🧪 Early Information on the June 2020 HOTM (Raffaele)

They do share the percentage in that bracket.

So the chance for each Hero in that example is far less than 1%.


Assuming there are no featured heroes. But that’s only s2 and s3 and costumes. Not elemental summons - those are equal.

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Featured Heroes have their own Appearance Rates bracket.

And just like the other brackets, those are shared for cases where there are multiple Heroes in that bracket, e.g. Atlantis and Costumes.

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Have updated post to show this :slight_smile:


Wow, so in the case of events, the heroes only have a .2% chance of being summoned? @ManiacOfMayhem I was wrong, but that just blows my mind.


Yup. Exactly.

Hence this thread:


This knowledge is depressing as balls. I just went from c2p to f2p.



This is why I try to encourage people not to chase Heroes, and to set budgets they’re happy with spending without anything to show for it.

It’s also why I include stats about Summon odds in every Hero thread.

I fully support that decision.


No worries man, that’s why the forums are such a good place to come! discussion helps us all get better. Although I have to
Admit…I was secretly hoping I was wrong! :joy:


Totally agree… at average speed at least he has a chance to fire and the reduced effects will balance the speed …

How do you think guys, at his current state is Raffaele going to be the worst HOTM ever until now? It seems so, or is Margaret more useless :smiley:

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Updated status make this guy doesn’t really bring something new to the table.

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no doubt will dispute the title of worst HOTM.

I don’t know…I like him. I mean, he can literally turn around a certain loss to a full team refresh and likely a win. I wouldn’t mind getting him in his current state.

But with your heroes down to, lets say, 45% I’d rather fire kiril to heal up to about 80% and defense up. Thats a heal and 3 round more or less saved from being oneshot from snipers.

Rafaele instead, whilst slower, wouldnt help you in that certain situation.

And its an invalid argument to say “yes but IF you have 4 rounds time, the heal is great” … because if you have 4 rounds time, you clearly not having board trouble. And thats what its all about.
Having heroes to get the most out of bad boards.

Rafaele as slow cleanser and healer that therefore needs to be timed well… whoa, I am happy over every hotm, but clearly I will not summon much in june.

In his current state I think he’s seen as a somewhat lackluster version of Kunchen. Fairly comparable stats, both slow charge and both dispel status ailments. While he has 2 heals, the base one is conditional and the heal over time can be dispelled so there’s more moving parts to him in regards to timing the heal (or the counter to the heal if attacking him) than there are with the flat base heal and defense down for enemies from Kunchen. Obviously under the right conditions though that restore to 50% could be devastating


Good analysis, fair call. The heals being not pure heals can cause issues if facing a dispeller indeed. I do like the idea of him being a last ditch saviour with his 50% heal though

Well I wasn’t born FTP for nothing…

…there’s a reason why the FTP rebellion exists ya know

:sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:


It doesn’t even compare to Kunchen and Vivica, they heal right away and it would have to be, slow mana hero where you activate and run serious risks of being cleaned up afterwards?
It is suicide to have such a hero, this hero is worse than Margarete and Toth-Amun.

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I actually think he’s ok. A healer is worth their weight in gold. More situational perhaps but nothing to be sniffed at

Not saying he is good. Sounds like a B hero but healers are hard to come by

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