already benefited from the dots and debuffs Raffaele’s team got hit with.

The heal back up to 50%, is a good ability. I can see how this one can get out of hand at any other speed that is not SLOW/V.SLOW.

All abilities considered, only 1 has a relevant impact on your defense (Heal back to 50%), the other 3 will most likely net you on average small advantages. Overall, Raffaele is to passive like Keshrak/Aegis sure they are tanks that are scary against underpowered opponents but that’s their peak on performance.

I do belive that not every hero that comes out has to be OP, but we go from Gm 2.0 (Telluria) to Margaret 2.0 (Raffaele). Both extremes should be avoided, imho.

It’s indeed a cute synergie, Ress into 50% health will ■■■■ ppl off. But killing priority will most likely end up being Heimdall>Scariest DPS>Other DPS. Or ppl can always ignore the 20% chance to ress and still K.O the Scariest DPS first.
One thing is to be respected, is that this 2 togheter on a VF 5* team are most likely going to enduce many players to whine on the forums. But outside of that niche place, having 2 Slow heroes on your defense team usually ends up being a 4hero defense vs 5 hero offense match.

I love Aegir tanks, they’re so passive and harmless. Just keep crashing tiles into them to charge up my dispellers and snipers and pick off the hitters on the enemy team one by one.

At least Crashwreck heals the flanks so you gotta watch out for that, Aegir only heals tile damage for all and 24% HP for himself so really doesn’t do all that much except annoy you and stall for more time for the enemy snipers I guess.

I agree. And it would give him something unique over Ariel.

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That’s fair. I actually considered that, but honestly, the most important part (to me) is that his mana speed is average. They can adjust his other attributes as necessary.

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